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    Raspberry's Second Life


    by , 12-06-2010 at 07:50 PM (611 Views)
    Awake Non-lucid

    Some people and I are somewhere in the mountains. There's a little wooden house, which we're staying in, and snow everywhere. I stand outside, blowing on my hands to try and heat them up. I'm playing a card game with a friend. Four of my cards fly into the air, floating, and begin to glow golden. Shit.

    I look at him in alarm, and he runs into the house. The cards have attatched a bomb to me. It's the kind you see in cartoons, with the lit thread. I have the feeling that if the thread is exstinguished, I may die. There's a woman standing at the back of a red car, screaming in panic. She opens the boot and attempts to climb in but I shout at her to stop. I tell her that if we keep calm we can work this out.

    I wake up suddenly, in my bed. Everything's very foggy. My bed's in on the pavement, on the edge of a road I pass almost everyday. My attention quickly focuses on Hailey, a girl who really annoys me. Today she's dresses head to toe in bright hot pink. She looks like a brunette barbie doll, ugh. A crowd is walking down the road, and people I know shout and wave to me. There's a party going on and everyone's heading up town apparently. I decide not to go, as I feel tired and sick.

    A friend Arron comes over and says he'll take me home. His friends join us. Suddenly we're in one of the school's corridors. I make it half way up the stairs and then when I find a table and chair, sit down, exhausted. There's a plate of chicken curry sitting there, which I start to eat. I watch people on the astroturf as they play football. Holly walks up the stairs and asks if I'm ok. She cheers me up with her light mood, and I thank her through a mouthful of chicken.

    I wok up feeling tired aswell. Maybe my mind just needs a rest

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    non-lucid , false awakening