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    Raspberry's Second Life


    by , 12-08-2010 at 07:32 PM (508 Views)
    It was so cold my fire alarm went off during the night. It was short beeps and I was half asleep (4am) and I was RCing like crazy thinking i'd had a FA.

    Awake Non-Lucid

    I'm walking down the high street with my mum. She's in a hurry for some reason, trying to find where she parked the car. I stroll along behind her, and notice that the nearby church stained glass windows are really pretty and colourful. A group of boys I know walk past. As they do, they say something. I hurry on, not in the mood to pick a fight.


    I'm going to my mums flat when I notice an older lady walking into it. I narrow my eyes and decide to see what she's up to. As soon as I get inside, a tall woman with long dark hair, probably early twenties, walks in and tells me that she's keeping an eye on the situation. I don't know what it is, but I trust her. Then she goes and takes a shower. I stare at the door, listening to the water turning on, and wonder why she's chosen this exact moment to shower.

    Somehow I'm looking through the older womans eyes. She knows there's someone in the shower and she needs to hurry up. She grabs a brown bowl and goes over to the window. It's very important to the mission to break this brown bowl. She's a spy. She drops the bowl out of the window and watches it shatter to pieces, then hurries off.

    I'm myself again, and I panicing quite a bit. The phone rings from the side, and I go and answer it. It's my mum, I tell her what happened and she sternly tells me to stay where I am because she's coming up. I try to hangup, but as I push the button, it caves in. All I can hear is white noise coming from the phone. "Shit..." I mutter as I try to switch it off.

    Then I woke up because of the alarm.

    Not quite sure what my other dream is. In my notes it says "swim skirt condom twins reconstruct water". It sounds like I had a threesome, I know, but I didn't I just can't remember what "skirt" and "condom" is. I'll type up what I remember. From now on I'll make sure my notes are clearer.

    I'm in a white, humid room, which I remember is in the place of the music room. There's dry land all around, and me and a group of people I can't quite see are looking around. For some reason we feel disappointment and regret. I decide to reconstruct the room. Holding out my hands, I lift them up and dirt comes up with them. I make scraping motions and make ledges and steps. Then I fill the room with water. The next part is blank. I have the feeling I was called out and shouted at a few people then went back through.

    I've just came back into my water room, when two blonde twins grab me and drag me under water. I hit the bottom and struggle to get up but they pin me down. "Find the money" one of them says through the water, "and we'll let you go." Where could it be? As if responding to the thought, I swim round to the back of one of the twins and pull his shirt up. There! I grap a note and hold it out, then swim desperatley to the surface. I grab hold of a ledge and pull myself onto it. I sit calmly and watch people enjoy my water room, but the regret is still there.

    The memory is on the edge of my mind but I just can't remember. If I do I'll edit

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    1. TomBurnsIsAwake's Avatar
      "swim skirt condom twins reconstruct water" epicxD