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    New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight

    07/07/10 Party at the Everchanging House

    by , 07-10-2010 at 01:49 AM (686 Views)
    Note: I once again used my WILD to do some more training with Vegeta. My goals after that included finding the dragon man I epic failed to heal the last time I saw him. A party is going on at MoSh's, where there will no doubt be lots of people, drinks, food, some colorful art, and a lot of fun. Pablo needed a ride, so I picked him up on the way to MoSh's house. I planned on stopping by Walms' world, too, as I have yet to meet his kid, also named Walms, who is part feline, or so I've heard. After waking up from the training dream, I used my iPod without the light / sound machine to slip into another WILD…

    When I entered my WILD I was in my kitchen. Without really thinking about what I was doing, I opened the fridge and rummaged through it until I found a thick slice of chocolate cake… my favorite. I was effectively distracted by eating the chocolate cake, and it wasn't until I was just about finished that I remembered I was supposed to be doing something. I opened a portal to Pablo's inner world and went through it into a beautiful forest.

    There was a gentle breeze blowing through the trees as I stepped out of the portal. I took a moment to enjoy the songs of the birds and the smell of the trees. Fresh air is something there isn't nearly enough of in my home dimension. I focused on completing the task of locating Pablo. As if my decision to look for Pablo was a cue, a bunny hopped through an open area between a couple of trees followed closely by a fox. There was no doubt in my mind that the fox was Pablo.

    So it looked like I would have to chase him down since he didn't seem to be lucid. No problem there, I transformed into a bobcat and pursued the fox into the forest bushes. In the form of a bobcat I found my senses of smell and hearing were greatly enhanced. I followed the sounds and the scent of the fox as it chased the bunny through the trees. When I was close enough to Pablo, I leapt forward and pounced on him, causing both of us to tumble over each other on the grassy forest floor. The sight of a fox and a bobcat playfully rolling around must have been a cute one.

    I transformed back into my human form and asked Pablo if he was lucid. He just looked at me with big brown fox eyes and a look on his face that made it impossible to resist petting him. He made a soft purring sound when I scratched him behind the ears. I said I didn't know if he was lucid or not, but I would take him to the party at MoSh's as I had promised. I scooped the fox up into my arms as I opened another portal. At the last minute I remembered my intention to go see Walms and his kid Walms, so I redirected the portal to Walms' inner world. I carried Pablo through the portal.

    Now I found that I was in yet another beautiful forest, though it felt significantly different from the one I had just left. The same breeze was blowing, I could smell the same fresh air; the difference wasn't something tangible, just a feeling I got. I uses a telepathic scan to search the area for Walms. I didn't see any trace of him there. I wondered if maybe he had already gone to MoSh's party. Perhaps he had spent as long as he wanted to waste here waiting for me and had decided to move on. That was ok, though, as I could meet Walms Jr. just as easily after the party as before it. Still cradling a soft and cuddly fox in my arms, I opened a portal to MoSh's inner world.

    The first thing I noticed upon arriving at MoSh's inner world was that his house looked significantly different than I remembered it from earlier dreams. It was so much larger… before it had been a nice home, but pretty normal looking. The house that stood before me now looked more like a hotel than a single family home. For a brief instant I wondered if I was in the right place at all. I went to the door of the house and knocked. The door opened and MoSh welcomed me into the house. I set Pablo down as I looked around the room. I asked MoSh when he had moved into a mansion. MoSh stopped, turned and looked at me, asking me what I was talking about. I said his house looked completely different than it had on my last visit. MoSh looked around the house and said it was exactly the same as it had been. I looked around as well, absolutely certain that I had never seen MoSh's house like this before. It didn't seem to matter that I convince MoSh of that, however, I figured he was probably just not lucid. MoSh was smiling, he pointed out where there were snacks, drinks, and said the murals were down a specific hall. He said he had other guests to tend to. MoSh disappeared into a bustling crowd of people, most of whom I didn't recognize. Were they real people? Or just illusionary dream characters created to inhabit MoSh's inner world? For all of them to be real people would make this one of the largest shared dream in history.

    After watching MoSh disappear into the crowd I turned towards the drink stand and went over there. Tall ears were visible over the rest of the crowd. I got closer to get a better look, and while I still didn't get a really good look, I could see someone was dressed as a giant bunny. That was no doubt Nomad. Chuckling to myself over the bunny costume, I went over and grabbed a strawberry cooler from an ice chest. Taking a drink of the sweet liquid, I headed towards the hall where MoSh had indicated there was a mural.

    While the main room was practically packed with people, the hall with the mural had very few people in it. Pablo, still in the form of a cute little fox, was sitting on the ground observing the mural in a very interested manner. I looked at the paintings on the wall. They were very nicely done, different parts of the mural depicted various people I know, including me, in various scenes. There were action scenes, scenes of us having fun together, scenes with just one or two of us, scenes with all of us… The scenes lined up to form a sort of story progressing over time. The first scenes depicted Nomad, MoSh, and I followed by ones where Asuka was added. A bit later Tigress and Silver joined the group; Pablo and Loaf made appearances throughout the scenes. It was a bit closer to the end that I saw a figure surrounded by a dark aura, and I saw that was Walms. Some of the later scenes also depicted me with a dark aura surrounding me as well. The scenes also depicted many of the enemies that all of us have faced. I picked up the cute little fox in the hall and started petting him as I held him in my arms. Pablo started purring again as I was absent mindedly stroking. I was still petting the fox when everything faded around me and I woke.

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    1. Samael's Avatar
      more training with Vegeta.
      I admire your attention span.

      That mural sounds awesome, btw.
    2. mowglycdb's Avatar
      =3! cuddles yay
    3. Baron Samedi's Avatar
      I remember MoSh in something like an ape costume, and acting like a monkey. I remember I put on the costume, then I lost lucidity... I forgot I was wearing it.