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    Log 1157 - Copy-and-Paste Tornado

    by , 06-29-2018 at 11:05 PM (126 Views)
    Created Friday 29 June 2018

    Got a brief WILD to note, along with some scraps.

    Scrap Group 1
    At home. I realize much later that the leftovers I'd saved up were gone.

    Watching Bob's Burgers with Pascal and Andrew There's a disturbingly gory scene involving a train wreck. Also, the title character happened to own two burger shops and worked part time in a diner. Later, I follow the other two down a cliffside towards a town at night. There's talk of a Nintendo 2DS release of Cyberbots. I kinda annoyed Andy by talking over him.

    Dream 1 - Copy-and-Paste Tornado

    WILD transition in bed via REM Atonia. I did nothing but kept my eyes shut for much longer than needed, as I was worried about RL distractions waking me up. Specifically, the AC, which sounded at full blast. When I noticed not getting further anchored, I tried forcing a transition via imagining a wave knocking me elsewhere, intending to end up in an aquifer cave or any other watery locale. It took no time at all to hear the sound of rushing waters, followed by feeling myself slammed by such, then finally getting dragged off to unknown depths.

    When I come to, I find that I'm flying above a hilly, green-filled island during twilight, the ocean barely visible past a "distance fog" in the land's borders. More pertinently, a whirlwind was strait ahead of me, the sound of its blaring gusts dazing me out of the dream momentarily.

    Reentry. I was back on that island, this time, with no tornado and better visuals. Thinking of the contest, I decided to call the storm once again. A simple 'point and click' did the work just fine. I gazed below, watching as dirt, grass, and shrubs alike were torn out of the ground and into the funnel. Such destructive force unnerved me greatly, especially given how effortless it was to conjure. I hovered away nervously.

    The dream collapsed soon afterwards.

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