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    Log 1167 - Joy and Violence and Other Assorted Stories

    by , 07-10-2018 at 02:53 AM (139 Views)
    Created Monday 09 July 2018

    Well, it was quite a morning. ( ͡ ͜ʖ ͡)

    Scrap Group 1
    Walking around the neighborhood as part of my exercise routine during daytime. I later fly around instead. Several people claimed this was the sign of bad omens, and pressed me to deal with it.

    Dream 1 - Eldritch Future Samurai Woman

    The visuals were a bit dim. I was driving around an altered version of town during twilight. I stop at a small plaza by 88th St and 97th Ave. Not a few seconds in, I was confronted by an older rural white man, who requested that I leave the area. Although outwardly well mannered, he was seething with contempt. Indeed, he casually produced a less than subtle warning in the form of a shotgun.

    Soon, a black sedan pulled up. Out steps a brown haired, light skinned man in a black suit, an intelligence officer, no doubt. In fact, I supposedly served for him as a CI. The agent spoke of a map he'd procured, of which marked the location of an incoming threat. Meanwhile, the old bigot was getting violently impatient. Having bigger things to worry about, the agent and I regrouped at a nearby condo complex to resume our discussion.

    Eventually, we departed towards the a bridge in the city's bay, the above mentioned destination. Empty vehicles blocked the road, many appearing worn from years of disuse. Such an eerie sight. Just then, another figure stepped out, a slight Asiatic woman encased in white, futuristic body armor stylized as those of the Samurai. "You have nothing to worry about", she asserts. "The threat has been neutralized".

    That's when she revealed eldritch powers of her own. From the depths rose a gigantic, two-headed demon in her likeness, one head black, the other white. The mysterious woman steps inside of it, her body dissolving and melding into the creature. In a similar fashion, the monster ripples out of existence. The alarm then woke me up.

    Dream 2 - Assassin Vines

    WILD transition in bed. Like usual, I roll off the bed with my eyes closed. It took a lot longer than usual to actually get off the mattress, and an atypical additional two-minutes spent spinning in nothingness before I finally landed on the floor.

    Next, I head to the lounge, waiting out some blurriness. I overheard various housemates supposedly up and about, but I ignored that. Anyway, I walk out the front door, only to find an endless hallway where the neighborhood should be. This sight would've collapsed the dream entirely, had I not reacted with thorough hand rubbing.

    Once I came to, I find myself outside proper, just past the driveway and on the road, a dawn sky above. I look around, taking in this vivid view. That's when I noticed an odd tree where the swietenia should've been. I approach it for a better look. Although the same height and having similar foliage as the aforementioned tree, its trunk was more similar to that of a palm, being straighter, narrower, and having fuzzy bark.

    As in a previous dream, I attempted to shape it in the form of my guide, E. The tree soon giggled. Seconds later, a patch of thorned, half-wilted vines slithered their way from the top, pressing onto me in a most uncomfortable embrace. In response, I Shouted 'Yol Toor Shuul' at these vile orchids, intending to shoot fire at them, only to get a bit of smoke. I then Shouted a desperate 'Fus' as a last resort. The resulting gusts loosened the vines momentarily, allowing me to pull away to safety.

    Things destabilized soon afterwards, and the dream ended.
    DEILD transition one minute later.

    Dream 3 - Joy and Violence

    Scene 1 - A Touching Moment
    Back in bed, eyes shut. While awaiting a transition, I imagined E appearing at my side. Soon enough, I did indeed feel someone tugging at me nearby. No doubt my guide, given her distinct voice and the, uh, abundantly feminine shape I could so plainly sense. We rolled ourselves into an embrace, then into the void. A... shall we say, 'touching', moment followed.

    Once settled, the environment began destabilizing. I was sorely disappointed of this. E chuckled. "Don't worry", she said. "Your dream isn't over yet." I was finally able to see her spectral form, only to watch her fade away promptly.

    I found myself in a darkened endless plane, beige tiles forming the floor. A figure then popped up ahead of me, a generic 3d model of hairless man in a tux. On a lark, I provoked him into a fight, a good old fashioned brawl. Well, good for me, anyway; the other guy didn't seem to feel the same way. I eventually got the upper hand. As such, the polygon man scurried off.

    Just then, someone threw random junk at me from behind and above. I looked back to find a small stone tower, probably only 15 ft in height. Reckoned some Shouts would put a stop to this. I yelled "Fus", but nothing happened. So, I tried "Yol Toor Shuul" again. An unseen heat wave struck the center of the tower. In the blink of an eye, a fiery explosion burst from within, instantly collapsing the structure.

    Unknown transition momentarily.

    Scene 2 - Hall of the Evil Successor
    The visuals were a bit blurred. Still lucid. I had the form of an unknown muscled anime guy. Notably, I controlled him from a 3rd person view, while simultaneously hearing and feeling as if from my own perspective. The sight around me was of a hellish place, a dark hall built of skulls and ruin. Kenshiro was seated on a throne in the distance. Or rather, a corrupt and evil version of the character, a demonic aura emanating from his eyes. Guarding him were the ghosts of some of his most powerful friends and enemies.

    Welp, good enough pretext as any for a fight. I rush through the hall, charging through anyone in my path. First up was Shin, who easily fell in one blow. Raoh and Souther then attacked in pair. I darted between their attacks, tripping each of them up before delivering a finishing blow. Next up was Rei, distinctly the only living being there besides Kenshiro himself. He was likewise more durable then the others. It took a rapid barrage of punches to finally bring him down.

    Just as the boss fight was a bout to start, the dream suddenly collapsed.

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