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    Log 1280 - Too Anxious for the Entreaty

    by , 10-31-2018 at 01:35 AM (395 Views)
    Created Tuesday 30 October 2018

    Got a DILD/DIELD to note, along with some fragments and non-dream states.

    Scrap Group 1
    In a school's cafeteria.

    Watching Seinfeld. Kramer is having invasive surgery done to him due to a common illness gone wrong. Still, he was exceedingly paranoid about the whole situation.I was given his role. Got sudden awareness. I vibrated in place, trying my best to teleport. But, to my horror, this didn't seem to work. The dream collapsed in seconds. DEILD a minute later.

    Dream 1 - Too Anxious for the Entreaty

    The visuals were a bit blurred. DEILD transition in bed. I immediately launch myself out of the house and to the twilight clouds above. During my flight, I pass an entire tropical forest, then crossed a whole ocean. Took a moment to spin and rub my hands. A few minutes in, I took a better view of the stars. But as I looked closer, I found these were actually small, stationary, glowing orbs floating in midair, some distant, and others very close by. Stopping over a suburban island, I called out to the cosmos, entreating it to take me to the Backyard. Anticipation got the better of me. The dream collapsed soon after.

    Scrap Group 1
    Several near-ream transitions from REM Atonia. In one, I create an explosion, unwittingly collapsing the state entirely. Various others had me spinning in place momentarily before things got disrupted.

    Something about Doom, or some other dark sci-fi setting?

    In the living room at home. My brother was there,as were my niece and my cousin's baby. I tried to RC, but the others kept interrupting me in some way or another. A kid's song was sounding in the background.

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