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    Log 987 - When Women Attack and Other Assorted Stories

    by , 01-12-2018 at 04:22 AM (396 Views)
    Created Thursday 11 January 2018

    Got a WILD to note, along with another full dream and a dreamlet. There was definitely a lot more I could've remember from the non-ld, had I gotten up to record it after it occurred.

    Scrap Group 1
    Vague memories of driving around at night with familiar figures.

    Dream 1 - Skiing into Big Trouble

    Scene 1 - Reconnected Skiing Siblings
    The visuals were mostly clear. This occurred at the slopes of a snowy mountainside during a pale overcast day. I was a spectator. A man and woman in skiing equipment were taking a lift to the tallest hill. Once there, they deliberately fell and took off. I was then given "access" to the woman's thoughts. Apparently, she was an Englishwoman serving in the US armed services. Furthermore, the man was her brother. Before the current trip, the two had grown distant to each other. But, they reconnected via their love of skiing. Still, she felt her sibling took the sport a bit too seriosly for her tastes.


    Scene 2 - Buy-Time Magic Seeds
    Similar visuals as above. I myself was now skiing down into the streets of a small town, cloudy day sky above. Quite a predicament, as there wasn't any snow in sight. When things got too rough, I levitated myself twenty feet into the air, if reluctantly, as I did not want to attract attention.

    I arrived near a small plant's loading area. Suddenly, I was assaulted by a random giantess, a woman about 50 years of age and dressed in casual wear. She promptly captured me, and gave notice of her intent to devour me. But before that, she granted me a last request. False memories revealed of my carrying something unusual in my pack (which I just realized I was lugging around): the seeds of a magical plant, of which would grow instantly over night. What's more, these seeds were in the exclusive domain of an elite troupe of wilderness rangers/scouts. Anyway, I asked that I be allowed to sprout and eat the plant. The giant woman agreed, if only because she preferred "stuffed meat".

    In but a few paces, the ogress whisked me away to the backyard of her home. She kept her own garden there, which even included a gigantic beanstalk, a supposed variant of the above-mentioned plant. The giantess allowed me to dig the seeds myself as she gathered herbs for her wicked feast. At the very least, I brought myself some time.


    Scene 3 - Proper(ty) Placement
    Similar visuals. I was now inside the lounge of a gigantic home, a place with expensive furnishings. Behind me was a model house of my size. Soon, a giantess with straight, black, shoulder length hair steps in view, about the same age as the previous one. In contrast, she was dressed formally. This colossal woman was dusting the area. Upon noticing me, she directed I get back to the smaller home. "I like keeping things where they belong", remarked the giantess as she continued dusting.

    Don't recall anything else until the dream ended.

    Scrap Group 1
    Dreamlets. Some had me driving around.

    Dream 2 - When Women Attack

    Scene 1 - Back-Dash Warp
    Dreamlet transitioned to dream. The visuals were very blurred. I was wandering around the house. It wasn't until I arrived in the kitchen that I realized (or rather, believed) the dream state. My brother, Andre, showed up, though I ignored him. I leaped backwards, purposefully phasing through the wall, where I got warped into the void. Transition.

    Scene 2 - Mannequin Assault
    The visuals were blurred. I was at the entrance of a department store, outside in a wide, empty walkway, all during daytime. I flew around for a bit, only to get dragged and phased below the concrete.

    When I crawled back up, I spotted a woman exiting the facility. On closer inspection, this was actually more of a living mannequin, a pale, faceless, almost featureless feminine figure dressed in trendy clothes and accessories. It turned towards me, and immediately became hostile. I backed off, and briefly ducked beneath the earth to avoid it. That's when even more dolls suddenly amassed, too many to simply evade. I held ground, feinting between strikes and tripping up some of the easier targets.

    Just then, I was shrunken against my will, and was promptly stomped at by a sandalled foot. A glance up revealed the belligerent as a stout woman, further distinct among the others by her simple floral dress and, above all, anime-ish features. Reactively, I charged to and fro, bouncing off any ankles in my path. This knocked many of the women off their feet, including the larger lady, who's girth would've flattened me had I not dodged in time. Even while on her back, the anime woman furiously pursued me, stomping and swatting down anywhere I tried escaping.

    Things get unstable. From there, various hazy clips of Street Fighter V appeared, including matches between Ken and different female opponents. Transition.

    Scene 3 - Why Does Everyone Want to Eat Me?
    The visuals were dim and blurred. I was floating in the void. Finally, I was of mind to try and conjure my guide, E. I started visualising her form, when something suddenly grabbed my face. This was the work of the spectral, incomplete image of my guide, her discorporated hands sharply clenching my chin and forehead. Her hair covered her face momentarily. When unveiled, her eyes became pitch black. Welp, nightmare time.

    I questioned what she was doing, and whether she was my guide at all. Through shrieking, the ghost did confirm the latter (and indeed, I could already sense as much), though she remained vague on the rest. Nonetheless, her intentions became clear when a long, rope-like tongue slid from her mouth, and wrapped around me. Once I was bound, E's mouth distended and widened into a horrible maw. I was then pulled bit by bit into the damp abyss. Knew there was no point in fighting...

    Luckily, I awakened before things got too bad.

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