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    The Apology Song!

    by , 02-26-2011 at 02:51 AM (472 Views)
    I was in a cafe with bear (our campus cop, cool dude), and we were walking around making rounds and chatting, as this was his second job, and it was to patrol this HUGE cafe to make sure everyone was being good. All of a sudden people started singing and 4 girls really stood out, so I got them together and made them into a band. I went home, and my friends were there. For some reason, my friends were there and they attacked me, I threw one through a wall and the other was more persistent, when I didn't want to kill him. I ended up snapping his neck. I gathered two of my pillows and went back to the cafe (Wtf?), and went to a table where people were talking about 80's amps, and how newer amps didn't have this buzzing sound. I told them all I had a buzzing amp No one really saw my pillow, which I was sitting on. Then this kid (We'll call him moody) stood up and started singing to me, and it was an apology song. Another friend, named Michael, came up and tried singing, but he kept getting interrupted by moody, who was doing a different song for a different reason. Then all of a sudden moody became a girl, and by this time everyone was staring and thinking "aww" while I was laughing my ass off. She wanted me to stand up, and asked my spanish teacher to hold my hand.

    So yeah. Drugs are bad.

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