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    1. So. Dreaming of a warzone.

      by , 11-18-2011 at 02:20 AM
      So, none of you really know me. I'm not very active here. But Hi!

      Dreaming of a Warzone-

      In the bustling streets of a large city somewhere in Europe, war had erupted. Somehow, I was one of the first US responders to the situation and was attempting to fight off the terrorists who occupied a large sky scraper and were raining down terror in the form of RPGs and mortars. As our squad rushed to engage them, it was clear they had an advantage. They were sitting in the upper reaches of the sky scraper picking us off like ducks, because, for some reason, we decided to attempt to engage them from the street.

      However, we had one distinct advantage. The advanced technology of our military landed directly in our squads hands - a robotic suit that would completely cover the human body, enhancing every aspect of it ten-fold. It made us stronger, faster, bullet-proof, better armed, and capable of flight. The suit resembled this:

      The best part? When not in use it looked like an unfolded packing box. So simple, yet deadly. Somehow, I was put in charge of working the suit, and jumped right in. The box quickly engulfed me and form-fitted my body and I began blasting the terrorists with a large Gatling Gun attached to my shoulder. I began tossing cars out of my way onto a bridge, so that no civilians would somehow wander, or drive, into the area.

      Sadly, I remember nothing more from the dream. But I would like the suit!
      non-lucid , memorable
    2. The reason I'm a Bastard.

      by , 08-10-2011 at 05:05 PM
      Well, it's true isn't it? Once in a while I still have a dream that's worth sharing on here. I had an odd one just before I woke up this morning.

      The Reason I'm a Bastard - The first thing I can remember was that I was extremely angry. I was in some sort of suit that made me faster, stronger, and oh, I could fly with a jetpack. Pretty cool. Anyway, I was in the parking lot of my local safeway (supermarket), and the parking lot had apparently flooded for about 4-5 inches of water, and the store had decided to put in a tiny little dock for some reason. I was standing on this dock, staring at a tin container, which opened up to reveal a twisted and disfigured doll who had somehow come to life. I knew I had to put the doll down. It was evil. It walked up to me and said "My parents are dead!". That didn't stop me. "You killed my parents, you little shit." I said, as I grabbed the top of the tin container she had crawled out of and started slamming it on top of her. After a few hits I swung it low and shot her into the water, where she lied there fully submerged. I walked over and looked around for some way to possibly destroy the doll for good. I saw three grandmas wading through the water. I asked the first one "Do you happen to have a lighter?", to which she replied "Of course! Here you go." and tossed me a large, rigged together lighter. It worked though, and I could feel the doll fearing what i was going to do. Now I just needed gasoline. But where would I find that? I asked the third grandma, who replied "Why, I happen to have a container right here." and handed me a small black container filled with gasoline. "You're just going to give it to him?" asked the second one, slightly perplexed. "Well, if he tries to run off with it, I'll just make him pay for it!" the third one said, satisfied with her logic.

      As I began emptying the container on and around the area of the doll, who was still in the small lake, a crowd began gathering. I was wondering how I'd light it all, when all of a sudden someone shouted "HEAT SEAKER!". I looked up and saw a missle barreling towards me, and I rolled out of the way just before it could hit me. It grazed the water and then lifted itself up and apparently picked up something else, as it didn't come back. "Damn," I thought, "I've gotta pick this up". With the gasoline poured, I began to lit the lighter and was about to drop it and run away when some random janitor decided it was his duty to clean up part of the gasoline spill. Specifically, the part on top of the doll. For a split second, the doll had an evil grin on its face and thought that it was safe. "Like hell.." I thought, as I quickly pushed some of the gasoline back on top of the doll, who's anger and fury quickly turned back to distress and alarm. I'm pretty sure I said something like "Eat shit", and then pushed the lighter into the gasoline, causing it to burst into flames and then miraculously explode. The doll was destroyed, and I was shot into the air due to the force of the explosion, but quickly used my built in jetpack (Handy, huh?) to gain control and then land. The audience that had gathered applauded as if it were some fourth of July show.

      So, to answer any questions, yes, I did just dream about beating the shit out of a doll and then blowing it up, while wearing some sort of super suit. It either makes me awesome or insane, and I'm not quite sure which one yet.
    3. Outlaw!

      by , 03-19-2011 at 04:44 AM
      So, it's been a while since I've bothered to post on here. I just don't have that many interesting dreams.

      OUTLAW! - Me and a small band of friends were apparently fugitives, wanted for possibly robbing a bank. I wasn't quite sure. Anywho, we were being chased by another band friends, who were the cops. Me and my gang ended up hiding out in my shed, which was completely revamped, larger, clean, and stockpiled with weapons. Suddenly the cops found us, and were trying to coax us out of the shed. All of a sudden, the background changed and we were in what seemed like the 1880's, with cowboy hats. The cops now had simple one shot rifles, but we had modern technology! After talking with them, I got sick of it and grabbed several hack saws and an RPG. My gang threw open the doors of the shed and I aimed and fired - Striking the center of the group. As the explosion boomed, we bolted out of there and down the street - After grabbing a few hacksaws and what I think was a box of grenades.

      We decided we would leave by train, and hopped on. We thought we were safe, but the viewpoint shifted and I saw the cops, banged and bruised but still alive, on the train cart behind us, trying to follow us.
      Tags: cops, dream, epic., robbers
      non-lucid , memorable
    4. The War of the Worlds

      by , 01-23-2011 at 05:49 PM
      So, I had this insanely epic dream just a few hours ago. I thought I should write it out on dreamviews.

      The War of the Worlds - I don't know how it happened, but there was an evil dictator taking over our town. He lived in a giant castle and had any weapon at his disposal. Me and a few friends were the only ones left alive that wouldn't submit to him. Most of our town had been turned into smoking ruins.

      It started with just me and a two or three friends. We were trying to get away, to somewhere safe. We knew we couldn't last if we stayed. We were wearing ghillie suits, or some other type of camo. I remember vividly that I had bullet-proof riot gear and helmet, with moss and leaves on top of it all so I could blend in better. My friends and I had only airsoft weapons, why we carried them around, I have no idea.

      All of a sudden someone I knew ran out of the bushes. "Dear god, can you help me?" He explained. We told him to hop into our group and we'd get him so camouflage soon. I told him we were heading to my house, and that I had an extra Ghillie Suit he could use to hide in. He agreed and jumped in with us.

      When we got to my house, it was quiet. Very quiet. It was odd because that part of the town had not been ruined yet, and my lawn was lush and green. We went to the back, and then we saw some neighbour kids. They were having fun shooting each other with airsoft guns, like they had no idea what was going on. As soon as we got there my friends started shooting at them for fun with our airsoft guns, and it seemed like I was the only one who remembered what was going on. For a second it was like I just wanted to be sucked into this innocent childish game, but I knew something was wrong. Something was out of place. All of a sudden I heard distant booms. Booms of artillery, and that shocked the sense back into me. "MOVE!" I screamed, which seemed to make everyone realize what was going on. I grabbed two people by the collar quickly and began dragging them, running as fast as I can. Seconds later artillery began raining down around us, but thankfully the ones who had moved fast enough were slightly ahead of the bursts. I turned around to see my friend on this old swing-set that had a slide on it. He was trying to scramble down, but he wasn't fast enough. An artillery shell hit the set square on and he was gone. I pressed on with the people who were left.

      The artillery barrage began to follow us, someone was tracking our movements. There were more of us now, maybe 8 or 9 total. We were running as fast as we can. I let go of the two I was dragging finally and they began sprinting with us. There were craters everywhere, and the artillery wouldn't stop. All I could think about was making it to a large house, somewhere safe. We ran and ran, until finally we made it to a gigantic medieval Japanese Dojo. We quickly ran inside, where we stayed until the barrage ended. After catching our breaths we walked outside, and we were greeted by the sight of flaming ruins, broken buildings, and bodies. It was impossible to think anyone was still alive. All of a sudden this small Chinese man walked past us, and I couldn't stop staring at him. There was something about him that made me want to run after him. He was wearing this smug smile on his face like he knew what was going on. I was turning to go run after him, up the stairs of the dojo when all of a sudden a dog tried attacking our group. It wasn't some mangy stray dog, but a strong attack dog. We knew who sent it. It got caught in part of a broken fence and my friend tried jumping and kicking it, but that just made the dog angrier. The dog charged me, and I was in no mood for games. When it jumped at me I slammed it into the ground as hard as I could. I felt internal organs rupture and the dog howled as blood poured, and splattered everywhere. I stood up and told someone that we at least had food now, and I went to go sit and figure out a plan on how to get some weapons....

      I think there was more after that. I remember a fragment where we WERE armed, stealing weapons from enemy soldiers. We wanted revenge, and that's all we were trying to do. Kill as many of them as possible for what they did to our town, our families, and our friends.

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    5. Drums, and a weird tech class?

      by , 01-09-2011 at 06:14 PM
      So, I was trying to dream last night, and for some reason I wasn't remembering anything. Then I had this really weird/wacky dream within the course of a half an hour right before I woke up.

      Drums, and tech class? - I was in some sort of tech class. We were learning about music. Our teacher was trying to instruct us but he really had no idea. I was uploading some of my music so that I could rip it apart and take bits of it and make it into new songs. This girl came up to me and asked if I could share some of the songs, so I said yes.

      Fast forward where we're in some HUGE garage. We are split up into three groups: Guitarists, Bassists, and Drummers. The guitarists and bassists had to choose the drummer for their band, so most drummers were just jamming out to whatever hoping to draw their attention. It was weird because all of the drummers were playing on the little electronic guitar hero kits, and it was hilarious watching them trying to be badass playing them. I had my big professional electronic kit, so I looked alright. But I forgot my amp, so no one but me could hear me playing . I ended up getting bored when I noticed a group next to me was playing the intro to Judas Priests' "Nostradamus", They had a cheesy drummer so I ended up playing along, and somehow they could hear me O.o One of the guitarists ended up getting angry at me because he though I was stealing his audience. (What audience?). Then a girl leaned over the wall while I was messing with my kit and told me that personally, she would NEVER let me drum for her band. I was kind of shocked by her just randomly saying that, but I kept my cool and told her it was ok, because my band would be here tomorrow, with my amp.

      Fast Forward again to the next morning, me and my band end up setting up in the early morning next day, when everyone is waking up and heading to practice, we begin blasting "HellRider" (Solo and everything) to everyone's shock. I lean over to the girl, who's standing there mouth agape, and just smile

      I'm charming aren't I?

      Then later there was something about playboy bunnies
    6. BOOM Baby! I'm back! (With dreams!)

      by , 01-04-2011 at 11:44 PM
      So I've been MIA on here for a while, but rest assured, I am back.

      GUNS!- So me and my dad were going to go shooting. We loaded up our SUV with tons of shotguns, sniper rifles, and my own rifle. We then proceeded to stop at Safeway for food. When we got there, it was seemingly abandoned. My friend Kovach came up to me and wanted to hold my rifle, but I said no, because it was loaded. He tried to make a grab for it, so I jumped back and slammed the butt of the rifle into his face, knocking him down. I then aimed it at him and told him to calm down. After that was resolved we ended up having a party where everyone was happy and getting drunk, which I guess wasn't a good idea because everyone was loaded down with guns. Later on some police came and arrested my father. Not sure why.

      Fight! - I dreamt I was having fighting matches in my room. I was doing well, and with each opponent I beat I became stronger. Later in the dream my friend wanted to wrestle me, which is odd because he's much smaller than I am. I ended up throwing him through the wall of my room >.<. He was a bit peeved at me afterward.

      Fragment- Dreamt I was on IRC and had to decide on a rather serious topic, however, I can't remember what it was.
      Tags: fun stuff, guns
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    7. The Damn Nazis, dream sex, and Queen Zukin (Makes a lot of sense, right?)

      by , 12-14-2010 at 12:54 AM
      Damn Nazis! - For some reason I found myself in a snowy German town in 1942. I recall wearing raggedy clothes and a hat. I was with a group of friends when all of a sudden the Nazis came for us. We split up and ran in all different directions. I ran into a park area and hid in a bush, attempting not to move. I tried to stay there as long as I could, sitting still. It was a very small bush. It worked for a while, I was so relieved when a patrol came, talked by me, and then left! But then I was found by another patrol because my legs twitched! I bolted out of the bush and into some sort of bar. They seemed very surprised to see me there and I begged them to help me get away from the Nazis. One of the men agreed, and it turned out he was an SS captain. There was about 10 soldiers racing at the door, trying to catch me. He simply walked into the door, and began blasting away. The women began bawling their eyes out and I thought in amazement that the man just saved my life. I never got caught by the Germans, and I blew a sigh of relief. I had a terrible feeling though that my friends had been killed, however.

      Dream Sex! - Me and a smoking hot asian were naked. Great times were had.

      Queen Zukin's House - All I remember is that I knew I was dreaming, and I remembered Queen Zukin. I wanted to go see her, but I didn't know how to get there. For some reason I remembered her post about attempting to teleport places through a mirror. I thought this would do, and went to my bathroom mirror. I just on the counter and began going through the mirror, and I thought I could see her house! Then I woke up
      lucid , non-lucid , memorable
    8. Just Fragments :(

      by , 12-05-2010 at 05:41 PM
      Not too many full dreams lately. :\

      Math class (Frag)- All I remember is I was in math class, and my math teacher was giving us a lecture on something I already knew, so I was bored out of my mind. I got out my phone and started texting a friend and then began to draw a "FML" on the table. It was something like "Today I was in math class............ FML"

      Though it was only a fragment, it was surprisingly vivid.
      Tags: class, fml, lecture, math
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    9. The Return of the Dreams

      by , 12-03-2010 at 12:30 AM
      So for the past few nights I haven't been sleeping well at all due to real life things that needed to be tended to. Finally got most of those out of the way so I have more time devoted to sleep, thankfully. (Between working out and working, I'm worn out.) I'm not even sure anyone reads this but myself, but what the hell, ya know?

      The Blizzard that Blanketed the World
      - I dreamt we have a HUGE blizzard and for some reason I was in my Ghillie suit (Off note: Yes, I own a Ghillie suit.) I was with Cole, and we were walking through it, barely being able to see in front of us. I decided to venture off on my own when he said he was going to wait for a ride. I thought my house wasn't far away, but somehow I got lost in a village of shacks, seemingly like I was thrown back into Medieval Europe. I was stumbling about, freezing and I knew I was near death. Someone asked if I was alright, and I said told them I wasn't and that I couldn't feel my fingers. The man ran up to me and gave me some fluid I thought was water, but quickly I learned it was whiskey. I got pretty drunk. It felt strange, and I stood up and started walking, though It was more like hobbling, around. While the man and an older woman, probably his mother, argued about giving me liquor. I stammered around thinking "I'm Drunk. I'm drunk! Body, can't you see I'm drunk!". The man and woman decided to take me in until the storm passed, and I was able to live in a giant basement that I pimped out and I got through by helping people with their plumbing.

      The Iron Dragon vs The Iron Man - I was in some sort of labyrinth made of steel and lava with 4 other friends. We were decked out in futuristic armor and I had some sort of gun that shot in bursts, it kind of resembled an M16, but not quite. Me and my friends were going through the labyrinth which had doors of fire, and we saw a giant dragon which seemed to be made of iron, or the same material that our armor and weapons were made of. We began shooting at it, and slowly but surely taking down it's health. Then all of a sudden all the fire doors opened and we were no longer safe from it. It charged at us and I dove out of the way. Then we got past it and it chased us through the maze of hallways and platforms. Before I knew it I was separated from the rest of my friends and with the dragon on my tail. I had a good hunch that my friends were dead, and as soon as I thought of it their names popped up in my HUD (I had a helmet on) with KIA next to their names. All of a sudden I was desperate, and I knew I was probably going to die. Almost resigning to my death, I instead pushed on and turning around at corners to send bursts into the dragons head, which did almost nothing to it. I found myself sprinting across the platform surrounded by lava we first met the dragon at, and something, or someone said to me "You are in charge here. You choose your fate." All of a sudden I turned around, saw the dragon about 30 meters behind me, shot some bursts into it, and it charged at me. When it was not a few feet away from me, I suddenly flew up into the air using a jetpack I had all but forgotten about, and through the ceiling. Before me all I saw was blackness, the only light escaping from the hole from the lair of the dragon. I woke up after that.
      non-lucid , memorable
    10. Dreams of 11/22 and 11/23, Prostitution, Sex on a boat, and I finally get a minigun!

      by , 11-24-2010 at 08:32 PM
      Sex on a boat-
      For obvious reasons, I won't go into details. But there were a lot of naked girls on a boat, and there was me. It went well. Very, very well.

      I finally get a Minigun-
      So it seems I had to become a doctor, but people were trying to kidnap me. Me and my friend (who was a rat-thing that could TALK) hid in a hotel but they found us. While he fought them off I locked the back ways in with coat hangers bent to go through the locks of the doors. When I was done with that, I heard a scream and ran outside, they had killed my friend! So I grabbed a minigun, crouched behind a couch and began firing not bullets, but orbs of what seemed like lava. So there were guys in huge suits of armour with jetpacks coming at me firing orbs of lightning, and I was just mowing them down. They came in waves, and in between the waves I had to try to kill the people who were trying to kidnap me, which incidently was kirby and Luigi riding a yoshi in two giant bubbles. I got hit by the lightening and it almost killed me! I had a few close calls but I finally managed to finish off the bad guys with a headshot to one of the troopers and then take down kirby and luigi. At that point I walked out the backway (Dropped my minigun) and found my friend alive again! We ended up going to some sort of farm, and there was a gigantic tank in the middle of the field. We stole it and began tearing up the country side. No sign of the bad guys. So then we got to this run down town where I finally saw a doctor, who looked like an alien as he had a snout and was light blue. He was estatic that I wanted to become a doctor and he allowed me to become his apprentice. Then the dream ended.

      11/23 (last night)

      Prostitution is not OK-
      I started off in my Principles of Technology classroom. It seems someone had finished their robot and the teacher was congratulating them. I decided to go chill in the computer lab, and started talking to people. All of a sudden one of the computers burst into flames, I shouted that someone do something and then the teacher yelled at me to do it. So I grabbed a fire extinguisher that shot just plain water and put out the flames. I had to then go to my next class but I was going to be late because I had to put out a fire. I asked for a pass but the teacher told me to go see the counseling office to get a pass. I didn't want to waste all the time to go down there, as my next class was across the hall. I walked in, he was mad at me for being late, and didn't believe I was putting out a fire. Then I decided to get lunch. It seems our lunch room had been drastically enlarged and now had a starbucks. I decided to get a coffee and eat with some friends. I was standing in line where two korean kids working at the starbucks were giving people tons of shit. I was talking about physics, 'The square root of pi' with them as it seems thats what they were learning. I noticed they had the same physics book as I do too O.o. Then they told one of my friends, who's name is james to start copying down answers from the back of the book for them. He didn't want to get beat up so he complied. Then all of a sudden Allison (A girl in my world religions class) leaned over and told me she REALLY needed the 5 dollars that these korean guys had. For some reason they were flashing around a 5 dollar bill. Immediately I knew she was talking about having sex for 5 dollars, I picked her up in a hug and told her I had money, and not to become a prostitute. She seemed happy after that and walked away. I got out of line and I saw my sister. Then some black kid I know ran up to me and stole my afro (Which apparently, I was wearing this entire time. Looked good in it too!) and as I walked to class I complained about how I could never grow an afro myself. (When I was young I wanted an afro, lol)

      I also remember a fragment of a dream where it was just me and my math teacher and we were going over huge calculus equations on a black board (What's epic is I don't even know calculus).

      Interesting dreams lately. I hope I get to drive another giant tank soon.
    11. Elephants!

      by , 11-17-2010 at 02:06 AM
      Don't remember much last night, I wasn't feeling too good.

      However, I did dream I was trapped in my room with Queen Zukin and we were enslaved by elephants.
    12. Xi chi ya?? (Am I secretly japanese?)

      by , 11-16-2010 at 01:32 AM
      I had a very odd dream last night..

      I ended up going to japan for some sort of space simulator competition. Sadly, I think I lost. I was walking out with other contestants when a family ran and up and began hugging and crying a man near me, and they were yelling "Xi Chi Ya!!!" (or Xo Chi Ya... wasn't totally clear when I woke up)

      Then I had another dream I was rescued from mars, and the woman who saved me said she had a baby when we were landing, but secretly I knew that she had had the baby for a long time and had to hide it until then.

      Odd Night.
    13. Youtube, sex in the forest, and a haunted house?

      by , 11-14-2010 at 06:27 PM
      Dreamt I made youtube videos on how to drum and play guitar, but someone stole one of my videos

      Sex in the forest, and a haunted house?-
      I was in the forest with a girl, (Sorry, no names ) We started making out, and we decided to do it right then and there. Then the scene changed to that of a haunted house, and we were still going at it . Then I was a detective who had just been saved by fox news. It seems I was trapped in the house for 10 years, and it was haunted. As I looked out the window the scene changed and I was in my bed, it was all a dream! I looked at the time and it was 10 AM, nuts, I have to get to school! I kept reminding myself that I had to write this all down in my DJ. When I managed to get to school it was time for my Worlds Religions Class and I talked to my teacher about my dreams, then I woke up.
    14. A dirty dream, Operation Mineshaft and flying naked in a helicopter!

      by , 10-28-2010 at 02:02 AM
      Dirty Dream: (Fragment)
      All I remember is random, VERY inappropriate Innuendos. The last one before I woke up was apparently about a broomstick..?

      Operation Mineshaft:
      Me and a team of commands, which included me, my dad, an asian, and two friends, had to shut off a radio station that was underground because it was causing disturbances. (I faintly remember the backround being the world went into a nuclear fallout, but we managed to rebuild and there were a few groups of survivors who lived underground and never came up.) So we go down the mineshaft, in one of those old, noisy elevators that's just a cage. When we got there, the facility looked like a giant costco. We make our way to the station using computer terminals that had maps. When we finally get there, there is a group of survivors who have been living here for years. They say they down know how to turn the machine off. So we start searching around, and out of nowhere, this girl I know (We'll call her Catherine). She says she built it, but will help us destroy it. Me and my dad follow her into a back hallway where the power generator is. But we go deeper. So deep that atoms grow to sizes you can see, and you have to break them to destroy it. So we start grabbing the atoms and breaking them. We then start to leave, but we aren't sure where to go. We check the terminals but just then the power goes off. I say I remember the way out and begin leading the group through darkened corridors to the mineshaft..

      The naked helicopter!:
      I found an invisible helicopter just big enough to squeeze my entire body in. I'm sitting like i'm in a chair. I start flying around, but then I realize that i'm completely naked. Instead of freaking out and hiding my shame, I think it's cooler to be flying an invisible helicopter around, so I keep doing it. I was about to fly to school naked, but the dream ended.

      I think the moral of the last one is that I have no shame.