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    by , 03-19-2011 at 04:44 AM (493 Views)
    So, it's been a while since I've bothered to post on here. I just don't have that many interesting dreams.

    OUTLAW! - Me and a small band of friends were apparently fugitives, wanted for possibly robbing a bank. I wasn't quite sure. Anywho, we were being chased by another band friends, who were the cops. Me and my gang ended up hiding out in my shed, which was completely revamped, larger, clean, and stockpiled with weapons. Suddenly the cops found us, and were trying to coax us out of the shed. All of a sudden, the background changed and we were in what seemed like the 1880's, with cowboy hats. The cops now had simple one shot rifles, but we had modern technology! After talking with them, I got sick of it and grabbed several hack saws and an RPG. My gang threw open the doors of the shed and I aimed and fired - Striking the center of the group. As the explosion boomed, we bolted out of there and down the street - After grabbing a few hacksaws and what I think was a box of grenades.

    We decided we would leave by train, and hopped on. We thought we were safe, but the viewpoint shifted and I saw the cops, banged and bruised but still alive, on the train cart behind us, trying to follow us.

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    Tags: cops, dream, epic., robbers
    non-lucid , memorable