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    1. The Damn Nazis, dream sex, and Queen Zukin (Makes a lot of sense, right?)

      by , 12-14-2010 at 12:54 AM
      Damn Nazis! - For some reason I found myself in a snowy German town in 1942. I recall wearing raggedy clothes and a hat. I was with a group of friends when all of a sudden the Nazis came for us. We split up and ran in all different directions. I ran into a park area and hid in a bush, attempting not to move. I tried to stay there as long as I could, sitting still. It was a very small bush. It worked for a while, I was so relieved when a patrol came, talked by me, and then left! But then I was found by another patrol because my legs twitched! I bolted out of the bush and into some sort of bar. They seemed very surprised to see me there and I begged them to help me get away from the Nazis. One of the men agreed, and it turned out he was an SS captain. There was about 10 soldiers racing at the door, trying to catch me. He simply walked into the door, and began blasting away. The women began bawling their eyes out and I thought in amazement that the man just saved my life. I never got caught by the Germans, and I blew a sigh of relief. I had a terrible feeling though that my friends had been killed, however.

      Dream Sex! - Me and a smoking hot asian were naked. Great times were had.

      Queen Zukin's House - All I remember is that I knew I was dreaming, and I remembered Queen Zukin. I wanted to go see her, but I didn't know how to get there. For some reason I remembered her post about attempting to teleport places through a mirror. I thought this would do, and went to my bathroom mirror. I just on the counter and began going through the mirror, and I thought I could see her house! Then I woke up
      non-lucid , memorable , lucid
    2. I got lucid! (And fought zombies!)

      by , 11-21-2010 at 06:22 PM
      I got Lucid -
      It was odd, I felt that something was wrong, and I was just standing in my dark house. Then I looked down at my hand and it had 8+ fingers on it! Then I heard Queen Zukin say that being Lucid was knowing you are dreaming. I decided to have some fun.

      My dog was looking eagerly at me, I looked at it and it turned into some sort of flying flying creature and flew away. Then I thought "I certainly could use a weapon" And before I knew it I was holding a Kar98K. So now I had a weapon, and I was lucid. What should I do? What about fight zombies? As soon as I thought that I was on some sort of sandy beach looking past dead trees to a full moon, and just them a wolf howl filled the air. I fell back into the eye of the dream as the game began...

      It began in some sort of greenhouse. Me and 3-4 friends were holding out against zombies. (I had the Kar98K FTW) Wave after wave of zombies were coming at us, and inbetween every round we could enter some sort of chamber outside of the greenhouse to get money. But if we entered too late, we would be released into the wave of zombies, which I did twice. Then all of a sudden I was alone, and fighting a giant zombie with a flaming head. I kept diving out of his way and shooting him, but he wouldn't die! Then he disappeared and I saw in the corner the words "CONNECTION LOST - ATTEMPTING TO RECONNECT" Then someone said "Where is he? I need to know where he is." and I could choose responses, and I chose "No An'ika, He's nowhere" (No idea what An'ika means)

      Pretty sure I had some sort of dream with Queen Zukin. Can't really remember it.
      lucid , memorable
    3. Why you should NEVER live in New Orleans! (and hotdogs hate me)

      by , 10-31-2010 at 06:03 PM
      Why you should NEVER live in New Orleans-
      So I found myself living in a run-down version of my current house. My entire family was there, and my mom said we were living in New Orleans. Then all of a sudden it got dark out, and out of nowhere, people surrounding the house started firing at us. We all dove to the ground and trying to not get hit. However, my mom got hit. This went on for what seemed like hours. They tore down entire walls with bullets and it was a miracle we were alive. So the next day we set out rebuilding our house and then suddenly it was nightfall. As soon as I saw it was dark I hit the ground and, sure enough, they came back and were shooting at our house. Almost nothing was left that time, but then all of a sudden:
      I found myself in completely 1st person. It felt really weird all of a sudden, and then I realized I was lucid. First lucid ftw? I looked in the closet next to me and found a rifle and my ghillie suit (Note: I actually own a ghillie suit. It was a gag gift that is a ton of fun) But as soon as I got my suit on, I felt myself falling back into the dream. I tried to stay lucid but I couldn't, and before I knew it I was back into the dream again.
      So then I found myself outside of my house, plotting revenge on the shooters. It seems they terrorized not only our house, but a HOUSE OF ORPHANS. Can I really dream of bad guys or what? So I begin planning how to get rid of them. I found a little blue print which explained that there was either two ways I could get rid of them and leave New Orleans. I could either 1) Agitate a giant dragon (Which apparently, there's one in new orleans) and get it to follow me to their hideout, and then burn it down or 2) Get into the hideout and attempt to trick one of the guards, then set a bomb in there and leave. I opted for plan number two, and asked my dad what he though. The weird thing was, I was talking to Queen Zukin on my laptop and he came over just as she said something that isn't quite family appropriate. So I never got his help. Right after that I woke up.

      Hotdogs hate me (But I still love them)(Frag):
      All I remember in the dream was I was attempting to eat hotdogs but every time I attempted to eat one it would shoot out of my mouth. I went through at least 20 hotdogs trying to eat just one. Pretty sure I was at a barbaque.
      lucid , dream fragment
    4. I think I went to the circus..

      by , 10-26-2010 at 02:48 AM
      All I remember is all my friends were dressed up like clowns, and I was the ringmaster in the center of the stage, shouting orders and holding a whip.

      Also, my goal for tonight was to attempt to have a conversation while dreaming. While I was reading some guides that Queen Zukin was nice enough to send me, I realized that conversations are important in dreams, and I've had yet to have a full fledged conversation that I can remember. So my goal for the night was to attempt to say at least 3 lines, and I think I did it. I remember waking up going "YEAH! I HAD A CONVERSATON!" But I forgot to write the conversation down, so I forgot it