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    1. Friday, October 6

      by , 11-03-2023 at 11:28 PM
      Iím outside somewhere, in a line for something. The area is grassy, with what seems like a few farm-style buildings (it reminds me of Apple Hill). The line is maybe two dozen people, all unfamiliar, except for Makayla right next to me. Thereís a blue, above-ground pool off to the side. At first, I think itís full of hot water because I think I see steam coming off of it. Then, I decide that itís cold. I find out by simply jumping in. Itís cold, but not overly so. It feels really good. Nobody else gets in.
      *We were talking about apple hill yesterday.
      Tags: pool, water
    2. Monday, October 2

      by , 11-03-2023 at 11:24 PM
      Iím in Canada with Melissa (I donít know how itís Canada, I just do). We seem to be in a small, quaint city. There are low, spaced out buildings, sidewalks, and a thin layer of snow on the ground. I think itís somewhere around 17 degrees. I notice some people bundled up and others, myself included, comfortable in pants and short sleeves. I think weíre making our way to a hotel.
      *I was getting tired yesterday of people saying how cold it was in the mid 50s.
      Tags: canada, cold, hotel
    3. Saturday, September 30

      by , 11-03-2023 at 11:23 PM
      Iím in what feels like downtown, trying to park. Iím also driving an unfamiliar car, so my perception is skewed, such as feeling closer to things than I probably really am. I drive down a narrow street with a sidewalk and various other things right next to it with nothing between. It feels like I drive really close to an Asian woman standing on the sidewalk, even though I probably am not. Now, Iím about to drive down a small hill, looking for parking. Thereís a line forming to the left; I go around it to the right. I then realize this way is for people who have paid for parking already, and I know that. I donít find a space, but I do after I circle around once. Now, Iím in what feels like a large house. Thereís a long hallway with multiple bedrooms off of it. It feels like each room is more like a hotel room. Melissa and I have the one on the end. It is a fairly luxurious room. We are on the bed. With a purple pen, I start drawing lines on her pubic area.
      *I did drive through town yesterday and pulled my car out of a space near a Black woman sitting on something on the sidewalk right by the street. I wasnít that close to her, but I wondered if she thought I was going to be. I also drove once around the block before finding a parking space.
      Tags: driving, house
    4. Friday, September 15

      by , 11-03-2023 at 11:21 PM
      Iím with Melissa, in the backyard of our house (it feels vaguely the same, but also looks different - the yard feels bigger but also completely empty). Thereís no snow, but it feels like itís a winter month. I have our larger pothos plants out here and set it on a small table to water it. Moving some of the vines, I realize how big itís gotten. I move one, and it slowly moves itself back to the direction it was growing in. Thereís a thin layer of water on the table, which I now think will not be enough to bottom water it, so I decide to water it from the top. I now see Stella and Maggie run to the fence; I think weíve ordered a pizza, and I guess it must be here.
      *Melissa and I talked about pizza last night. Iím going to water the plants from the top today, after trying bottom watering last week.
      Tags: plant
    5. Friday, September 8

      by , 11-03-2023 at 10:19 PM
      Iím in the kitchen with Melissa. I think I was doing something, but sheís now having me make dinner. Iím not sure what weíre making, and she doesnít give me any help. If I ask a question, I get a minimal, unhelpful reply. Thereís a package of some unknown ingredient and she tells me to ďjust [something] itĒ, before walking away. I just feel lost and a little confused.
      Tags: kitchen
    6. Tuesday, August 29

      by , 11-03-2023 at 10:18 PM
      ím in what seems like a small Leeís or craft beer store (about the size of a classroom). They have some featured on the walls and larger packages down on the floor. It seems like the ones displayed are not also found on the floor. Some guy is on the phone, telling someone about how itís confusing. Among the couple of others here, I see Rob. I think that he doesnít see me. Now, this same space is a bookstore. Melissa is with me as I shop. Iíve grabbed a few hardcover books but now, going through them, decide to put almost all of them back, as they just look like very generic mystery thrillers. I reshelve some that go nearby and just stack the others that donít (I think that somebody else working here can put them away for a change). Now I see Kris and Rob and we talk briefly. They then sit down with two or so people Iíve never seen before - their other family, I guess - and Kris starts a prayer before they do something.
      Tags: beer, store
    7. Saturday, August 26

      by , 11-03-2023 at 10:17 PM
      Iím at the house, standing between the garage and yard, in that doorway. I have a small table set up and am repotting a plant. My gaze is caught by something moving on the fence, something almost the same color. I focus on it and see that it's a Jerusalem cricket, larger than normal, maybe the size of a rabbit, crawling up the fence. I step forward to take a picture of it and then notice an assortment of creatures behind me, that I guess had been there the whole time, I realize with some discomfort. Thereís a spider on the table and two creatures on top of the open door, the door at about a 30 degree angle, the creatures poking out from the slight opening. I thought they were spiders too, but now I think theyíre birds? (hawklike). I just feel a little creeped out that everything was so close to me.
      *Iíve been wanting to repot the succulent and other things, and Iíve been thinking about the fungus gnats in the plants as well as all the extra critters this season.
    8. Friday, August 18

      by , 11-03-2023 at 10:15 PM
      I am at work (which looks fairly different than it really does). I have one of the largest carts full of books on one side, and it falls over when I go to move it. It falls on the side with the books, so they get trapped and donít go anywhere, except for just a few. It feels like an honest mistake, but people get mad at me. I make a joke, but Ben rudely and seriously says not to joke about it. I think about how I can pick it up without the books going anywhere.
      Tags: work