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    4/13/2016 dreams ★☆☆☆☆

    by , 04-14-2016 at 03:44 AM (887 Views)
    Not an amazing night of lucids, but I had one. I hate posting things like this.

    I am in the middle of an orgy. I realize that I am dreaming. So... I transform and interact with DCs... It was a full transformation.

    Weird dream
    I am standing in the mall, unpacking things and playing with them. Super fun time. I see a random guy standing in a corner and I start talking to him about Star Wars. We then had a great time and are laughing about all the good Star Wars times. He then stops laughing and gets all serious.
    "We don't have any more things we can talk about." (I know that he is saying that there are no other conversations that we could ever have again). He leaves.
    A random girl comes up to me.
    "He does that all the time to people. I can talk if you are bored."
    I don't remember the dream much after that, I think that I went back to playing with the stuff in the stores. lol.
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    1. Hirondelle's Avatar
      I hate posting things like this.
      Well, there's always a way "around" it, we will just have to use our imagination
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