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    4/14/16 Late morning lucids. ★★☆☆☆

    by , 04-14-2016 at 08:14 PM (595 Views)
    A couple late morning wilds, interrupted by a sick child.
    I try to go back to bed after going to the store early for diapers. I end up almost asleep and keep fading into and out of dreams. I finally slow myself down a bit and realize I am dreaming in one.
    I find myself in a hallways and start summoning people, I try to summon people from Zodra, but I end up only getting random DCs. My daughter jumps on me and wakes me.

    I get her up and around and she isn't feeling good, so she wants to go back to sleep. I put her down and go back to bed.
    I drift into a couple rando dream flashes and am able to stabilize the scenery, I start trying some dream control in the sky, but I get nothing. I teleport to a different place so that I can use my powers better. It is much more stable there, and I don't know really what is going on since I am just looking at the sky, I try to summon a black hole, but nothing is coming out. I start sending my energy out in the form of black fire and condensing it in the air to try and make a black hole. My daughter jumps on me. I should have jumped into the air so it didn't take as much time to create it, but not worrying about the time is one of the easiest ways to have longer and more fun LDs, so I don't worry too much.

    NON lucid at in laws
    I am at my in laws and they start talking about lucid dreaming. I look at what he is talking about and there is a video of his dream on the computer. A huge waterfall, going up instead of down. It looked more like someone pouring out of a jug, upwards. It was pretty cool. I can't believe I didn't get lucid.

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