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    Forgot to Post For a Few Days. ★★★★☆

    by , 04-20-2016 at 08:28 PM (891 Views)
    I am looking at a huge mall I RC, I am totally dreaming... this place looks abandoned. No... like there is something wrong here. Definitely Zodra, someone started a zombie apocalypse. Easily fixable... or I could have some fun. I walk into the mall and see a group of survivors. My wife is leading the charge, she doesn't seem to recognize me, I guess this isn't Japanese raised wife, but might just be a normal DC that doesn't know it is a dream. They sit me down and tell me that they are going to let me join, but if I slow them down, they will leave me. I use some mind control to make everyone but my wife agree and just let her decide. She is quite mad because they decided not to let anyone else in. We go through some grocery stores and stay mainly in a big non lucid part of the dream mall. Stealing water and supplies. I am in the front when we break down a door with Zombies in it everywhere. I have to kill about 20 of them and there is only one left, it is a little toddler zombie, I don't want you to think that it is a little kid, but mainly zombified corpse. I put my foot on it and charge up an attack and curb stomp it with super strength.

    We end up outside and we can see cop cars outside. The cops have banded together and taken over, taking all sorts of things from other survivors and just straight up killing them if they don't give it up, so I am running from them. I run like a madman and realize that I only have 2 flashlights in my hand. I run and use them to blind any that get too close and just stick to the shadows, it is pretty effective, but I can't seem to shake them since there is so much light in the parking lot and they have cars. I am jumping on the roof and I wake up.

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    1. miktux's Avatar
      you had lucid dream but u just follow scenario on purpose or u lost your control?
      Sensei likes this.
    2. Sensei's Avatar
      I created it on the spot as something fun to do based on what my surroundings looked like. Probably one of my DC friends made it happen. Or a witch, my dream world is filled with pranksters.

      As I said, thought about changing it, but it had been a while since I had a lucid zombie dream.
      Updated 04-21-2016 at 03:42 AM by Sensei