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    Last 4 days ★★★☆☆

    by , 04-20-2016 at 08:59 PM (1110 Views)
    I realize that I am dreaming in a grocery story... FUN TIME!!!
    I set the whole place on fire and burn it down, I actually didn't see any DCs, which is nice, because if I get crazy, one of the crew will probably stop me.

    4/18 Longer Lucid
    I realize I am dreaming in bed... I interact with the wife DC again... :/

    4/19 Creepy Lucid
    I realize I am dreaming. I am in a house that is a mixture of a lot of houses I know. I change the empty hallway to having doors. One is open. I look in and there is a girl watching the TV... Of course the only thing on the TV is static... so Poltergeist time

    I sit next to her, I don't recognize her, but I decide to use mind control to create a plot.
    "Why haven't I seen you in a few days?" I ask her, trying to decide on a plot, but she goes against my will and her head mechanically snaps over to me and looks at me, it looks at me sideways.
    "Because you died 3 days ago."
    I am about to ask her why and how, but then my head snapped back, like it was in my bed. Vibrations shot through my head and neck and then the whole body as I woke up.

    Heist on the Horizon (BATMAN AND SUPERMAN DREAM!)
    I realize I am dreaming... I should do something super crazy... Superhero dream! (funny enough, I forgot about the whole superhero thing in the comp) I guess I'll be Superman (easier to get around) batman is all of the sudden with me as well, his grappling hook on my leg. I fly up all the way to the watchtower (he has some sort of gadget that makes him not die here). I decide that someone has taken it over and we should kick their butt. I hear John Jones in my ear and he starts guiding us through the Watchtower without being seen. I have to keep breaking down doors and having to use my super speed to get through places without being seen, Batman seems to just ninja it without the speed. We make it to the control room and I close off the whole place except this room. Then I let out the atmosphere and eject all the people.

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      Creepy Lucid is creepy
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