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    Short Stories with Tragic Endings

    Lucid Dreams: 6
    ---- WILD: 0
    ---- MILD: 2
    ---- EILD: 0
    ---- DILD: 4
    ---- DEILD: 0

    False Awakening

    Dream Goals:
    - Have a lucid dream
    - Successfully try each induction method - ( WILD MILD EILD DILD DEILD WBTB CAT )
    - Reach full-blown Sleep Paralysis
    - Have a frightening Sleep Paralysis experience
    - Successfully WILD ( STB WBTB Nap)
    - Go on a date with my crush
    - Dance with my crush
    - Test my tuning fork as a totem
    - "The Fantasy Game" From "Ender's Game"
    - The war game from "Ender's Game"
    - Play in a rock band
    - Kill Freddy Kruger
    - Dilate dream time
    - Summon a familiar
    - Okami
    - Nightshade / Shinobi
    - Test the validity of shared dreaming
    - Fight a 1vs100
    - Dogfight in an F/A-18
    - Kingdom Hearts
    - Final Fantasy X
    - Inception
    - Hack a major system
    - Go on a rescue mission
    - Design a city

    1. Old - 01 | nonlucid

      by , 01-20-2011 at 03:19 AM (Short Stories with Tragic Endings)
      I am in my high school's band room. It is a night-time practice during marching
      season but we are inside working on music. For some reason I do not have my
      saxophone. Instead of just sitting there doing nothing, I am helping the pit. Jill
      is having trouble so I go over to help her and I look at the keys on the marimba.
      From a distance, it looks completely joined and glassy. At a closer view, however,
      the keys are obviously separated, as they should be, but there is no progression
      in size. The size of the keys are all random and non-sequential. They should
      gradually become smaller, the closer to the right side of the instrument they
      come. This is not the case. The marimba should not even play correctly. Somehow,
      it does. I go and check the other marimbas across the room and notice that the
      letter names for the notes are etched into the keys. I find octave C's, play them,
      and show Jill. She gets the orientation and begins working on the music. All the
      while, the rest of the band is playing the show. Then my crush comes over to help
      Jill with the music. I hug her
      and the dream ends.

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      non-lucid , memorable
    2. 2011-01-18.2 | nonlucid

      by , 01-19-2011 at 11:34 PM (Short Stories with Tragic Endings)
      I was in a town with a bunch of ghosts. I was fighting them with a sword or something
      and a couple hits would kill them. But if they hit me once, they go this red word over
      their head, I forget what the term was, but basically it meant if I killed them they would
      just come back and keep attacking me until I died. There was a sort of revolutionary war
      general who was explaining everything to me. So I was walking through the town
      and fighting a ghost. After the first couple, I did die and re-spawned. This went on for
      a while then snapped to my house and then back to the town again. I think there was
      a time it had come to my old house in New Jersey briefly. So I was in the town again and
      for no reason, the ghosts stopped. The general told me to follow him so we went down
      into a stony kind of short tunnel, and up the stairs was a massive courtyard.The general
      pulled me back and said wait, we can't go up there. I had seen why. There were these
      18th century police men patrolling the area. The general told me we need to get to the
      fortress and through that courtyard is the only way. For some reason I had the 13 brush
      powers from Okami, so I told the general, "I can use the veil of mist". He seemed to just
      light up. he said "That's brilliant!". So I went up to the courtyard and drew two horizontal
      lines in the air. Everything slowed down and there was a purple mist everywhere with the
      little timer thing that shows up in Okami to count down how long the mist will last. Every
      time it got down to 1, I drew the lines again. All the while running across the courtyard.
      I noticed there was a woman running as fast as me when I was almost there and I was
      confused. Maybe I was doing it wrong, but she didn't notice me so I continued on. I came
      to a stone reservoir and turned down the steps into a small entryway. I met some of the
      other resistance leaders who welcomed me and I went in. It was a small room with a
      little wooden desk by a barred window on the right.
      Then the dream ended.

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    3. 2011-01-18f | nonlucid

      by , 01-19-2011 at 11:32 PM (Short Stories with Tragic Endings)
      I was playing BZFlag and I was on a server where hacking is not only permitted but
      encouraged. So it was like bzflag hack wars. I remembered I'd done that before. I
      had hacked an admin password once and locked out every admin from the server
      and set once of the graphics settings ridiculously high so that whenever someone
      entered the server it would freeze their computer. So I did so. This one kid thought
      he was the shit and was being quite obnoxious about it. He tried to ban me from the
      server but he was I had anti-ban, something he would have known if he knew anything
      about this. So, I deleveled him down to nothing and put a perminant ban on his id.

      Thats about where the dream ended and I woke up.

      I then went back to sleep - 2011-01-18.2 | NONLUCID

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    4. 2011-01-17 | ?

      by , 01-18-2011 at 03:04 PM (Short Stories with Tragic Endings)
      No Recall
    5. 2011-01-16 | ?

      by , 01-18-2011 at 03:04 PM (Short Stories with Tragic Endings)
      I remembered the dream for about 5 minutes after I woke up then lost it
    6. 2011-01-15.3f | nonlucid

      by , 01-16-2011 at 07:15 PM (Short Stories with Tragic Endings)
      I was visiting my high school, but the setting was not at my high school. In the
      dream however, it was. It was night-time and I only recognize the campus from
      a similar dream I had in the past. It would be quite difficult to describe. I met up
      with a couple friends and we exchanged greetings and I walked down onto this
      and the dream ended. The dream I had had previously was much more

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    7. 2011-01-15.2 | nonlucid

      by , 01-16-2011 at 07:08 PM (Short Stories with Tragic Endings)
      I am getting home from hanging out with my best friend. I am not sure what we were doing
      but he is still with me. I go to open the back door but it's locked, we rarely ever use the front
      door. I don't remember pulling out my key or anything but I somehow managed to get it open.
      I was slightly angry because it was not nighttime so my parents were awake and the door should
      have been unlocked. I open the door but there is resistance. I push against it and overpower
      it, prying it open to find my mom trying to push it closed. I manage to get inside and she is
      laughing as if it is a joke. I become very angry and start spewing obscenities and storm up
      to my room. I close the door and go over to my clock which is in the correct corner of my room
      but the dresser it is sitting on is on the wrong wall. Also, the clock light is yellow as opposed to red
      and it is huge, like an old piece of technology that requires a lot of mechanics. The housing is
      about the dimension of a large book and the top is open so you can see a bunch of electronics.
      I pull the clock closer so I can see the time better and it shuts off. I look at the connections inside
      and push on a couple of the connectors until I find one that was slightly out. I push it back in and
      the clock turns on again. I look. 8:58. It is in the morning.
      This was actually roughly close to the time
      it was in real life, probably around 7:30. I remember doing something else then lying down in my bed.
      I sort of went to sleep.
      Didn't have a "dream within a dream" or anything, but when I woke up, the layout
      was normal. Everything reflected how it really is in my room. Then a thought popped into my mind. A
      thought that crosses my mind in waking life quite frequently by my own intent. "Am I dreaming?". I
      looked at the red digits on my alarm clock and it was a little fuzzy but I could make out 9:04. As soon
      as I read and understood what time it was however. The clock sort of glitched. At first the digits just
      flickered a little. Then they changed to Japanese characters. I became quite excited. "I am dreaming"
      but I did not feel lucid. I thought to myself how I knew I was dreaming but it did not feel vivid at all. I
      tried to make it that way but it did not work.
      I became disappointed and woke up.

      I feel like I was so close to becoming lucid Damnit!

      I went back to sleep and had a fragment of a dream I have had before:
      2011-01-15.3F | NONLUCID

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      non-lucid , false awakening
    8. 2011-01-15 | ?

      by , 01-16-2011 at 06:31 PM (Short Stories with Tragic Endings)
      I can't remember anything about the dream. I remember having a dream,
      I just can't come up with anything about it. May be because I was late getting
      to bed. Anyway, I decided to go back to sleep and see if I could have another
      dream and remember it or jog my memory of this one.

      I had 2011-01-15.2 | NONLUCID
    9. 2011-01-14 | nonlucid

      by , 01-15-2011 at 06:57 PM (Short Stories with Tragic Endings)
      It is January 3rd in my dream and I am supposed to go back to college today. I have no idea why its the 3rd because
      it was the 14th in real life and I go back to school on the 17th. Anyway, I am at home, but it is not my house. It is
      more like an arcade in the city. I walk into a large room to the left of the entrance and there are two full cockpit
      simulator things, one on each wall. Both have a personal tv screen and there is one massive screen on the far
      wall. I get in the cockpit on the doorway side wall and begin watching a movie through my laptop. The movie starts
      playing but then I stop it and remove the disc because I need to do something with it. I do not recall what that was
      but it took a while. After it finished, I popped the disc back in and watched the movie until I realized I had to go to
      Millersville. I got up and left, taking no bags or anything. I am suddenly in my dorm room and campus looks very
      unfamiliar. Travel time was instantaneous. it is now 8:30 am and I am trying to think of what class I have at 9:00.
      I go home, again instantaneous travel time, to check my schedule. I don't know why I had to go home to do that.
      Before I can check my shedule, I get sidetracked. I sit down in the cockpit thing again and start playing a PlayStation
      game. I'm not sure if it was Okami or Red Faction II. I had made a good bit of progress then my brother came in
      and decided he wanted to play Dynasty Warriors 5 on the other machine in the room. Only the controller he used was
      somehow connected to my machine and he somehow had reset my machine so I lost everything I had done. I got
      really pissed and he argued that I could just do it again but I said "No, I can't. I have a lot of school work to do". I went
      up to my room which was just as strange as the rest of the house, logged on to my laptop and check MAX
      ( Millersville University's student information system ) and I go to my class schedule. Instead of seeing my classes
      however, there is a festive snow theme background ( usually the background is just white on MAX ) and the schedule
      just shows school information. It was something like this:

      January 10 - School closed
      January 11 - School closed
      January 12 - School closed
      January 13 - *Something about a normal schedule*
      January 14 - School closed due to inclement weather
      january 15 - Normal Schedule

      So I wouldn't be going back for a while and I decided to watch my movie again. I went downstairs to the "game room"
      and my brother was no longer there. Suddenly I was talking to my best friend and he started a bet with me, the details
      of which are kind of fuzzy but had something to do with how many women you can fit on one jet ski and race. The dream
      then snapped to me riding a jet ski across the ocean
      then I woke up.

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    10. 2011-01-13.2f | nonlucid

      by , 01-14-2011 at 04:49 PM (Short Stories with Tragic Endings)
      I am on a Gran Turismo track from either GT4 or 5, I'm not sure. I am in a 1st person view
      of a car from the PSX game "Twisted Metal II" and there are other cars similar to TM2 cars
      but they are not any of the actually cars in the game. Suddenly, the final boss of TM2 comes
      out of the pit-stop and starts attacking me. I thought, wait, he shouldn't be on this level! But it
      didn't clue me in to it being a dream. I somehow convince him to attack my opponents,
      the other cars, and after he attacked the first car,
      the dream ended.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    11. 2011-01-13 | nonlucid

      by , 01-14-2011 at 04:48 PM (Short Stories with Tragic Endings)
      I have asked my mom to take me to the mall, as I currently have no car. The dream
      begins when we get there. We are in the parking lot looking for a spot. It is a strange
      parking lot. It is normal now, but as soon as we cross in front of the building, which
      happens to not be a mall but like a Walmart or something, and get into the back part
      of the lot, It becomes a relatively simple maze. It is also an impossible setup, a cheat
      of architecture which I did not pick up on in the dream. We drove around, looking for a
      place to park and eventually, after actually passing up several perfect good spots without
      notice as the lot was pretty much empty, stopped directly in front of the building and my
      mom just dropped me off.
      I go inside and meet up with some friends from my dorm at college. The Walmart is huge.
      My friends and I meet up with some older students from the same college, whom I have
      never seen, and we go up to a dorm hall in a small building in the middle of the Walmart.
      The guy who comes to meet us and take us there is a slightly heavyset, stubble haired kid
      who looks to be a senior. Kind of like Buz from "Home Alone" but not quite as ugly. He
      takes us up to the top floor where we all talk and socialize, not doing much really. Its hot
      so I take off my jacket and put it on a table in a small room. Eventually my friends and I
      decide to leave and we go back out to the Walmart. Everyone is buying Halloween
      costumes which is extremely strange as it is January and there is snow on the ground
      outside. But it seemed perfectly normal so I started looking for something. Before I found
      anything, however, I remembered I left my jacket up in the room in the dorm. So I went
      looking for the building and couldn't find it. I searched for the building and for the kid for
      what felt like about ten or twenty minutes then forgot about it when I ran into my best
      friend. He asked me if I wanted to play a game of airsoft; that a bunch of people were
      setting one up and it would be a really massive game. Of course, I agreed. He gave me a
      full plastic airsoft.... AR-15 I think, and I went on toward the exit of the store. Noticing
      everyone's costumes. One in particular I noticed was a guy who had bought two rubber
      monster hands and was wearing them. The dream actually snapped to his 1st person view
      for just a few seconds while he played with them standing in the checkout line. Then it
      switched back to me as I walked out the door. I still had the rifle. I walked out into a
      much different parking lot. All the back, winding, intricate, and impossible stuff was
      gone. The median between the path in front of the store and the parking area was gone,
      and in its stead was a couple tour buses and what looked like some sort of scissor lift.
      I went over to the lift and a bunch of my friends from high school were sitting on it. There
      were about four sitting under the extended scissor beams and another six sitting on a
      metal platform about half way up the lift but behind me. Kevin complemented the AR from
      the extended part of the metal platform, and I started talking to some of my friends under
      the beams. My friend, Crystal, was in the center and Elizabeth to her right and back a little,
      and a few other people, I don't quite remember.
      The dream ended after about five minutes
      of talking, the subject of which I have no recollection.

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      non-lucid , memorable
    12. 2011-01-12.2 | nonlucid

      by , 01-13-2011 at 06:32 PM (Short Stories with Tragic Endings)
      I am in a similar building but this time the walls and floor are a shiny smooth
      tan color. I am dressed up for something ( white button down shirt and black
      dress-pants, no tie ) I leave the building from an exit in the room and come to
      a parking lot. It is midday and sunny and everything has that golden sunbathed
      color. I go over to the lot across the street. I am sweating profusely so I take off
      my shirt. For some reason unknown to me I threw it in the back of 90's looking
      dark green car. I went into a building at the other end of the lot and found it to
      be some sort of changing room. I put on a cooler shirt and splashed water on my
      face from the sink. I then exited the building intending to go get my white shirt.
      I find the car, it is still there but there is a person in it. He has the appearance of
      a person I know in real life but this is not that person. I come to the window and
      explain that I left my shirt in the back of his car and ask if I could please have it.
      He says "sure". He reaches over but instead of pulling out a shirt, he pulls a out
      an assault rifle and holds the barrel to my chest. I then notice the car is filled with
      a myriad of different firearms that I swear were not there before. I tell him that
      I don't want any trouble and he tells me to leave. I, naturally, complied. I go back
      into the first building and I remember thinking what I'm going to do without a
      formal shirt.
      After this thought, the dream ended.

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    13. 2011-01-12 | nonlucid

      by , 01-13-2011 at 06:31 PM (Short Stories with Tragic Endings)
      I am in some building. I walk around going up and down the steps and
      it appears to be some sort of school. the walls are "carpeted" as some places
      have and the floor is shiny and hard, maybe a dark green or black. the wall
      is a light blue/denim color. I go up the stairs and find myself in a room that
      looks like its for concert band rehearsals. This room has a light pale-blue
      carpet and the same walls as the hallway. My brother is there standing in the
      center of the room. We start talking and it somehow comes to a solo I had in
      '08. He says something about my friend PJ possibly being better suited for it
      which is understandable as I had only been playing saxophone for a few months.
      I argued the point
      but woke soon after.
      I then fall back asleep attempting to go into the same dream ( DEILD )
      but I fail to go lucid and go into 2011-01-12.2...

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    14. 2011-01-11 | nonlucid

      by , 01-13-2011 at 06:29 PM (Short Stories with Tragic Endings)
      I am in a store in a shopping mall. The store is run by my best friend's dad.
      There are many isles of pegs and merchandise. I am with my friend and we
      are talking about something of which I do not recall. Eventually, it gets to
      midnight and my friend's dad tells me to go home. Instead, I stay in the store
      with my friend and his dad leaves. I fall asleep hanging with my friend and
      wake up at about 8:00 in the morning. At 8:30 my friends dad comes back
      to "Open up" even though the store was never locked. And, to avoid him
      knowing I had been there the entire night, I had to hide being shelves and
      slowly sneak past to get out of the store. I reach the end and round the corner
      unnoticed. I am walking through the mall and I get a call from one of my
      friends from college. We meet up in the mall and decide to get something to
      eat from one of the shops. We get some of those glazed nuts and continue
      walking. We sit down for a minute and start talking. The next thing I know,
      we're still sitting but not in the mall anymore. We are on the side of road
      where my best friend and I live. We get up and start walking in the direction
      of my house
      but the dream ends a few seconds later.

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