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    03/03/12 Pyramid I Never Reached DILD

    by , 03-04-2012 at 07:03 PM (452 Views)
    LD19 since 02-19-12: A nice lucid with walk through walls, teleporting, object summoning, flying, and spiderclimb. The only problem with this one is I was heavily sedated and recall only about 20 minutes total of what seemed like a 60 minute LD. Being a work day I again took Ambien, antihistamines, melatonin, and 3 glasses of wine. I should be thrilled to have a LD at all under those circumstances! I have big blank spots in this DILD, but it was still fun.
    I am not sure when I became lucid, but the first part I recall is looking out my bedroom window and a car is running by the side of the garage. I should not be able to see it from that window. No need for a RC as I seem to be fullly lucid already. I walk through the exterior wall. If I needed an RC that is a pretty clear one. I walk around to the garage and the car pulls out. Someone tells me my mom and stepdad are going to through a huge party here. I know in real life I am 40 and don't live with my parents, so I just shrug. That car leaves and two more vehicals pull in full of people excited for a party. I decide I would rather go do LD stuff than have the dream progress this way. I would have anxiety about my house getting trashed even though I knew it was a dream. I walk off........missing section, poor recall.....I go up to my dad's suv that is parked along a street and get in the passenger side. He pulls into a parking garage. A car is crusing up slowly, and I suspect it is gangsters or something. I materialize a pair of hand guns and give one to dad. The car goes by slow, yep it is hoodlems. I let them see the gun and they drive away. I talk with DC dad for about 1 minute. A family pulls up. A new car of gangsters pulls up. We show them our guns, so they leave us alone. They get out and are robbing the family. I tell DC dad that I am not concerned with stopping them, as this is just an LD, and I am not interested in a gangster shoot out dream. He tells me not to lower my gun but to tell them we have money to give them. I never say anything, but keep the gun up and they walk over to his window and get money. He is telling them it is tribute money for operating on their turf. They tell me they want me to come meet their leader.
    I may be a dream spoil sport, because I often refuse to participate in dream scenarios my brain devices. I decide to leave this stupid scene and pick somewhere exotic to visit. I decide on Iserial. I teleport by blurring the scene and it reforms in a market full of camels and middle eastern booths. ......about 10 minutes of recall all blurred here, it involved looking at stuff and interacting with DCs........ when I regain recall, I am on a dock near a big speed boat. A woman in the boat asks me something, but I don't recall what. I decide to try and accomplish some sort of goal. How about visit the great pyramid? I fly up off the ground and look around. I assume I will spot the pyramid and eventually do.
    I try to fly to it and find my way blocked by a very crazy high wall. I spider climb up it and it has all sorts of obsticals like carved faces and loose stones. I find a window and decide to just go inside and look aroud. I know I had all sorts of experiances inside involving three people asking for help with a vampire, and other random stuff, but again most is lost due to poor recall. I awake after about 10-15 minutes of random running around , flying , spider climbing and at least 1 more walk through walls. The fuzzy recall is sort of a shame as what may have been a 60 minute LD is reduced to about 20 minutes recall, but considering how sedated I was, and that I made no special effort to LD, I guess I am thrilled and should feel lucky. Duration ?60ish min, but only ~20 minutes recalled. That makes 19 LDs in the 14 days I have been posting a journal on Dream Views, so even if I have been to sedated to do many of them as good as I may have been able to, I am very pleased.

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