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    Cities in the Astral

    Archive: two dreams from 20+ years ago

    by , 10-26-2019 at 05:37 AM (180 Views)
    Wrote these in a thread so may as well paste here. Old dreams: I have had a bunch. I experience what seems to me to be actual travel to other realities. Figure this means, I believe I sometimes astral travel and run into DCs who I believe are real conscious entities. I mention this because my belief makes the events more frightening. In one I was held in place as if I was stuck to a wall with spider webs. Someone I felt was more than a DC started examining me closely. I tried to see past the visuals my mind provided to understand what the thing was. I kind of pierced some veil of illusion and the being looked right into my face and was clearly very alien and sci-fi looking. I struggled in fear and felt I had no choice but to wake my body as an escape.
    In another I was trying to navigate (decades ago when all this was new) and discovered the medium in which stable areas/realm were connected was visualized by me as water. I assumed treating it like water was a place to start. I had been in a set of caves and had just had my first experience of a long calm conversation with things that visually came across human, but could not grasp the meaning of what had been discussed. They had shown me the liquid in a kind of tube/pool. I dove in and planned on swimming, but was swept under and away. Lots of swirling helplessness until I surfaced in kind of a lake. It was in a giant cavern and I saw buildings on the shore. I left the liquid near the buildings. They were not normal structures but similar in a sense. Suddenly some sort of alarm and commotion starts. It becomes obvious I am the cause as small creepy aliens sort of like Star Wars Jahwas pour out of the buildings and surround me. They are hostile and I struggle to get away. I decide this sucks and attempt to change the scene through dream control but nothing I do mentally effects anything. I feel a intense presence coming through some building as if the thing radiated energy. I am effectively captured now. Around a corner comes something many times bigger than me, perhaps the size of a school bus. It was visualized by me as perhaps a robot monster. It has me now and I decide to end the dream. However, I am unable to end the dream. Luckily all it does is throw me back into the lake and I am swept under and away.
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