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    Cities in the Astral

    Tried out ZAD's mirror idea.

    by , 11-30-2019 at 05:46 AM (123 Views)
    I told Zad I would try out a method of stabilization he mentioned. Here it is: DILD, I am dreaming and realize it is a dream. I think this was based on observation of the dream like nature rather than an RC. I focused on my hands and then remembered I wanted to try this task (look in mirror and state I am -your name-". I look around and am on a dark street at night. Well summoning a mirror is stage one. Cars have mirrors, right? I go up to a motor cycle and it does have a round rear view mirror on a movable bar. I turn it so as to reflect my face. It was cool watching how my brain had to rush to figure out how this should all look. For a split second the images in the mirror had to shift and morph, but quickly showed my reflection. This was interesting as I have always used either bathroom mirrors, or the kind on large stands. This tiny 3" mirror created interesting challenges in the visuals as only a tiny part of the field was dedicated to the image in the mirror. I stated loudly "I am Eric." Nothing much happened, but it work well as a stabilization method and I see potential in it. Will try again with a much larger mirror.
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    1. xdr3amer's Avatar
      I remember how I tried to look into a mirror as a 'to do' thing starting in my lucid explorations, what happened is at age 27 I had a lucid dream in which I went to a bazaar, found a big mirror and looked into it, I was fresh looking, 16-18 years old self. It had a profound effect on me as I think it showed my inner self-image, it's kinda funny too