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    Cities in the Astral

    Asking Permission

    by , 04-24-2019 at 04:04 AM (48 Views)
    04/23/19 Got in trouble last night, but do not seem to be locked up. Had many small lucid adventures, then seem to have gone astral again. The transition started as far as I can tell in the car ride. I get into a car and the woman who is driving says she is taking me somewhere to meet her friend. I weather is frozen and snowy. She is driving us through slush and I tell her I would like to change the weather. I exert control and bring ou the sun and change the scene to more of a lovely southern Cali setting. We end up at a cool swimming pool. I enjoy the feel of the water. I dive down to the bottom and look up at the surface from below. I go back to where the woman is sitting on the edge. She is sexy looking and I want her to be topless. I remember getting in trouble the night before and the advice. I explain to her my situation and politely ask her if she would let me play with her naked chest. She has no problem with this and I proceed. However, I feel the dream start to destabilize and must use a sensory reduction method to bring the dream back. I try again and it is very sensuous and realistic. The dream starts to destabilize again and I realize the problem is my body is becoming stimulated and my heart rate has increased. I stabilize again and decide to just swim. I go through many more scenes with the woman including on where I mention that I am actually dreaming and have a body somewhere else. She smiles and says, "yes, but the question is, am I also asleep somewhere and dreaming?" I do not know the answer to that, having assumed she was native to this place. Later we are in a casino and one of the card dealers is a sexy woman in a bikini top. I am tempted to touch her, but again remember myself and do not. I decide to ask her if I can touch her. She says yes, but to come with her to some place private. She takes me to a lower level and allows me to touch her. I again have trouble keeping the dream stable so I thank her but explain I do not seem to be able to stay astral and deal with the stimulation. I do not remember what all happened after that. The whole sequence seemed over an hour long. I am making progress in fitting in and niot getting in trouble.

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