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    Cities in the Astral

    DEILD Chain 3: Mustang and Meteor

    by , 01-18-2015 at 06:57 AM (248 Views)
    ~01/13/15 This next DEILD (9 minutes) was amazing. I came back into the dream on the same little city street. I took off flying and and the visuals and sensations were about as impressive as I ever remember. I really got the effect of great height and distance. It was very 3D and techno color. I saw way down below me a heard of wild white stallions running across the plains between a couple hills. I swooped down in a swan dive with wisps of mist blowing past me. I flew along above the heard as they ran then splashed through a stream.
    I saw another area ahead the looked inhabited so I flew over there. It was some sort of market and many people were around. I saw a pretty woman sitting on a table and went up to her. I started to kiss her and she did not protest.

    Suddenly my pretty female D.G. is behind me, "Eric, What exactly do you think you are doing?"

    "Um, Kissing this woman?"

    DG: "And?"

    I look down and realize I have been playing with her breasts. "Um I guess I am feeling up this beautiful woman?"

    DG: "Aren't you just going to destabilize you dream and than have to spend time recovering it?. Wouldn't it be better if you stayed focused and didn't piss off the locals. You see the interesting thing about being a foreigner is,,,,,mnhg anskk ummm,,, "

    Basically at this point in the lecture I looked back down at the woman and as I played with her breast they changed into puppet breasts. I mean fake breasts made out of stuffed burlap or something (I assume D.G. changed the image when I stopped listening to her."

    OK, fine, I will try to do something productive. I took up straight into the air all Superman style a bit irritated. I decided to become a meteor. I shot up over a mile high and changed into a meteor. I had assumed it would be fun, but did not account for how fast meteors hit. In a flash I crushed into the ground and reformed laying flat on shattered roadway.

    The snooze went off and I really wanted to do it all again, but I did have to wake up.
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      That's really cool, but I hope my DG is less of a prude….
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