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    Cities in the Astral

    Super Hero Stuff

    by , 12-07-2021 at 04:53 AM (370 Views)
    This lucid went on long enough that I have totally forgotten the things in the first half. I do remember that I got kind of bored with flying around randomly and decided to work on a task or come up with some sort of challenge. I remember that the TOTY is about superheroes and that sort of stuff but not any details. Oh well, I will wing it and have a grand superhero adventure maybe meeting one of the goals by happen stance. I find myself in a space station but remember almost nothing of that. I take an escape pod and fall to earth. It lands in Jefferson school field, and I get out. A van full of superheroes pulls up and Nick Fury gives me instructions, criticizes me and offers me some shrimp dishes. I take a couple types but never really ate them. Next i walk into the headquarters for our group. It is worth noting that i am now not the spider man type I was in the first dreams. I am instead sort of a DR. Strange hero. The headquarters has a grand entry with lots of marble, stairs, glass, displays and a woman who talks to me as if she is giving me instructions and explaining something. I explore on a second level (forgot lots here) eventually it has transformed into more of a shopping mall, and I am not positive I am dreaming. I RC by using TK to pull mittens off a display. A DC of my sister asks how well I really have it together if I have trouble remembering that I am in a dream and mocks me a bit.
    Eventually me and a team of heroes are dropped from space into the compound of a super villain. We are immediately taken captive by Guys who look like COBRA guards from GI Joe. I notice the team leaders are not with us. I decide my mission is to find and free them. I use a spell to look like a old butler and use this to get close to a guard. I whisper a spell and it nails his head to a post with a vine and smoke comes out in little wisps. I find my way to an open courtyard and spy from above. I see the super villain's wife and bodyguards and a ninja villain. She just seems to be gardening. I move along to the mansion and levitate up to see inside. There are three guys and 3 young naked women having a party. I move along. I decide to go for help. Outside the compound a pretty woman attempts to get me to have sex with her. She is very graphically spreading her legs and pulling me to her. I almost get distracted but remember the bonus task Moonage added about some guy throwing things in your path as a distraction. I get away from what I now know was an illusion this bad guy was using against me. I get back to headquarters and rally the troops. Oddly the troops consist mainly of dozens of "Super Lawyers." We are taking off and I get stuck flying out a window but use my powerful hero bod to stretch the window frame and get out. Me and many, many Super Lawyers fly off and it reminds me of the flying monkeys from Wizard of OZ. At this point my alarm wakes me.
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