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    The Cusp


    by , 02-06-2016 at 10:18 PM (315 Views)
    -I'm at Alvin's with family, when I see the drop off some baby elephants in a gated off enclosure. My mother can barely contain herself, and runs over to play with them. I go over too, but before I can get to the elephants, I'm surrounded by puppies!. Is I pet and play with them, I notice there is animal shit all over the ground, and carefully step around it on my way to the elephants.

    -I go in a portable shower that looks like an outhouse to get changed in order to look good for some girl. The water from the shower is running, and as I worry about getting my clothes wet, my clothes get wet. My jeans in particular are soaked.

    -Walking through the field behind my house, looking at some notes I'd written on paper. I ball up the redundant notes and throw them into the tall grass, which almost looks like corn. As I walk I run into several school kids dressed in costumes. Then I noticed they have a big circle cleared in the grass with a central totem or statue. Obviously performing something, so I ask the kids if they're doing it now. They tell me no, this is just practice, but they'll be performing there most of next week. They ask if I'm going to watch, but I say I'll come back later in the week, since I live so close.

    [color=green][Really had to fight to remember these ones. My mother is always watching Nat Geo whenever I see her lately./color]

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