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    The Cusp


    by , 12-31-2011 at 03:53 PM (406 Views)
    Fragment: Score
    I'm in class all bummed out. I call Steele up up and tell him to bring some girls over. We hand out in my house, and they all start to leave. I offer one a ride home, but one girls is still there. She isn't leaving. I ask if she'll be there when I get back, and she says yes. I'm happy she wants to hang with just me

    Fragment: Master Splinter and the Lantern Corps
    I'm in a bar, when I see they have Master Splinter prisoner. A little floppy fist sized ninja turtle falls to the ground, and when I look down, I see a green lantern ring. A crab walks up to it, puts it on his claw and begins to grow large, then fight the bad guys.

    Fragment: Police Archery Division
    Running from the police, but the police trap us in a very high tree house. The cops bombard us with arrows, which cut the rope we need to get down, and pierce the walls and roof and come down around us like rain. People are getting hit and trying to escape.

    One guy goes down a rope with a sand bag at the other end. I grab the sand bag and the other side of the rope, and slide down real fast. I find it off that the rope doesn't burn my hands. At the bottom I try to run, but the police catch me and I give up. It's no big deal, we hadn't done much wrong, even though they were trying to kill us with arrows.

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