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    The Cusp

    Post Apocalypse

    by , 12-04-2011 at 04:22 PM (426 Views)
    Post Apocalypse
    Recall: 7/10
    Sleep: Good
    Sleep Position: Left Side (Right Brain)
    Some friends and I are walking along the beach, which is littered with small blowholes that vent clouds of acidic steam. We have to be careful not to get hit by them or breath in the acid. A little reptile runs up to a blowhole with what looks like a blue crystal carrot in it's mouth. It dips the crystal carrot into a blowhole so the acidic steam will erode the hard outer layers so it can eat the nutritious inside, and pull is out just before the acidic steam blasts him. It keeps doing this, but finally gets blasted by an unexpected steam blast which kills it. It's body is absorbed almost instantly into the ground and some mushrooms grow where the body was.

    The mushrooms are dangerous because the attract poisonous predators who eat them. We try to avoid the mushrooms as best as possible, but come across a section that is thick with them. We run across quickly with no causalties.

    We come to the land of the tank people, who capture us. In this post apocalyptic world, they have built their camp at an old tank base. They lead us through a building and point our a trio of super tanks that no longer run, and tell us their history. These people only have a handful of lesser tanks that still run.

    Once of the guys with me says he can fix the biggest tank and get it running again, so we sneak off and repair it. We use it to fire a shell at a neighboring settlement with whom these people are at war with, which triggers a final battle. Our captors win, and since we were responsible for their victory, they allow us to stay with them freely.

    We are in a mall with several food stalls. Some of them have a single glass of beer, and I gather as many beers as I can. Then I find out later they all had working taps to dispense beer. I see Jason sitting at a table, and he spills his beer on Andrew, who gets mad. The spill was sort of but not really my fault, since it wouldnt have happened if I didn't talk to Jason, so I take the blame before he beats Jason senseless.

    I decide to leave the tank people and end up where the schools were in my hometown. There was a bar/restaurant nearby, and I head there hoping to scavenge some food, but when I arrive, it's pretty bombed out and there are mad max looking kids all over. I find a broken knife blade, attach it to a metal pole and make a nice spear.

    Some guy with a big wolf come, and all the kids scatter. The wolf man is killing them all. I run for some mansions on the hill which seem pretty intact, and wonder why nobody is living there. When I arrive, I see about a dozen heads on the ground, all fused together and still alive, guarding the area.

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