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    The Cusp

    Strange Atmosphere (lucid)

    by , 10-06-2010 at 04:42 AM (679 Views)
    Strange Atmosphere
    Clarity: 8/10
    Importance: 6/10
    Sleep: Nap
    Sleep Position: Unknown
    I'm in a bar with my brother, but sitting alone and not drinking. Sue, who's working the bar, buys me a drink, and I wonder if she's hitting on me. I go outside, walk for a bit, then want to return to the bar. I run down a grassy hill towards it. Along the way I pass another bar and grab the corner of it, dragging the whole bar towards the one at the bottom of the hill. The bar I'm pulling begins to slide and it's corner collides with the corner of the other bar. Everyone on the patio spills their drinks from the impact, and I try haft heartedly to tell them about me dragging the other bar here.

    I hit it off with this one girl, and we're having a good time when this bitch comes up and tries to ruin it. She says something about the girl I'm with being friends with my older sister from their college days (don't have a sister), and she's breaking some rule or trust being with me. We ignore her.

    The girl I'm with comments on the strange atmosphere, and I notice it too. "It's almost like something is about to happen" I say. That something is a small army of sentient lawnmowers that cruise around outside. The lawnmowers encounter a group of zombies, and the lawnmowers and zombies pair off and begin to dance.

    I'm now walking down the city street, and that strange vibe is still in the air. I cut through a path in the bushes and encounter a strange creature, so I back off to the street again. There I a evil looking 40 foot giant with elvish features, and retreat back to the bushes to hide from it. That first creature is gone, and I cut through some yards and back to the street away from the giant. I reason that these strange creatures are from a movie poster I saw, and I'm somehow playing out the story.

    As I continue my walk down the street, I see a large transport truck collide with a tanker carrying gasoline, one of three gas tankers in a row. The impact ruptures the tank, and gas begins to gush everywhere. I see some flames, and fearing the coming explosion, run the hell out of there. I hear the explosion behind me and a sewer lid in front of me explodes upwards with a blast coming out of the sewer.

    I continue walking down the street at night and notice my shoes are like wooden clogs, only made of large hollowed out carrots. Shortly after, that peculiar atmosphere tips me off that
    I'm dreaming!

    Lacking clear lucid goals, I just force myself to levitate and take off on the first attempt. I rise higher and higher, starting to move forward slowly until I lose my power of flight and crash to the ground. My bare feet slap the pavement painfully on impact. I think of summoning some shoes, or finding a place to get some, then think that's a dumb idea. I don't really need shoes, and the pain I felt can be avoided by not thinking about my bare feet.

    To prove that point, I fix my attention on a car driving down the street towards me. I run towards the car, jump into the air, and drop kick the windshield, putting a large hole in it. I felt nothing on my bare feet this time. To further test this out, I kick at the jagged edges of the windshield with my bare feet, making the hole bigger. Maintaining the proper focus, I still feel nothing.

    Another car is driving down the road towards me, and I charge towards it and slam into the front with my shoulder. The car stops dead, the back end lifting up then crashing back down. Having sufficiently flexed my lucid muscle, I take to the skies again and fly around.

    I fly through a window into someone's apartment, expecting them to freak on me, but nobody is home. I walk through the apartment into the hall
    and my lucidity ends. I now think this is the building I live in, and go to my apartment. There is some dream unstability with the layout, rooms changing and not connecting properly.

    I go to my bedroom, and it's really tiny, just room for the bed. On the floor is a machettee with the ends of peperonis stuck to the blade. I think it's gross I left meat on the floor and begin cleaning it up. Then I clean my bed and large amounts of dust come off the blankets.

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    1. Zephyrus's Avatar
      damm, your way better a smashing oncoming cars then me
    2. The Cusp's Avatar
      Smashing shit is kind of my specialty.

      Did you happen to see the show "No Ordinary Family" tonight? The father in it was trying to stop cars by standing in front of them. He didn't do so well either.
    3. rkenning's Avatar
      ive always wanted to smash a car coming head on, luckyyyy