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    The Cusp

    Zombies, Werewolves, Vampires and UFOs

    by , 12-14-2010 at 05:41 PM (487 Views)
    These DJs need a semi-lucid tag.

    Zombies, Werewolves, Vampires and UFOs
    Recall: 6/10
    Sleep: Good
    Sleep Position: Left Side (Right Brain)
    My uncle shows up at two in the morning insisting that I do find him a belt for his car. I try to tell him nothing will be open at this hour, but he insists he needs it right now. The only place I can think of is a garage that is attached to a family run restaurant. There might be someone from the garage still there we could convince to find us a belt. Luckily for my uncle, some old woman says she'll buy us pizza, so we have a reason to go there.

    My uncle Rick and I run down the highway, and we begin to pass zombies. Severely decayed zombies at first, with no legs. But the farther we go, the more zombies we encounter. There are also people fleeing in the opposite direction we're going. They zombies are trying to get us, but we're avoiding them so far. Up ahead I see a police car, and I think they'll be able to help us, but as we get closer I see they are zombies pretending to be police. Since we seem to be running right into the heart of the zombie infestation, we turn off the main road and head into the woods.

    We come across a little house or cottage, when suddenly we're attacked by werewolves. Werewolves with swords!!! They are leaping all over the place, making it hard to keep track of them all. One of them grabs my uncle, and I run up and punch it in the head, then grab it's sword. The sword is almost axe like, with a thicker heavier part at the end of the blade which really chops well. I sever werewolf limbs and chop off their heads. We defeat the werewolves, and decide to get out of there.

    Next we come upon our original destination, the restaurant that is more of a bar at this time of night. We enter the bar, and I don't recall much of what happened inside, but I discover it's a vampire bar and want out of there. I know they're not going to let me leave, but I make my way towards the exit anyways. As I leave, the vampires are offering me all kinds of cakes and deserts, trying to fatten me up. I eat some, then try to get out the door but they block my way. So I fight my way out, and the hordes of vampires don't stand a chance.

    I'm feeling very powerful as I fight the vampires, I'm probably semi-lucid, and make it outside where I see all the human's coats piled on the ground. I dig through to find my leather jacket while all the vampires come out to surround me. I'm still feeling insanely powerful, and I rise off the ground and fly way from there about 12 feet off the ground.

    I'm impressed my flight is stable this time, and figure I should gain some height and speed so the vampires don't jump up at me. But as I start rising, I see power lines directly above me, giving off the occasional blue spark. It's hard not to fly into them, as they run directly above my flight path.

    I fly through a major underground bus terminal, and the vampires attempt to ambush me there one last time, but I evade them and make it out of there. Now I just have to worry about the UFOs...

    There are UFOs in the sky, and they're after me too. There is no running from these craft, so I fly straight at them like a bullet and smash into them with my body, knocking them out of the sky

    Pure awesome!!!!

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