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    # 62

    by , 05-18-2013 at 10:45 PM (489 Views)
    I saw dark clouds beginning to rotate. I said it was turning into a tornado before you could really tell, but I was right. The quickly began looking like a funnel until it was a full-on tornado.

    Then I started flying in the sunshine and I realized I was dreaming, but then I had a false awakening. I really need to do an RC even when I really do wake up for just this reason. I've only done so once I believe.

    I had just talked to Slash last night and advised that I was going to start SSILD again, but that just mentioning it might be enough to make me go lucid. I ended up going through 2/3 of a cycle two times last night. I attribute the short lucid to mentioning it to Slash.

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    Tags: flying, tornado
    lucid , false awakening