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    Claymation Game; Not so Vacation

    by , 04-29-2012 at 04:41 PM (372 Views)
    Claymation Game

    All I remember from this dream was that there was a game with a cartoon of a claymation dinosaur / dragon. It appeared to be about 6" tall. There was a goal to do something with a ball which was about 2" in diameter--I forgot what. It looked like a beach ball with different colors.

    Once the goal was complete, there was like an extra point to be gotten. The dinosaur had to just touch the ball, and the ball would disappear, or be absorbed by the dinosaur or something.

    I didn't see the game play, but it was time for the dragon to touch the ball. He touched it with the base of his tail, but the ball didn't disappear. The dinosaur looked at the ball a little confused. He leaned into the ball more--nothing. Then he fell on the ball to make stronger contact with it, but it didn't go away.

    Not so Vacation

    I was at a beach with my first girlfriend. She was with her new man. I was thinking it was time to pack and go home, so I started to pack.

    It was really difficult getting all my clothes together in the suitcase, but I wanted to get it done so I didn't have to do it later.

    I saw my old girlfriends cloths and noticed a black, corduroy Nike shirt that I liked, and a shirt with a seagull that I used to like a lot. I wished I had them. Her clothes were perfectly folded.

    She told me we were going to stay at the beach until Friday which was a few days away, although it was Thursday. I had a lot of trouble figuring out how much time we could stay at the beach because of this discrepancy, but I tried to enjoy the fact that we had a few days of vacation left.

    I wanted to go to the beach, but the bathroom was dirty. There were holes in the bathtub and other places. There was trash stuffed in all the holes, and it wasn't easy to get out, but I couldn't take a shower with trash everywhere.

    I didn't want to go to the beach knowing I couldn't take a shower later, but I didn't want to spend my whole vacation cleaning the bathroom.

    Eventually I joined the party. I asked if the beach had shells I could look for. R said, "Yes." I looked out the window. The beach was above us, which I thought was odd. I saw nice waves and lots of shells. There were so many shells, it didn't even look nice to walk on the beach.

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