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    A Girl and a Video Game

    by , 01-11-2012 at 11:50 AM (272 Views)
    A Girl and a Video Game

    I was with a S_t. I was behind her on a sofa, but we both fit. I was holding her around her waist, but we were both playing a game on the TV.

    On the game, we each had a home base to protect, and some things would come down to attack. The goal was to put your cursor over them and hit a button to stop them.

    It wasn't shooting them, but in a real game, we would have shot them. At one point, I saw and heard a space ship from Asteroids.

    When I had stopped all of the things that were attacking my home base, I started clicking on the ones that were attacking S's home base.

    Later, I needed to take the bus home a very long way. I don't ride the bus in w/l. I had given S all my change, so I needed a dollar. My friend gave me a dollar and as I put it in my wallet, I found a dollar, but I wanted the other one anyway so I could eat.

    I showed my friend he gave me a ten. He had only looked at the tiny numbers all over the bill and had mistakenly thought it was a single. I showed him and he was happy to get the ten back. I told him I would appreciate his change to give me another dollar since I gave him the ten back, and he gave it to me.

    I eventually got on the bus.
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