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    Lucid February ToTM Attempt; Germany; OGFJx3; Vaulting; 260z Maniac

    by , 02-03-2013 at 10:51 AM (525 Views)
    Lucid February ToTM Attempt

    I was driving a boss in my truck down the highway. The windshield fogged up, so I rolled down the window a little. I started having trouble staying in my lane, but I got it together. I felt as though I was drunk or tired.

    Then I got off on the wrong exit. I started trying to work my way back onto the highway. I got over one lane and started going back onto the highway, but then the road took me a different way. I was afraid it was the wrong way on a one-way street. I kept going until the road ended when I realized I was dreaming.

    I then drove off the road, phasing through a chain link fence. Then I wasn't in the car anymore. I was afraid I was going to wake up, so I closed my dream eyes and started floating in blackness. I settled back into a deeper sleep, but then I was afraid I would lose lucidity, so I started saying, "Task of the month. Task of the month."

    After two repetitions of that, I was ready to begin. What was the task of the month? Look for a dream flower and give it to a DC. Great! I started flying around looking at a WINTER landscape. Mostly everything was brown, but I did find very small flowers.

    First, I found small blue flowers that I'd seen in another dream. I thought this was unoriginal--almost cheating, or simply boring and not really trying or something, so I continued to look for other flowers. I found some more flowers of red and white like Candy Tuft. I picked some white ones. I still wasn't happy though because I thought that I should give a more substantial flower. A tulip or a day lily or something like that.

    Then I woke up.

    As I tried to go back to sleep, I heard my phone alarm which I just set yesterday to give me subliminal messages. "Reality check. Reality check." Louder and softer. The phone was on WAY too loud, but it was in another room, so again, I don't know if the alarm infiltrated my dream, or if my new friend SSILD worked.

    I've spent more time on SSILD than I have any other technique, and I've gone lucid 2 days in a row. I simply don't know which stimulus is kicking me lucid. Oh well. That's the right problem to have.

    I was just inside the border of Germany, looking up a hill at a little city or amusement park inside its own walls. buildings were all gold, or looked like gold. There was a place next to it that was also inside a wall. For some reason, I wasn't able to go any farther than just inside the border of Germany.

    It was as though my car had broken down or something, and I was on a time limit. I forgot exactly what the problem was, but I had a false memory that this had already happened once, and it seemed like such a terrible waste that I would be there twice and not be able to see the country.


    I was outside looking at a park bench and there were two girls who looked similar to J. I likened that to torture. Then I realized I was with a girl who looked like J. Not exactly, but close enough. I was pretty happy.

    All of her teeth were rotting, so I took out a hack saw and started sawing the bad part of her teeth off. Once I thought I went down too far and would hit the nerve, but I didn't. I think that was the point of the dream right there...now that I think about it.


    I was holding a horse for someone. It was a female horse. She was acting up and I called her name hoping she would settle down, but she was acting wild around some other horses. Then came the good part. I was now standing on the horses rump with the reins held firmly, but not pulling on the horses teeth.

    The horse bucked, but I stayed on the horse. I felt like a master vaulter. Then the horse bucked again and I stayed on, but I was now about to slide off which I eventually did, but not until people had noticed how awesome I was.

    260z Maniac

    I don't know how these dream frags stitch together properly, but I was unlacing a shoe because a missed one of the holes on the right side.

    Then I was watching a Charles Bronson movie. A guy asked him if he wanted to be an Ace. They kind of brought up the idea of going to war to Charles, and he was game. It seemed pretty reasonable.

    Then I was outside. I think I was coming out of a public bathroom...with some other people. Walking out, they stayed in a shadow. I walked out farther and into the light. I had a false memory of a 280z that really looked more like a 260z--trying to hit me. Then the white 260z did come after me.

    I tried running away, but as it came at me, I ran up on the hood, went to a knee on the hood, maybe, but eventually the car was gone and I was safely on my feet again.

    It turned out Evil Knievil was driving he car. Now he was in a bathroom hanging over the door. I jumped up to knuckle the back of his hands a couple times and then walked away.

    I went back to "our" car with a couple other people. One person was upset about something. I noticed a medium sized turtle standing on its back legs and told the person to look at it as it was pretty cool, and maybe she would feel better.

    The End
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    1. CanisLucidus's Avatar
      Wow, congratulations, Sandman! Nice lucid hot streak you've got going!

      It's funny how you were working to make sure you completed the Task of the Month in sufficient style. I'm usually trying to limp across the finish line any way I can. Was that a dream logic thing or do you still think those early flowers weren't quite up to snuff?

      And yeah, whatever combination of life elements is coming together to help you become lucid, I'm glad that things are falling into place. Enjoy!
      The Sandman likes this.
    2. The Sandman's Avatar

      Thanks man. It's the weirdest thing, but I'll take it. Right now it's like when people say two in a row. To me, two isn't really a row. It's back to back wins. If I get a third within a week, or even two weeks, that would be something. I'm going to keep trying SSILD and hope for the best. Three in as many days is really doubtful, but if that's what The Sandman has in store for me, then who am I to argue? o/***

      As for the flower, I wasted valuable time looking for a "better" flower. I should have been looking for a DC immediately upon finding the flower and "limped" across the finish line as you put it. No question. The flower was one success. Finding a DC and giving it to them would be a second hurdle, but one I could manage. Why didn't I?

      I grow flowers, so I have my own ideas. I must have lost clarity of thought to mess that up. That's OK; I learned something.
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      Updated 02-03-2013 at 04:33 PM by The Sandman
    3. CanisLucidus's Avatar
      Ah, you grow flowers! That makes total sense. It's easy to get really into some aspect of the dream that you know well that for some reason just isn't sitting quite right.

      Yeah, you know, I've gotten really fixated on random stuff in dreams before. I ran across one of my friends in a movie theater in one LD and she was like two feet too short. I just couldn't stand it, so I frittered the dream away trying to make her the right size. It's so easy for me to get wrapped around the axle with stuff like that. I'm getting better at catching it, though. Lately I'm at least a little bit better at recognizing when I'm becoming obsessive about some detail or the other.

      Wings or no, nice job on this one!
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