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    Non-Lucid Dreams

    1. I'm a Giant, a Prisoner; Nude Female

      by , 12-19-2011 at 03:53 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      I was a giant inside a building. There was another giant outside. Everyone else was normal sized.

      There was a threat that I would be punished for something, possibly for being a giant (?). It seemed like something beyond my control. I therefore saw an Asian in a round, bamboo cage. The man represented me and my possible punishment. He was taller than the diameter of the cage, so that he lay down on a floor of sand and his feet were outside the cage.

      I then thought I had awakened from the, or a dream, and started trying to reason what was going on, but didn't get very far.

      Dream skip ~

      I was with a female. I didn't really see her face. She was nude. I could see the top of her vagina and here torso. She was really sexy, but she wanted her underwear. I gave her her very skimpy, white, cotton underwear. I may have touched her a little right around her vagina, but I looked away then and left her alone since she wasn't game.
    2. Mutant Ninja Muppets

      by , 12-18-2011 at 03:07 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      I'm in a room with these strange people-creatures and muppets. There were good guys and bad guys, but I only saw the bad guys. They seemed to be fighting eachother.

      I saw a garden troll, but his hair was standing up, it was wavy, was hard like metal, and ended in points. It was his weapon. He ended up flipping in the air and his hair got him stuck upside down in the wood floor.

      Then I saw a normal muppet like Grover, but it wasn't him. He flipped up over a beds foot board. The board was split in the middle so it was like an open mouth. The muppet ninja flipped over the foot board, but when he landed, his head was in the middle of the foot board and he was kind of trapped. He slowly worked his way out from the space in the foot board until he was free.

      I then saw a branch with little bugs on it. These were also bad even though they were cute. They were little plush bugs, like a soft, cute, cuddly bug you would give a little kid (bad, huh?) They were bad though, as evidenced by the fact that a plush butterfly landed on the branch with five little, round plush bugs, then the butterfly proceeded to turn into an insect with three body sections, then a single section like a lady bug...like the other five bugs on the branch.

      This was a bad bug because a good bug would have turned into a butterfly; this one went in reverse. Six, cute, plush, evil bugs on a branch.

      Then, an announcer's voice came over the P.A. to introduce Yoda. I wondered if Yoda would be good or bad since there were supposed to be good muppets there, but I could only see bad ones. I woke up before the Jedi master made it onto the scene. That would have been epic! Too bad.
    3. Singing Monty Python Songs

      by , 12-18-2011 at 12:51 AM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      I was in a strange room with 5 other people. I was standing, they were all sitting. One of the people was my wife. She does not get Monty Python because she is from Mexico. I thought it was really weird that she was singing the Monty Python songs with such gusto.

      There were two guys with very good voices who complimented each other's voices very nicely. There were a couple more guys who couldn't sing that well, but didn't mess up the tune.

      One of the guys with a good voice wore a marching band outfit.

      They all sang thinking it was really funny to be getting into this Monty Python song...as it would be in waking life. I looked closely at the two guys with the good voice because I was surprised at how good they sounded even though this was like some kind of a gag.
    4. Crap In My Mouth; Neo Born Prematurely

      by , 12-16-2011 at 05:04 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      In waking life I've been sick with nasal and chest congestion and a sore throat. This led me to dream that I was in a hospital room as a bystander during something that had doctors and nurses together in a room.

      I had a "What is this shit in my mouth, and when I get it out, why does more manifest?" dream. I was spitting in a sink in the hospital room trying to get this nasty, stringy crap out of my mouth. It was all between my lips/cheeks and teeth like cotton from the dentist's office, or dip in the lip of a red-neck.

      I didn't want the doctor's to think I was going to throw up, so naturally the doctor said, "If your going to throw up..." I don't remember if he said "...go ahead and do it" or "don't do it there" or what, but he knew something was up.

      I wasn't going to throw up, but I did take my fingers and start pulling the crap out of my mouth. I never saw it, but the junk in my mouth was red and looked stringy like muscle or something. Blah!

      Finally, my dream changed to where I was looking at a tilting table with a piece of paper like from a straw. At the top, it was a little wider and ovular. It was kind of like straws that some restaurants used to have with a tiny spoon at the end, but it was all paper.

      It was poorly taped to the tilted table, and by dream logic, it was Neo from The Matrix born prematurely.
      I fixed the tape job because he was about to slide off the table.
    5. Lucids: 12.10.2011 - 12.12.11 w/monkey squirrel

      by , 12-13-2011 at 05:24 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)

      I was in a room. I was tired, so the room was dark and the dream was not vivid, but I was in a room and there was a man and a young man of about 14. I ended up with my face up against the man and began to be smothered. I must have had my face in the pillow.

      I then must have moved my face as I could breathe again. I then saw the man again. I don't know why, but I began to realize I was dreaming.

      I wasn't going to let the man make me feel smothered again, but I ended up walking inside him, as if I were a ghost taking up the exact same space as him. I closed my eyes and imagined myself or my spirit radiating outward and filling him until he would explode or something.

      I was then free of him. I then was with the young man. I grabbed his collar and flew with him. He was so heavy, I started drifting downward, but I found a sofa, and very close to it, I dropped him. He acted as if it was a far drop, but it was only about a foot.


      I don't remember when I became lucid. I do remember that I thought I was lucid and finally had the wits about me to do a reality check to verify if it was a dream. At first, I had 5 fingers, but then I lost my thumb. I kept looking and it stayed gone, then my fingers got really small (creepy). Then they curled up as if to make a fist, but they were all small and nasty looking.

      I decided to try to throw fireballs. I was not successful. I tried throwing them at a man, possibly the same man from my dream a couple nights ago, and I tried to throw them at a tree. The man explained it as having to do with being at a certain place, but I told him I wasn't near that place.

      That sounds like a dull lucid, but it was important for me to have this particular dream.

      Later I had a dream that I can't remember well, but I do remember seeing a monkey squirrel. A little boy caught it. We gave it marshmellows hoping it would stick around long enough for me to get a picture with my phone, but ran away.

      It was a squirrel body but it had skinny monkey arms and a tiny monkey head. I don't remember seeing the tail. It ran on all fours.


      I've gone from 10 lucid's to 16 in about 2 weeks. Let's hope the trend continues.

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    6. Drawing a Movie

      by , 12-06-2011 at 05:11 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      The night before last I had a dream that I was making a movie with a few other guys. I suggested using one of my Aunts homes as a set, even though it was crumbling. At one time it had been a mansion. It was a house I made up in my dream.

      I also had a recollection of another house I had dreamed of several months ago. That house contained Hell.

      A man offered his services as an artist. He started to draw to show us what he could do. He was amazing. He drew the road with the tar that goes back and forth and is used to fill in little cracks. Showed how he could make it look 3D by using perspective.

      He started making these glowing green lines to come towards the viewer, and anway from the viewer in different directions using simple one-point perspective. Then he drew people who were like ghosts. They were blue-green and flew through the air wiggling like fish as if swimming towards the viewer, and they were really moving. It was like he was painting a movie.

      I also saw two female figures. They were both perfect, but had different dimensions. I was judging which I preferred. I then had a moment of clarity where I thought I might be dreaming, then had a false awakening.
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    7. Lucid Terrorist; Cheap Locamotives

      by , 12-02-2011 at 01:43 AM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      I was lucid upon entering this dream. I was floating--clarity was low. I thought I would have trouble going above a certain height as I always do, so I tried to just float up and not think about it too much. I was floating up into a starry sky.

      I floated up for a little bit, but then I remembered a response to someones comment regarding semi-lucidity. I had advised him/her that I thought he would have success in going through a wall or ceiling while lucid, and that he should try it. I immediately put my face through a wall in my dream. Half my face went through a wall and I saw a guy with long, braided hair with a gun. He was holding up a guy at a convenience store. In my dream he was a terrorist.

      I was then in an old condo where I used to live with my mother. I now wasn't sure if I was dreaming or not. Instead of doing a reality check because I never think to do one, I slowly tried to put my head through a wall. I didn't want to do it fast in case I was awake, lest it hurt.

      The funny thing is, I wasn't successful in putting my head through the wall. Then I thought it was weird because I did believe I was dreaming.

      I was very tired, and I believe the best lucids come when you go to sleep on time. That is true for me in any case.


      I was with a friend B.L. We were on a train track. He was basically lying down face first, but not relaxing. He had a rock in his hand, and the rock was on one of the rails. It powered him like a train. He slid along the rail holding onto the rock.

      I was holding on to him, but I was falling off. I tried to get him to go some way different as I was about to fall off, but he wouldn't. I got upset and pushed myself off this non-existent train car.

      He then threw the rock at me in disgust and walked away. I took the rock and threw it right behind him so it would bounce and hit him, which it did, sticking to his butt.

      My friend got mad. I explained I only threw it so it would barely hit him and let him know he didn't have to throw the rock at me.

      Then I saw some railroad workers. I didn't really want them to see me. I also saw some trains go by. The first locomotive was normal, then I saw some plastic ones. They had advertising on them like a car wrap.

      I was annoyed at how "they" are making everything so cheap today including locomotives.
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    8. No Car; No Boat

      by , 11-22-2011 at 03:17 AM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      No Car

      I had a car. I was listening to something on the radio, then it became the Silver Sun Pickups. I heard the lyric and kind of the tune. That is good for me in my dreams.

      I was having some trouble with the car and it became my daughter's bicycle, low tire and all. I was having trouble rolling. Someone mentioned Jerry Bell (?). I said to them that my Dad had played (harmonica) with Jerry Bell. Everyone at this point was on a bicycle.

      I started riding on, then I was going down the street without a mode of transportation, but I was cruising down the street. This was really weird. I was lying down as if on a skateboard on my stomach, but there was no skateboard. I wasn't so much levitating, but rather the tips of my toes were keeping me up, or my left hand was, while I used my right to push the road back, propelling myself forward. I was moving pretty well, but up a hill I slowed down and had to stand up, just as I would have to with a skateboard, though again, I didn't have one. I knew it was strange in my dream, but I didn't question it either.

      No Boat

      I was floating, bobbing in the ocean. I didn't need to exert any energy; I just floated. Other's were in the ocean also, bobbing along.

      I was concerned about sharks, so I asked a guy if there was a code among us (floaters). The guy didn't understand what I was asking, so I said, "Is there a word I shouldn't say?" I thought maybe nobody wanted to say the word "shark" as it was bad luck.

      The guy figured out what I was talking about and said, "You need to use that phone over there." Then it was like a pool where I could get out a man-made edge and go over to a yellow phone that hung on the wall.

      The End
    9. Buying Drugs, Weird Snakes, Making Love

      by , 11-20-2011 at 03:53 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Buying Drugs

      I was buying coke (I don't do drugs in waking life). I was sitting at a longish table. There was a man on the other side talking to me. He was checking me out.

      He gave me a small amount to try. There was a beautiful, naked woman beside me. Before I could take the little bit to try, I had to take a small blade and cut the woman between her belly button and her lower region. I had to cut her deeply enough to draw blood. I didn't want to, but I cut her. It wasn't enough to draw blood, so she took the knife and just barely drew blood.

      I felt her stomach. With my other hand I felt her ass, enjoyed it quite a bit, then touched her asshole. I was afraid she would get upset, but she didn't. I wanted to touch her front region, but didn't bring myself to do it. Then I put my mouth on her breast. I wanted to continue, but I was there for a drug transaction.

      Then I took the tiny bit of the coke. It was truth serum, and I felt it in my dream. As he talked to me, he could tell what kind of person I was. I started saying "Yes sir," and my general attitude was honest and respectful.

      I asked the man his name. He said it was Margo or something like that.

      I was going to ask what it cost. I stumbled over my words and considered asking what is the minimum I could buy, as that would determine if I could afford it. I didn't have much money, so I knew I couldn't buy it.

      He said the minimum to buy was three grams. I told him I couldn't buy that much.

      Weird Snakes

      I was in a wheel chair type thing. I started to go down a hill with rocks and large jumps. I hoped I wouldn't wreck because it would have been ugly. My vehicle turned into a bicycle, but it was still going to be difficult. I made it down three jumps. It was very unstable, but I made it.

      Dream skip at the bottom. I saw a two-headed python. It looked like a Burmese, about 3 feet long. I grabbed it, but I didn't get it behind the head, so he bit me.

      I wanted to get him off of me, so I swung him with an up-and-over type back-hand. I smashed his head on the top of a small wall. It took three times to kill it. I got blood on my lip. I didn't want to kill it; I like snakes. I don't know why I felt I needed to.

      Then I saw a tank full of snakes. They were Ball Pythons. Some were just heads, but they were like tadpoles that would grow the rest of their body later. Some were more like baby snakes.


      Making Love

      I was in a huge liquor store asking about an award-winning scotch whiskey.

      Dream skip

      I was with a beautiful blond in a silky red Japanese style dress. She wore more makeup than I care for (I don't like makeup in waking life), but she was beautiful. I told her she may be the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. Another DC said it at the exact same time I did, which diluted my comment.

      I stole a line from something I thought I heard in waking life, which makes me think that I was semi-lucid here. I said, "Don't keep saying what I'm thinking."

      I asked the girl her name. I don't remember what she said--if anything. I took her to an open field. It was a little to visible for me, but I started taking off her clothes. Now she was wearing a lacie skirt and panties.

      I asked her, "Aren't you nervous about someone seeing us?" She said, "No." I told her to take off her bra while I got on top of her. I was afraid if I took off her bra, I would have trouble focusing on her lower area again.

      She took off her bra while I got on top of her. Her breasts were beautiful, but I only saw them for a brief moment. I made love to her for a little bit when the dream ended.

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    10. Dream Like a Movie

      by , 11-08-2011 at 10:01 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      I seemed to coriograph my dream. As I would think it, so it happened.

      I was escaping something. It seemed as though I was watching a movie from the standpoint of one of the characters.

      Other folks were running away on land. I saw a waterfall and thought that one might escape that way, but it would be dangerous as you could slip on rocks if you jumped to a lower level. There I was jumping to the next level down on the waterfall.

      The waterfall was a couple more levels down to the bottom and I had to finish my jump. I jumped down, but instead of a waterfall level, it was some steel structure. I landed on it and jumped off to the pool below. I thought how someone could just dive in, but it might be shallow, so they would have to come back up pretty much immediately, and that is exactly what I did.

      Now I saw the other people running about a hundred feet away in the day. There was brush for cover. I was away from them. I thought I had a better chance of escaping if I were separate from the crowd. It was night where I was.

      I was crouched down in a forest of large trees. Men on horseback came riding past. There were about 10 of them. I didn't know why they didn't see me, but they didn't.

      The dream skipped to where I was somewhere else. There was a college campus scene, which I pretty much forget. Then on to an old ship.

      On the ship, there was a communication invention. It worked like Morse Code, but it was made up of several strange pieced to assemble it. I was trying to save it...from something...and because I wanted it and it was valuable, but the main reason was because it had to be kept secret like nostrodomos kept his visions and research secret. It was very mid-evil.

      I should have journaled this earlier, but I got most of the salient points.
    11. Not Memorable: Witch Meeting; Back at the Party; Old Coins and Going Back for my Daughter

      by , 11-06-2011 at 04:20 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Witch Meeting

      I was at a table with a guy and a girl. I don't know what the discussion was about. Another DC walks up. The two DC's at the table start to talk about what we are going to do. The new DC has changed the dynamic of our plan and I get nervous about it.

      A silver or stainless steel pipe cut in half length-wise is now around our chairs binding us as a group inside the piping. Blood is in the half-pipe. It didn't seem odd in my dream. The female character "put" it there.

      I start to tell everyone that "The only way...

      The two DC's already seated are still talking. I am insistent, and so I keep talking as I stand up..."I am going to keep going is if I am in charge of a couple things." I put my arm around the new DC and walk away. I assure the folks at the table this will only take a minute--maybe not even that long. We walk away.


      I come back to a party, though it isn't the one from my previous dream. There are lots of people at a sports bar scene. As I approach the door, a beautiful brunette walks out and to see me. Her name is Dianne. Names are rare in my dreams.

      We are going to go to a less crowded room to hang out. I tell her, "I'm going to go get my pool stick and a pack of smokes." I have a pool stick, but I quit smoking years ago. She says "That's cool."

      I go out to my car, but try to get a better parking spot. It actually seemed farther away when I got there. As I got out of my car, I was now getting off a lawn mower. It had a blade that stuck out. It was covered, but tilted to expose the blade. I had to adjust the blade so it wasn't dangerous.

      I was getting frustrated because I was trying to get back to Dianne, though I was starting to lose that part of the dream.

      I finally started walking back to the party. There were tons of people walking my way.

      I usually don't have so many DC's.

      Old Coins and Going Back for my Daughter

      I was finding coins in a creek--mostly from today's time, but then I found a really old coin. It might have been commemorative.

      Dream skip

      Time has passed. Some friends are going somewhere and I am going with them. I am in the creek to get just a few more coins. I didn't want to leave the quarters. It seemed like such easy money. Then the coins started getting older. I was finding treasure, so I really had to keep getting them.

      Finally, I had as many as I could carry. I went back to the car with wet legs from getting on all fours. We left, but we left my daughter, who I think had my name in the dream.

      I was waiting to see if the driver was going to get her, but he never did. I told the driver I had to get out to get my daughter, so he pulled over. I was now 5 miles from home. I was afraid because I would never leave her out of my sight, much less out of the house alone with no one watching her for that long.

      I started to walk home and ended up in a building. A guy had me look at a TV which was showing a room full of servers. He said that Drew set the whole thing up. This was because some people I know are hosting a forum for a game I am mildly involved in. The name Drew was from a singer on the X factor.

      Someone else came in the room. She looked like a teacher at my daughter's school. It was made known that she actually installed the servers. It bothered me that the wrong people were taking the credit for setting up this room full of servers.

      Dream End
    12. My Fracking House / Making it with an Old Lady

      by , 11-03-2011 at 08:17 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      My Fracking House

      In real life, NPR has been talking about fracking. I think I heard this in my sleep. I dreamed that
      "they" were fracking in my neighborhood (though I was living somewhere I have never lived before).
      All the houses were moving up and down in a wave as a result of the fracking going on.

      I said to an unseen DC that "Luckily, I can slide my house away" or something like that. I pulled a piece
      of decking that my house was on. When the fracking wave came buy, it missed my house--then I was able
      to slide it back.

      Making it with an Old Lady

      I got some ice cream in a strange restaurant / shop. An lady came with me
      and said I could lick her head. I know that's what you want to do. It wasn't strange
      in the dream as some how that equated to licking my ice cream.

      I never did lick her hair, which is what I would have done at that point.
      My thinking changed to where it didn't really make much sense to lick
      her hair, so I eventually forgot about it. Then I started trying to make a
      move on this lady who became an old lady. She wasn't attractive in the
      least, and she was about 65 or 70 years old. I picked out a place
      for us to sit. It was a quality wooden bench, a little off to the side.

      We sat down, then we were able to lie down. It was a bed all of a sudden. I was having
      trouble with the idea of what I was doing, though I didn't stop. She seemed to have a
      decent figure, except she had a belly.

      I eventually saw her breast, nipple and all. I went to suck it, but that part is foggy. I was
      grossed out by the thought of what I was doing.

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    13. Under Water; A Nothing Lucid

      by , 11-02-2011 at 12:45 AM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      These dreams are a couple days old

      Under Water

      I was in someone elses apartment. I tried to leave through the garage, but when I opened the door that led from the house to the garage, I heard an evil moan. I turned and ran the other way.

      I ended up in a room with an angled floor. (I wonder what that represents). Somehow, I was supposed to be underwater, but I wasn't...though all around me were huge aquariums. The only one I really saw was for penguins.

      I was concerned about being underwater even though I could breathe. Eventually, someone who worked at the aquarium opened a door from between two of the aquariums. Seeing my chance to escape, someone else yelled, "Fire!" and I ran out.

      I was then in Florida in a neighborhood where every house had a boat on a lift, and every street looked the same, with sandy, shell-littered road. That's all I remember.

      A Nothing Lucid

      I entered a dream lucid, but I was thinking I was awake, or maybe lucid. I tried to manifest a woman, but I couldn't because I thought I was too awake. In hindsight, I realized I was lucid.

      I have concluded in waking life that by the time you do an RC, you already know you are lucid. In contrast, I realize that THIS is why you should do an RC. Oh well.

      Later, not lucid, I saw a lady standing a couple feet away in a silk neglige. She scratched herself with her pinky. I thought it must have been very soft.
    14. My Dad; An Old Fling

      by , 10-20-2011 at 08:29 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      I dreamed of my father last night. I was so happy to see him. At the time it made sense that he was alive. I hugged him and cried. We saw a beautiful mountain scene and I told him we should go there, or Unicoi (where we went when I was a child) for a last chance to enjoy and not argue. He said OK.


      I was with an old fling SB. She was playing with her underwear in a way that showed herself. I started playing a game with her where I pulled her skin. It allowed me to reveal her more and touch her where I wanted. It was really nice, but I woke up after a few times touching her.
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    15. Room Under a Roller Coaster - Addict looking for Her Milk-carton Daughter

      by , 10-19-2011 at 05:04 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Room Under a Roller Coaster

      I only remember bits of this dream. I was with a group of people. I had a room where I kept my stuff in a closet. There was some guy, older than me, whom I did not trust. I had an old video camera that belonged to my father. There were some video cassette tapes with it (the camera would have taken film, but you know dream logic), a calculator (to time when transitions should start and end), razor blades (they looked like fingernail clippers) to make transitions (by scratching between frames [on film]), and other chachkas related to video.

      I had a feeling the guy in charge of the dorm/apartment place wanted to steal my stuff. I got busy trying to take the video tapes so I wouldn't lose my work even if I lost the camera.

      As I opened the box to rearrange stuff and get the tapes, I saw an old Macintosh laptop for editing the video. This older laptop was advanced even for today. It was made of clear, tinted plastic. Very cool. When you opened it, there was a mini laptop built into it that you would unfold and flip up.

      The dream kind of changed, but I was still in the same room. I looked out a giant picture window to see a roller coaster. Every few minutes, it would go by the window. I liked to get up to the window and wave at the people going by. Some would see me and wave back.

      Now I was outside, but it was kind of the same place. I had a bunch of items with me; likely carryover from the video stuff. I was keeping them arranged and in their proper place because of the commotion from the roller coaster. At this point, I noticed a very pretty girl (25 yrs old maybe), but she was troubled.

      Her daughter was missing, and had been for years. Somehow she was able to send money to the girl to help her in life. Leonardo Decaprio was telling the girl not to waste her money on the girl. There was a poster of the girl the mother thought was her daughter. The poster-girl did favor the mother.. Decaprio said the mother wasn't even sure the girl was her daughter.

      Someone had asked the mother how much she needed. She held up 10 fingers to signify 10,000 dollars. She apparently gave the little girl all her money. Then the poster-girl opened her eyes really wide and they looked more like real life. That was pretty freaky.

      Then, Decaprio had thick, robotic fingers. He held them up and showed his bottomless pit. He spent all his money on transforming himself into some weird creature. Then the mother was spending all her money on plastic surgery to change her look. She looked great both ways, but her new look involved too much make-up...eye make-up specifically. Then Decaprio was her boyfriend (not Decaprio anymore), and he had some addiction. He said, "I have my addiction, and you have your carbonated oxygen." Looking at the mother again, she had an oxygen mask on. She didn't take pills or smoke or anything. She had a tank of whatever she was on.

      Driving a Truck

      I was driving a semi. There were intermodal containers on the side of the highway making it difficult to drive without an accident. Many truckers were hitting the containers. I maneuvered away without hitting any, but my truck was skidding.

      I picked up a girl who said she was trying to get her CDL. I told her I had my Class A license. I told her to get in the driver's seat because like an idiot I was driving from the passenger's seat. I got scared at how I could do such a thing.
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