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    The Road

    by , 01-04-2013 at 10:38 AM (255 Views)
    The Road

    I was in the back seat of a car with another older gentleman. Our boss was dropping us off at our cars. The other guy in the back seat was told that he was being demoted or fired-I forgot which. I felt bad for him.

    The old guy got out, then my boss told me it was my stop too. I said, "Oh, yeah." I got out with a beer in my hand. I went with the old guy who was looking for his car. Then I needed to get where I was going.

    I went to cross a street to catch a bus, but I had apparently waited until after a light had changed below. Now traffic was coming on. I wanted to beat the traffic and run across, but it was several lanes, and some huge vehicles were coming. Yeah, a couple war ships!

    The road was brightly lit, and the two war ships went screaming by. Then a couple tractor trailers went by. Then I think a fire engine or something went by. It was all these huge vehicles.

    Eventually I was just across the street, and walking right at someones yard. I needed to finish my beer before the bus came, so I started guzzling the beer. It was pretty good for dream beer. I was going to have to dispose of the bottle when empty, but I didn't want to throw it in the persons yard. I didn't want to toss it in the sewer grate, so I started thinking of where to leave it gently at the edge of the street.

    I tried to poor the rest out, but a cop drove by or something, so I only poored out some. Soon, the alcohol in it caught the ground on fire. Shit! I drank the rest and put the bottle by a tree. I then moved the bottle to be in the shadow of the tree. I thought I should move the bottle to another place because the car head lights would shine on it as they drove past. I couldn't find a good place for it, and I was afraid my bus would be there soon.

    I woke up then. I hope to dream more tonight.

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