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    Soap Opera Castle; REI; DV DC

    by , 04-22-2012 at 10:28 AM (761 Views)
    Soap Opera Castle

    I was in the room with a woman who was the mother of a family in a soap. She was in her mid 50's with short, thick, slightly dis-sheveled brown hair. She was curled up on a sofa, and she said, "This will be the best story yet." She was referring to something that her family had done, not the fact that a soap is actually a story.

    I thought she should be embarrassed about what her kids had done, but she didn't seem to care. Her kids were men. The butler was in the room, though I didn't see him. I thought the mother should be embarrassed with him there, knowing what the kids had done also.

    The mother was looking out a window, or windows. They were large, plate glass. She looked out over a castle. My view was like in a helicopter as I flew over the land and got a moving view of the castle. It was incredible.

    I could make out the architecture. I can't describe it, but the castle was isolated on an island, though still close to the surrounding mainland.

    I was explaining to my daughter that they owned the castle. That's what it is to be rich; you can just buy everything there: the castle and all the land.

    I said, "That must be a fjord?"

    I came in for a close-up of the landscape. I saw hills with clover rather than a thick turf.

    Dream skip

    I was lying on a sofa with my boy. I was thinking about going to the store. All of a sudden I'm going to sleep. Clearly Lucid is in the room. Iwl, my windows were open and I'm very cold, so in my dream I can see my breath.

    Clearly Lucid starts talking to me about our tomatoes, and he strated telling me what he thought about the rain and the cold on our newly planted tomatoes.

    My breath was visible in the room. Even when I was breathing in. I thought that was odd. It kind of scared me. I kept focusing on my breath breathing both in and out noting my visible breath.

    I then saw some kind of light as I was waking up.

    I shut the windows in my room cause it's freezing in here.


    I was going to REI to use some points I had. Iwl I am a member and have credit there.

    I started walking down a path to get to REI. It was night time and kind of spooky. I got to a a small pond that I needed to cross to get to REI so I could buy a life jacket.

    I rowed across the pond. The boat was very unstable. There were large fish in the pond and I sensed danger if I tipped over.

    I made it to the dock on the other side. REI was right there by the water. I walked up a bit of an incline and talked to a lady outside who worked there. I told her I was there to buy a life jacket.

    Somehow I needed to get there 20 minutes before closing so their system could take the money and ring me up. It was barely 20 minutes before closing. She said that she couldn't ring me up because the system wouldn't have time.

    I was pissed! It seemed so stupid. I said, "Fine. I'll buy it at the other REI. I went over to a rack where there were life jackets just for the trip back to the other side of the pond where I came from. I pulled one down but it was like a full length jacket. I got another and it was the right size.

    I then saw a door that led to a room. If I went through, I could get to the other side of the pond, but I wasn't supposed to go that way. I asked about it, and they said I could. They were going to let me, but they said I shouldn't. I said, "That's OK. I'll take the boat and go the normal way.

    The dream ended there.

    DV DC

    A DV DC wouldn't let me call them by name.

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