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    Night of Monday 12/4/23

    by , 12-06-2023 at 08:11 PM (81 Views)
    Mother Eater:

    I'm on a gloomy, dark, rainy street.
    There is a monster down the way. It has eaten a sort of mother figure.
    There is a cave area, with three couples of people together.
    The monster is there and the couples are giving up to it.

    Searching the School:

    I'm walking quickly through my highschool with an unexplained sense of urgency.
    I'm looking for someone.
    I see one of my old roommates from college in the stairwell. I go up and down different stairwells at different parts of the building in my search.
    I pass an old classroom of mine, and one of my old English teachers from back then, Mrs. F.

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