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    Night of Thursday 9/14/23 (Comp Night 14, Final) AMAZING LUCID!

    by , 09-15-2023 at 06:06 PM (349 Views)
    This is by far the best lucid I've ever had. Part of me was hoping that this WBTB would fail because then I would have 3/4 fails for 6hr/10m configuration for WBTB (and therefore a clear indication that I should try something else) but now I basically have 50-50 results with it. Sigh. At least the walk and extended waking RC session were different. Maybe that was the key.


    A vague impression of a field, like a fairground. Dragonball Z characters are there. Almost didn't count this because of how vague it was.

    I did everything the same as the previous 3 WBTBs (10 minutes and 8mg Galantamine). Except, I decided to take a walk this time. So I walked to the end of the street and back. It was nice. It's finally cooling off around here so the morning air was very pleasant. I spend the time outside walking thinking about "The Lucid Dreaming Portal" and his extended version of reality checks. I try to make the 10 minutes one long reality checking session of heightened awareness. I return to bed after that.


    Counters & Pizza
    I find myself waking up, and I think to do a nose-plug RC because I think it may have been long enough for a dream to form.
    I can breathe, I'm lucid. I double-check with a hand-RC and I see more than five fingers on my left hand. Dream verified.
    I get out of bed and rub my hands together to stabilize, but don't think to do more than that.
    I go down the hall into my living room and think about how while the teleporting may be challenging, I can still get points other ways.
    I think about how last time I licked a wall (and the judgement of the result) so I take a bite out of the edge of the counter.
    It's very hard on my dream teeth, and honestly I barely get any actually into my mouth. It tasted a bit like how dust smells, but hard to describe.
    Then I wonder if that is going to count, so I look for something else.
    Because my brain must believe I am a slob, there are two boxes of cold pizza on the counter nearby.
    One of the them is square-cut and resembles Jet's Pizza, which is one of my favorites from back home (they have one here in AZ but it is out of the way).
    I pick up a slice and bite in. It it super-hard like the counter was but I can still taste the tomato sauce. 1/10 do not recommend. Maybe the counter taste was still in my mouth.
    I feel the dream start to fade and I enter the void.

    Hugging the Goose
    I test out opening my eyes and they are heavy. Instead of doing that, I try to visualize my bedroom.
    This works. I get a feel for "dream-eyes" versus "real-eyes" that I didn't really understand before when people talked about it.
    I get up for another round.
    This time, I think about other things I haven't done yet, and I remember that I told my girlfriend in waking life that if I lucid dreamed about her I would give her a hug.
    So I call out to her "Goose! Where are you!" (I call her The Goose because she is basically the goose from Untitled Goose Game, nothing to do with Top Gun).
    No answer, but I find her in the living room. I walk up to her and give her a hug. She seems happy to get the hug
    I notice that there is a ring on the side table nearby, so I think that maybe I could use the ring to practice proposing to her.
    It was at this moment when I realized that I don't know what knee I'm supposed to kneel on.
    I start to feel the dream fading again.

    Great-Grandma and the Sledgehammer
    Back in the void. Not letting go yet. I visualize my hands in front of me and end up laying in my bed.
    Round three, back on my bullshit: Time for the Elusive Fantasy Forest™.
    I walk out of my bedroom once again and start looking for ways to teleport.
    My girlfriend is there in the living room and I think to try out Saiz's advice.
    "Hey Goose, is the elusive fantasy forest behind me?"
    "...NO!" she says resolutely.
    So much for that. Maybe I can try something else. I remember Lang's advice and go into the kitchen.
    I open the fridge and shove my face in. I try to visualize a green swirling portal inside.
    Despite seeing a weak green glow at the back and spending some time with my face in the fridge among the food, no luck. Damn.
    I look around for other options. I notice a closet door that isn't normally there. It's white and has a yellow-colored metal handle with a spiral design on it.
    It is identical to the ones from my Grandma's and Great-Grandma's homes growing up. I enter.
    Inside is a small room with white tiling from the floor all the way up the walls and ceiling. The door has disappeared behind me.
    I see the tiles start to fall off, revealing new tile beneath. As the tiles fall,
    ♫ music ♫ starts to play.
    Yep. My brain is hilarious. The tiles are slowly revealing the Banjo-Kazooie title screen.
    Guess I'm not going to be trapped in a nightmare room, but rather a weird one. Thanks for that brain.
    As the scene is revealed, there are more than Banjo-Kazooie characters there.
    There is some other animated character that is more sinister. Reminds me a bit of Freddy Fazbear, but less horror-themed.
    Banjo and Kazooie are being chased by this character.
    I still don't have a way out. This is all so silly.
    I decide to try out old reliable. The Kamehameha. It's old reliable because it worked for me exactly one time in a lucid dream as a child.
    I get into the iconic pose and start...
    "Kuhhhhhhhhh...mayyyyyyyyyy.....haaaaaaaaaa....... mayyyyyyyyyy.......HUHHHHH!"
    I see a blue energy swirl in my hands, but it doesn't shoot.
    I think it might be because I said "KUH-MAY-HA-MAY-HUH" (which I think is the correct pronunciation) as opposed to the way I've always said it "KA-MAY-HA-MAY-HA". Brain didn't like that, I guess.
    I start to panic a little.
    As if in response, I hear someone yelling from outside the room.
    "I'm gonna help you out! Don't worry I'll come back quick!"
    It's my Great-Grandma (who has long since passed away).
    I turn back to where the door was, and the wall blocking my way is gone.
    I see my Great-Grandma in the living room carrying a seriously heavy looking sledge-hammer.
    I tell here that I am OK and she seems content.
    The dream starts getting unstable again.

    Back in the void. Nope. Not waking up just yet. This time, it feels like I am in a valley between my mattress on one side and the lowered section of the bed-frame on the other.
    I visualize my arms and hands in front of me and the dream pieces back together again. Back in my bedroom.
    Round four. Still on my bullshit, looking for the EFF™.
    I think it might be a good idea to get out of the house so I head to the living room again.
    This time there is a knock at the front door. I open it and there is a woman there I don't really recognize.
    She's a little overweight (but not excessively) and her skin is a bit tan. She has short reddish hair.
    She has a friend with her but I don't really register her.
    I wonder if this is an opportunity to earn more points. I decide to try out some DC-control.
    "You're going to bend over on the couch." I tell her.
    "OK." she agrees without any hesitation.
    Fun activities ensue.

    Spoiler for Spicy Content:
    The dream starts to fade once again.

    Silverlight Way
    It's a bit of a struggle, but I manage to come back one more time.
    I find myself in the same bed-valley as before.
    Round five. Same approach but now I actually manage leave through the front door.
    It's fall outside, which isn't a season that exists in AZ in waking life. I enjoy the orange fall leaves.
    Other than the impossible season, it looks accurate to my neighborhood.
    There is an old man standing near my driveway. He's wearing a tracksuit and has short white hair.
    I refocus back on the mission.
    "Hey man, do you know where the enchanted forest is?"
    "Oh! You mean Silverlight Way? It's over that way!" he says excitedly. He has a slight southern accent that I find appealing.
    He points up past the houses across the street and over the horizon.
    Jesus Fucking Christ. It's real and it has a name! Silverlight Way!
    "Can you take me there?" I ask.
    "Well, can you fly?" he says, like flying is as trivial as knowing how to play chess or something.
    He starts to float five feet or so in the air and I follow suit.
    Feet are freedom units, from 'Murica. For our non-American readers, this translates to about 1.5 meters.
    We start to fly in the vague direction he identified. As we go up, I see the road up ahead. It looks like San Francisco and its hilly streets. Still a beautiful fall-themed landscape.
    We enter a town-like area and the old man uses telekinesis while flying on what I assume to be his car. A red sedan. It rises up into the air with us.
    There is a large cube-like package tied to the bottom of the car as it floats.
    He slides the package off the sedan and into a garage (since this is like San Francisco, the garage is on a slant going down away from the street) and then flies to the car's door as it opens on its own.
    The old man is driving the car through the sky now, and I sit down in the front-passenger seat.
    I see there is a teenage boy with mid-length black hair sitting in the front-middle seat. I understand that he is my brother and he is paralyzed.
    He doesn't look like my waking life brother though. I start to wonder if this is meant to be some alternate reality, where the old man is my dad and this boy is my brother.
    Later the car is back down on the road, and there is a group of people walking on the sidewalk. They are wearing hoodies and look a bit like they could kick my ass.
    "Let's see, there are one-two-three-four-five-six-seven, seven people there. You could get like, thirty-five points if you get them all," I tell the old man sarcastically.
    Our old man then proceeds swerve and pretend to runover all these people.
    I tell him that we probably shouldn't actually hit the people. Then, the passenger door opens and my 'paralyzed' brother climbs over me and jumps out. Guess he is feeling better.
    I slide out the door as well (no seatbelts in this dream ya'll), and the old man flies off into the Autumn horizon. No Silverlight Way for me. God. Damn. It.
    I find myself on some concrete steps going up near a building.
    All alone, I think to myself. Just a guy, with the ability to fly and unlimited god-like dream powers...whatever will I do?!?!
    Despite this proclamation, I can feel the dream starting to fade again. Not so god-like, it turns out.

    School Conference
    Plot-twist, not a false-awakening this time.
    Now I'm in a school. It looks like one of my engineering classrooms from college.
    My coworker B is there, and a few others. They are all discussing the epic lucid dreams we just had.

    I become lucid again, because I realize these are my dream characters and they all remember the lucid dreams because of that fact.
    I can feel that this dream is very unstable though and I let it fade. I've surely already forgotten details and I need to record.
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    1. Oneirin's Avatar
      Man that's a lot of lucid time! Banjo Kazooie made me laugh : P. Awesome final night - congrats!
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    2. theshirecat's Avatar
      Thank ya!
    3. Saizaphod's Avatar
      What a finish to the comp. Silverlight Way is nearing...
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    4. theshirecat's Avatar
      Man I feel like at this point my brain is just trolling me. Someday we'll get there!