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    WBTB Timing

    by , 04-10-2023 at 07:43 PM (219 Views)
    Making a note here to remind myself about WBTB timings. This includes time spent sleeping prior to WBTB as well as time awake before returning to bed.

    Timing for Pre WBTB
    Commonly practiced timings are 4.5hrs and 6hrs. These are probably based on 1.5hr sleep cycles. For example, 4.5hrs is 3 cycles (1.5 x 3) and 6hrs is 4 cycles (1.5 x 4).

    Timing for Post WBTB
    I've had success with staying awake for just 10m in all my previous attempts. I don't know if I would have higher quality lucid dreams if I were to increase this time. I've had several good lucids, but no excellent ones yet.

    Here is a ranking of my recent lucid dreams and their WBTB timings:

    Night of Friday 3/10/23: My 1st lucid in a long time. Probably my most exciting of the recent bunch. Giving this a 3/5. ?hr/10m.

    Night of Friday 3/24/23: Exciting WILD transition, but from what I can remember the dream itself was a nothingburger. 1/5. 5hr/10m.

    Night of Friday 3/31/23: Another good lucid. 3/5. 5hr45m/10m.

    Night of Saturday 4/8/23: Decent. 2/5. 6hr/10m

    Based on the last four lucid dreams, there might be a bias toward 6hr being better than 5hr. Perhaps they would be better if hitting closer to the 4.5hr mark. Also worth experimenting with the time awake, since I have no data for longer or shorter wakeful periods. 10m seems shorter than what others suggest. Maybe lucidity quality could be improved by increasing it. Overall, more data needed.

    Next Steps

    Experiment A: For the next four lucids, use 6hr/15m as a timing. This will test whether 6hr is consistently better, as well as whether 15m gives more lucidity compared to 10m.

    Experiment B: For the next four after A, use 4.5hr/?m as a timing. Evaluate the ?m timing based on results of experiment A.

    Experiment C: For the next four after B, choose the best of both worlds and evaluate.
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