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    Night of Sunday 5/28/23

    by , 05-31-2023 at 09:43 PM (84 Views)
    I'm coming off of about 2 months break from journaling to record this dream and more moving forward, since Summer Comp is about to begin

    Cold Visit
    I'm at my sister's apartment, but I'm not welcome. There is a party happening with video games on the main living room TV. There are a lot of people there easily crowding the tiny apartment. Nobody explicitly tells me so, but I know that I've shown up uninvited. Some time later I'm walking outside to see N. It's night and winter-time. The scene reminds me of my brother's college campus from years ago. Snow is falling and it looks pretty against the street lamps. I don't feel cold, though. He's upset with me which reminds me of the last time we spoke in waking life. He seems to have cooled a bit since that discussion, but the result of the discussion is the same as before. Progress isn't made.
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