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    1. 16-Mar-2017

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      Date: 3/16/17 (Thu Ė Day off from work) (6:48 am)
      Dream Title: That guy is too tall (*Brief Lucidity*)
      Dream: I find myself sitting at a long rectangular table, like one you would find in a school cafeteria. Reenie is sitting across from me and Ann is sitting to my right (I currently work with both of these women). Iím in a large room that resembles a school cafeteria. I know Iím at work, but this room looks nothing like the cafeteria at my work. The walls are painted white and I can see the lines of the cinderblocks under the paint. There are many tall windows which let in dim light. There is a DVD on the table to my left. I know Reenie brought it to work today to loan it to me. I have no idea what movie it is but she insists I need to watch it. I look to my left and there are many large wooden crates. Reenie says, ďCan you believe how many customers are returning their gear?Ē I realize the area to my left is a loading dock. The creates contain product my company sells. Ann gets up and walks away to my right. I get up and say to Reenie, ďIím going back to my office.Ē She smiles at me as I walk away. I walk across the room (light blue tiled floor) to a glass door and pull it open. I enter a small glass enclosure between 2 sets of doors which lead from the cafeteria to a long hallway. Ann is standing in the enclosure looking through the glass wall to my right, back into the cafeteria/loading dock. I look at her for a moment because I notice she has changed her hair. It is now short and bleached very blonde (almost white), but it looks terribly dry and frizzy. She is wearing a white long sleeve button down blouse. She says, ďLook at that.Ē I turn my head and see several men, in dark blue jumpsuits, enter the loading dock area from a door on the left wall of the room. One of the men has extremely long legs and stands at least 8 feet tall. This seems strange to me. I assume he is wearing stilts, like the ones ceiling painters wear, under his jumpsuit, but I can see he is wearing black sneakers. I dismiss my confusion, turn to my left and walk through the second set of glass doors. Ann follows me. I am in a long hallway that looks like a hallway from my old high school. Ann is now walking beside me to my left. She begins talking about all the returns we have been receiving recently, but I am not paying attention. I notice everything feels strange. I think to myself, ďWhere am I?Ē (just like I do in real life). Then I immediately think about doing a reality check, but Ann is right next to me and I donít want to look weird by obviously looking at my hand. But things just feel a bit too strange to ignore. I stop walking and raise my right hand up in front of my face. I have trouble focusing on my fingers. They keep fading in and out. I try to count them and get to 7 all of them are fading in and out. I am lucid!...the dream fades and I wake up. DAMN!! (6:48 am)
    2. 28-Feb-2017

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      Date: 2/28/17 (Tue Ė Normal work day) (4:53 am)
      Dream Title: (LD #67) Hill sprint on a trail (*Brief Lucidity*)
      Dream: I woke up from a dream and made the mistake of thinking it was almost time to get up for work without looking at the clock. So, I lay there for a few minutes trying to recall the dream. Then I looked at the clock to find it was only 3:38 am. Then I had a lot of trouble falling back to sleep but at some point I did. I believe I remember this entire dream, which is unusual as rarely remember the start of any dream. I am standing in darkness. Then a dim orang light begins to appear around me. Next the scene comes into focus and I am standing in my driveway, but the house (to my right) looks more like my parentís old house. It is still dark outside and I realize it is early morning (around 5 am is my assumption). I further realize that the dim orange light must be coming from the street lights (although I donít see any). I am now wearing my athletic shorts, a t-shirt, and my running shoes. I know I am getting ready to do some hill sprints (This is something I do in real life, weather permitting. There is a great 100 yard hill on my street to the left of the end of my driveway). I walk to the end of my driveway and there is no street, just a rough dirt path. I can see lots of bare scrub brush and trees all around, like Iím out in the woods. The path goes to the left and then up a short hill. I walk to the bottom of the hill and then start to sprint. Iím watching the ground closely as to not step into any holes or trip on any tree roots. I run to the top of the hill and stop. I do not feel winded at all, I am breathing normally. It is as if I havenít exerted myself at all. Iím confused, and look at my right hand. It is fairly dark where I am so I canít make out much detail of my hand but I can see my fingers, so I count them and stop at 6. I am lucid! I just stand there for a moment thinking back to before I appeared in my driveway. I clearly remember being in bed and trying to fall back to sleep. I decide to just explore. I walk back down the hill, along the path looking around me. I can see the amazing detail of the ground and the brush around me, however it is dark and I find myself feeling annoyed by thisÖyet I donít do anything about it. I get to the bottom of the hill and decide to go over to my neighborís house to see whatís inside, but the dream fades and I wake up.
    3. 10-Feb-2017

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      Date: 2/9/17 (Thu Ė Normal work day) (4:48 am)
      Dream Title: Cat Race (**Once Second of Lucidity**)
      Dream: Iím not counting this one as a full LD because I was only lucid for about one second. I woke up from a dream, but didnít look at the clock. I would guess it was close to 4 am. I then said my mantra twice, said ďReality CheckĒ six times and went back to sleep. I had what I believe was a fairly long dream. I remember pieces. I am at my wifeís house where she lived from 8 years old until her early 20ís. We are in the back yard and it is a gorgeous summer day. We are visiting her parents (although I never remember seeing them). At some point I am changing clothes on the back porch. Then my nephew Erik is with us, and the back yard has become a huge amusement park. Erik is sitting on a round cement pedestal and my wife is standing next to it. He is very excited that I am going to the park with him because he knows I will go on all the scary rides with him, and his parents wonít. Later, I remember being in a new car with my wife. It is a standard and she is teaching me how to drive it. I take hold of a handle to my right which should be the emergency break and lift it up. The car rolls forward slowly and bumps into the front of a parked car which was a few feet in front of my car. There is an elderly couple sitting in the car, the man is behind the steering wheel and he looks very upset. I get out of my car, walk around the back and over to his driver side door. The window is rolled down. I can clearly see there is no damage to either of our cars. I explain to him that I am just learning to drive a standard and I am very sorry, and that there is no damage. He smiles. Iím now in what I know is my house, but it isnít a house I recognize. I am looking though a sliding glass door (just like the one in my own house). However, the view isnít of my back yard. I am seeing the view from the front of my eye doctorís building (which is located in a residential neighborhood). I see 2 cats sitting on the lawn across the street. Then I notice my cat is standing at my feet. I bend down and pick him up so he can see the cats. When I stand back up there are now 4 cats. Then to the right of this group of cats, about 20 feet away, are 2 large very fluffy orange and black cats. Suddenly they rise up on their back legs and begin running like Olympic sprinters. At that second I know beyond a doubt that I am dreaming without a RC, and I immediately wakeup. I do a RC to ensure I am awake which I am.

      Date: 2/10/17 (Fri Ė Day off from work) (5:30 am)
      Dream Title: (LD #66) Kiss a woman in the principalís office (**Lucid**)
      Dream: Wow! Iím on a roll with Lucid Dreaming! I woke up from a dream, looked at my clock (4:58 am), I have the day off so I smile and close my eyes to go back to sleep. I say my mantra in my head a few times and doze off. I find myself in a car with 2 other guys. I am talking to them about opening their own business (a restaurant). They are paying me because Iím a consultant. I am very confident with myself. We pull into the parking lot of my daughterís school (although it looked nothing like my daughterís actual school). We go into the building as I continue to talk to them (I am on auto-pilot and so focused on talking Iím barely paying attention to anything else) about the importance of selecting the right location, with the right population of middle aged couples, and creating the right experience for ďdate night.Ē We are walking down a hall with a lot of people (students and teachers) all around, but I am focused on my conversation with these 2 men. I come to a window on the wall with a hole cut into it so I can talk to the older, short, heavy set woman (short curly white hair, thick tan framed glasses, no makeup) who is sitting at a desk on the other side. I know she is the principalís secretary. I donít say anything to her. She must have pushed some button because I heard a buzzing noise and immediately went to the door to my left and opened it (she unlocked it with a button). We walk in. Iím still talking to the men. We are in waiting room with many chairs, filled with people, and a light beige couch which is open. We move to the couch. The 2 men sit on the right side of the couch and I sit to their left. A woman walks up to me on my left. I turn and look at her. She is about 5 foot 5 inches tall. She is probably in her mid 50ís with dark shoulder length curly hair. She has a pretty face and a fit body. She is wearing a very nice dark red lipstick which accentuates her lips. She is has on black slacks, a black suit jacket over a silky black shirt with a pink flower design on it. I look into her brown eyes and smile. I find her attractive. She asks me, ďMay I sit here?Ē she motions with her right hand to the now open cushion to my left (when I first sat there was no more room, but the couch grew while I wasnít paying attention). I respond, ďOf course.Ē She sits down and I turn back to the 2 men. She then asks, ďWould you mind if I put my feet up?Ē I turn to her. The couch has grown again, and now there is enough room for her to sit with her back against the arm of couch and place her feet on my lap. I smile at her again and replay, ďOf course. Please make yourself comfortable.Ē She leans back on the arm of couch and gently places her feet on my lap. She has on shiny black flats and black nylons. I feel suddenly very comfortable with this woman, like we are lovers. I bring my hands up, remove her shoes and toss them on the floor. I begin to rub her feet. Suddenly, I see my hands and think of reality checking. I donít bother counting my fingers I know that I am dreaming. Iím Lucid! Suddenly, there is no one in the room but this woman and me and everything looks more vivid than it did moments before. I shift my body and slide closer to her face. I am now kneeling on her right side (again the couch has grown to make room, it is more like a bed now). I am kneeling next to her looking deeply into her dark brown eyes. I gently place my right hand on the left side of her face. I lean down and kiss her deeply and gently, savoring the feel of her soft lips against mine. Waves of sexual energy are washing over me and it feels absolutely amazing. I pull way for a moment, and gaze into her eyes again. She says, in a seductive whisper, ďI didnít know that this was going to be such a good dayĒ and smiles at me. She move her hands to the back of my neck and pulls me back to her and I kiss her deeply again. This feels so amazing. I caress my tongue over her soft lips and feel her tongue against mine. Suddenly I am startled awake by my wifeís cell phone ringing loudly. My heart is racing. It was my daughterís school, a recorded message that there is a 2 hour delay because of the snow storm we had yesterday. I do a reality check and Iím awake. I try to go back to sleep, but no luck.
    4. 7-Feb-2017

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      Date: 2/7/17 (Tue Ė Normal work day) (5:13 am)
      Dream Title: (LD #65) Peeking in the window at Exís (**Lucid**)
      Dream: I woke up at 4:23 am from a dream which I recalled briefly at the time but do not remember now. I decided I wasnít going to get up at 4:55 am as I usually do, so I reset my alarm to 5:30 am. I rolled over, stated my mantra ďWhile dreaming I always remember to reality checkĒ (which I did repeatedly before I initially fell asleep last night), and then repeated ďreality checkĒ six times. I dozed off shortly after. My wife and I pull up in front of a small house which I donít recognize in real life, but I know is my in-lawsí house in my dream. I notice that the house I used to live in with my ex-wife (for 7 years, and then she continued to liver there for another 14 years) is right next door. This all seems normal to me. We walk up to my wifeís parentsí door and walk right in. The house if very small. We go through a small kitchen area and to the bedroom. My in-laws are in bed and the bed takes up most of the room. My wife goes in the room and sits on the edge of the bed. I stay in the kitchen/living room area. They begin to talk. I know my wife is telling them about my current struggle with my religious faith (this is something that is happening in real life) and I know her parents are very upset with me. I donít want to be here anymore, I just want to get out. I decide to go outside. I kneel down and tie the laces on my white Nike high top sneakers (I havenít had these shoes since I was a freshman in high school (33 years ago). I finish, stand up and walk out the front door. Suddenly I realize something is strange and look at my left hand. My fingers are just tiny nubs. I am lucid! I quickly decide that I just want to go see how the inside of my exís old house looks. I begin to walk across the grass, which is covered in dried leaves (it must be autumn). The house looks abandoned and it in horrible condition. The white paint (it is sided in real life) is peeling everywhere; the front porch railings are rotted and the green painted floor is worn to bare wood in most places. I walk up the steps to the front door and look in the thin window next to the door. It is dimly lit inside but I can see that it looks similar to how it looked when I lived there. There is a couch across from the door with a coffee table in front of it. There is a man lying on the couch. He is dressed from boots to hat in camo fatigue cloths (boots, pants, coat, and hat). He has his right arm draped over his face, so I donít know who he is. I walk off of the porch and head to the back of the house. Iím kicking the dried leaves as I go. I plan to look in the back window in to the dining room area, but as I get around the back I see that the yard is a complete mess. The grass is waist high and there is scrub brush everywhere. Though the brush I can see a white ďthree deckerĒ apartment building in the next lot, which isnít there in reality. The dream fades and I wake up. It is 5:13 am.

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    5. 31-Jan-2017

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      Date: 1/31/2017 (Tue Ė Normal Work Day) (4:28 am)
      Dream Title: (LD #64) Kissed a girl in the club house (**Lucid**)
      Dream: (Note: I am no longer keeping a dream journal for non-lucid dreams due to my insomnia issues.) I woke up from a dream at 3:26 am. I donít remember the dream and did not record it. As I was going back to sleep I thought to myself, and really believed it, I will do a reality check in my next dream. That was all I did and went back to sleep. I am playing golf with some guys from work (I only vaguely remember this part of the dream Ė Also, I do NOT play golf in real life.) I find myself walking back to the clubhouse. I am pulling my black with white trim golf bag behind me, which is on wheels and has a handle at the top which Iím holding with my right hand. I am holding my score card and tiny pencil in my left hand. I am following a path through some brush and I can see the clubhouse ahead. It is up on a small but steep hill and is surrounded by many very large oak trees. It has a set of steps, made from railroad ties, leading up to a door. The building is a small one story building with brown clapboards and white trimmed windows. The roof is also brown. I leave my golf bag at the bottom of the steps and then climb them to the door. It is a light wooden screen door, also painted brown. I squeaks loudly when I open it, and slams shut after I walk through and let go. Iím in a room with several small tables and chairs (where people can eat). Across this small room is a counter with an old time (not electric) cash register. The only person in the room is a young woman (18 -21 years old) who is behind the counter. I know I have to pay her for my round of golf. I walk up to the counter. The young woman is very attractive. She has short brown hair and dark brown eyes. She has pale, but perfect unblemished skin. Her face is slim as well as her nose. She has a slim yet athletic build and is probably about 5 foot 5 inches tall. She is wearing a tight royal blue t-shirt and tight blue jeans which show off her figure. She smiles at me and holds eye contact. I can tell from her body language and facial expression that she finds me very attractive as well. I speak with her like I know her, but I canít remember exactly what I said. She asks me for payment. I put my score card and pencil on the counter and pull my wallet from my back pocket (I donít carry a wallet in real life). I look inside my wallet and there is no money. I am embarrassed. I tell her I will be right back. She smiles back at me. I leave the room through the screen door and start down the steps. I am heading for my car where I have some money. Suddenly, something makes me turn around. I know the girl wants me to kiss her and I just walked away, like an idiot. I go back up the stairs, open the screen door and go back into the room. I walk up to the counter but the scene has changed. Now there is a grill behind the counter and the counter has many small stools which are bolted to the floor (like a diner). The girl has her back to me, is wearing an apron over her t-shirt and jeans, and is standing at a grill cooking something (But I donít notice smelling anything). I take out my wallet again and open it. Inside is a small lemon filled pastry (my favorite), in real life I donít eat sugary junk food (this is a habit which obviously carries over into my dream world). I walk over to a trash bin and remove the pastry and throw it away, but when I look back in my wallet there are more of them. I remove more, but every time I throw one away there are more in the wallet. Suddenly, I realize this is impossible. I look at my right hand intending to count my fingers for a reality check, and I only have 3 fingers (thumb, index finger and pinky). I am lucid! (I forget to stabilize the dream) I toss the wallet in the trash bin and head back to the counter. There are now 2 men waiting to be served at the counter (both in their 40ís or 50ís. One with dark hair the other with graying blonde hair. Both are shorter than me.) I push past them and lift the section of the counter which is on hinges and allows entry to the cooking area. The young woman has her back to me and is still cooking with a metal spatula in her right hand. I come up behind her, gently place my right hand on her right shoulder and turn her to face me. I look at her face and she is strikingly beautiful. I look deeply into her dark brown eyes and she smiles at me seductively. I lean in and kiss her deeply. My entire body is swept with sexual energy which feels absolutely amazing. The dream fades quickly and I wake up.
    6. 20-Jan-2017

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      Date: 1/20/2017 (Fri Ė Day off from work) (4:19 am)
      Dream Title: (LD #63) Christmas at a white house (**Lucid**)
      Dream: Iím at a Christmas party at a big old Victorian style house. There are many people in the house who I know in my dream but not in real life. Iím on the first floor of the house, in the living room. There is old furniture in the room and it is dimly lit. Suddenly a young boy (4-5 years old) runs by me. He is carrying a branch of a pine tree which has Christmas lights wrapped around it, and about 6 feet of the string of lights is hanging off the branch and dragging behind him. I follow him because I am worried he may hurt himself. He runs to the stairs which lead up the second floor, and goes up. I follow him to make sure he doesnít tip on the string of lights and fall down the stairs. At the top of the stairs is a large room with many people (mostly older women) sitting at tables wrapping presents or working on some other Christmas crafts. I realize the boy is safe with them and go back down the stairs to the first floor. At the bottom of the stairs the front door is right in front of me. I decide to go outside. I open the door and walk out onto a porch that is the length of the front of the house. I walk to the short set of steps to the front lawn and walk down. It isnít cold out. It feels more like spring than winter. I start to walk along the front of the house but Iím forced to stop because I begin to sink ankle deep into the grass, which is leaving large holes in the lawn. I realize that someone had filled in a ditch in front of the house with mulch and then put a layer of sod on top of it. I am extremely annoyed by the fact that someone did a really poor job on the landscaping. I see an old man who is dragging a big, obviously very heavy, box toward a pile of boxes near an area of scrub trees (this is a man I see at work in real life, but I donít know him). I decide to help him and begin walking toward him. Suddenly I realize something isnít right. I suspect Iím dreaming. I look at my left hand and count 9 fingers. Iím lucid. I feel so happy. I completely forget to stabilize my dream. I immediately decided to fly. I float up into the air about 200 feet and look around. I can see many hills covered in trees with expose rocky ledges of grey, white, and red granite. Among the trees I can see power lines, a cellular tower, and buildings. I jet off, superman style, toward some of the buildings. I feel amazing. I can feel that wind blowing against my face and hair. It is exhilarating. In the distance I see a large traditional Japanese style building and decide to check it out. Suddenly I can ďfeelĒ that my eyes are close (my real body) but I can still see. This draws my attention back to my real body and I wake up.
    7. 2-Jan-2017

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      Date: 1/2/2017 (Mon Ė Day off from work) (8:02 am)
      Dream Title: (LD #62) Too Many Layers (**Lucid**)
      Dream: Iím in a house that has aspects of both my childhood house (Lesley Ave), and the house I lived in when I was in from 5th to 9th grade (Spruce Rd). Iím in the den. I know this is where Iím sleeping because I am just visiting for a family event. I know my brother is visiting too. This house is extremely cold and I have many layers of clothing on, including: a winter hat, snow boots, snow pants, a heavy coat with a blue bathrobe over it, and a long yellow scarf wrapped around my neck and lower face several times (I feel like Randy from the movie ďA Christmas StoryĒ). I decide to check on my daughter. I walk from the den into the kitchen. I noticed every wall is covered in framed pictures (I donít bother to look at any of them) and every open space on the counters and table are covered in knick-knacks, it reminds me of an antique shop. I find this strange. I continue to walk down the hall (the walls of which are covered in framed pictures from floor to ceiling) to get to the bedroom where my daughter is sleeping. The door is open and I look inside. She is in bed under many covers and wearing a red winter hat. I also see that my brother is in the bed with her (also wearing a winter had, but it is blue). I realize there were not enough bedrooms for everyone, but I am extremely annoyed with this situation. My wife should be sharing the bed with her not my brother. I walk back down the hall to the kitchen with the intent of finding my wife so she can switch places with my brother. Suddenly I realize something is strange about this entire situation, so I glace at my hand intending to count my fingers. I see my palm clearly but my fingers and thumb are just tiny stubs. I am lucid. I forget about most of my plans. All the layers of cloths Iím wearing suddenly feel stifling which makes me feel claustrophobic. I pull off the hat and toss it aside, then the scarf, and I start trying to remove the coat and robe. I remember part of what I planned on doing when I became lucid. I say out loud in a firm voice, ďComputer! Increase Clarity!Ē (Iím going to treat my dreams like the holodeck from Star Track the Next Generation.) Iím still struggling to remove the coat and robe, which are tangled. Iím very annoyed and getting angry. The dream fades and I wake up. This is the first lucid dream Iíve had in over 14 months, so Iím not too disappointed. It has been 17 days since I started working for lucidity again. This is just the beginning. I will get back into it and get more practice.
    8. 13-Sep-2015

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      Date: 9/13/2015 (Sun)
      Dream Title: (LD #61) Truck accident makes me lucid (**Lucid**)
      Dream: I am having another school related dream (been having these for a week). At one point I am driving a big rig truck. I get to close the edge of a hill and the truck begins to roll over, down the hill. I jump to safety and watch the truck roll down the hill. It is completely destroyed. I get very upset because I know that I am not licensed to drive a truck and I am going to have to pay well over $100k to replace the truck. I know we donít have the money to cover it. I am extremely upset and trying to figure out what Iím going to do. Suddenly I ask myself, am I dreaming? I am very hopeful that I am. I count the fingers on my left hand and I have 8 fingers. I am lucid. Naturally the first thing I do is fly a little. Then I land on the side of a building and start shooting web (like Spiderman) from my wrists and then climbing up the building. The dream fades and I wake up.
    9. 5/14/2014 - Can't focus on LDing

      by , 05-14-2014 at 04:46 PM
      I figured I was drop by and give an update. I found that I just can't focus on LDing because I become sleep deprived which leads to other issues. I LOVE LDing and wish I could find a solution to this problem.

      The issue: When I wake up after a dream and spend a little time trying to remember it, I have major issues falling back to sleep. If this happens a few times per night I can end up with 4-6 hrs of broken sleep which isn't good.
    10. Dj 4/11/2014

      by , 04-11-2014 at 02:54 PM
      Date: 4/11/2014 (Thu)
      Total sleep: 11 hrs
      Daytime Techniques: RCs
      Lucid Techniques: None
      Recall Techniques: None (Sick & on night time cold meds)
      Fell Asleep: 8:30 pm
      Dream 1 Title: Strange in door amusement park
      Dream 1: (Fragments) (Note Ė I woke up after this dream but didnít even bother to try to recall it. I dozed back off and then remembered this dream in Dream 2) I am at some kind of strange in door amusement park. There is the ride. I have to climb up a set of metal stairs to get on the ride. It looks very unsafe. I donít know if I can describe it clearly. It has the same design as a toy called a ďwiggle snakeĒ (see picture below).
      It is huge and is made of highly polished stainless steel. There is a single seat at each of the hinges. When the ride is turned on it whips around in all different motions (in RL this would cause all the riders whiplash). My wife is there and doesnít want me to go on the ride because it is too dangerous. I tell her not to worry. I know this is a dream so I canít be hurt (yet I wasnít lucid). I get on the ride. The seat is tucked into what looks like a large stainless steel cup that just fits one person. The ride goes out over the crowd below (about 40 feet above the people. I can see tables with people eating, and many people standing below the ride. The ride starts and it just moves around (forward, to the right, back to the left, then backÖand repeat) very slowly. The ride is completely lame! I am annoyed and canít wait for it to end. **Jump** I am now in a food court. My wife and daughter are with me and we are waiting in line to get some food. I am happy because they have organic beef hotdogs which I love. I wake up.
      Dream 2 Title: LD# 60 Neighbors removing trees (**Lucid**)
      Dream 2: (Note: I am sick with a bad cold. I took some night time cold meds last night and slept about 11 hours. My wife slept in another room. She came into our room to get some cloths at about 6:30 am and woke me up briefly. I dozed back off and had this dream.) I am in my house, except it isnít my RL house it is my parentís house but I believe it is mine. I know my daughter had a sleep over with some friends last night and they are all down in the basement. I walk to the basement door, open it and walk down about five steps so I can see into the basement. It looks just like it did back in the 80ís when I lived here as a teenager. There is orange carpet on the stairs and floor. There is an old TV and TV stand in the right corner. I see the girls lying on the floor. All of them are covered by blankets or in sleeping bags. I go back upstairs and close the door. I walk over to my wife, who is looking out the front window. I can see the house across the street, which also looks like it did back in the 80ís. It is pink (it is tan today). There is a large black pickup truck, which looks very shiny and new, parked with its tailgate facing us. There is a business name and logo on the tailgate but I donít bother to read it. The front of the truck is right up against one of the large maple trees in front of the house. I realize that the neighbors have hired a company to remove some of the maple trees in their front yard. I can see a large set of yellow painted metal hydraulic claws attached to the front of the truck. I realize they are going to pull the tree out by its roots. The claws close on the trunk of the tree and the truck begins to back up. The trees is easily pulled from the ground and it falls backward onto the roof of the truck, but the top of the tree falls into my driveway and on top of my car. I am very angry. I am going to go over there and demand they pay for the damage. I am looking at my car, which is under leaf covered branches, and suddenly I realize it isnít my car, it is a smaller black truck with large hydraulic claws on the roof. The claws close and take hold of many of the branches. The two tucks then begin to drive away with the tree. I decide to go outside and take a look around. I walk out the side door and into the front yard. It is a perfect summer day; warm, clear blue sky, everything is green as far as the eye can see. I see the large whole in the neighborís law from where the tree was pulled up. I look at some of the other maple trees and wonder which of those will be removed next. I walk across the front yard to the other side of the house. I walk down to the two car garage which is under the house (looks just like RL). There is a regular door between the garage doors, I walk to it and open it. The garage is full of old junk. I continue to walk through the garage to a second door which leads to a storage room (it still looks just like RL). From that room I can get to the area where the girls are sleeping. Just before I open the door to the storage room I notice my cat sitting near the left wall of the garage behind some of the junk. I open the door to the storage room when suddenly I have a flash memory of a previous dream (Dream 1). For some reason I think that I was lucid in that dream (I was close, but not quit lucid). I think, ďI had a lucid dream and forgot about it. How could that happen???Ē I stop and realize this is not my house, it is my parentís house. Then I think, ďWhat if Iím dreaming now?Ē I look at my left hand and count my fingers: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. I yell ďHey! Iím Dreaming!!Ē I am lucid. I walk back to the garage door, through which I entered, grab the knob and try to turn it. It doesnít move because it is now locked. I turn the latch to unlock it and try again. The knob still wonít turn. I say out loud, ďThis is my dream and this door is unlocked.Ē I try again and it opens easily. I walk outside. It is like the vividness level has been turned up 1000 fold. The colors are brighter, the detail is amazing. I revel in how beautiful everything looks. I am walking toward a line of maple trees to my right (which arenít there in RL) and see my cat sitting on the grass. I say, ďHey Punchy! Iím Dreaming! Come on boy!Ē He ignores me (just like RL). I decide to fly. I take two steps and do a little hop into the air. I am gliding slowly toward the trees and end up under the branches. I turn to my left and glide slowly out into open space. I look up and see a brilliantly blue sky with just a few small puffy white clouds. In a small space between the clouds I can see a few stars. Then I remember my goal of flying into space (which really isnít a goal any more). I start flying faster straight upward. I donít feel like Iím flying very fast so I say out loud, ďThis is my dream and I can fly much faster!Ē I thrust my arms out in front of me and kick my legs a bit and my speed picks up, but not by much. I still have my eyes on the sky. The blue begins to disappear and more and more stars become clear until the sky above me is full of so many stars that it looks like I can see the entire galaxy. It is so amazing I canít fully describe it. The dream fades quickly and I open my eyes. I do a RC and I am awake. I need to start working on DEILD. I really field that if I had kept my eyes closed and stayed still I could have reentered that dream.
      Awake: 7:30 am
      Vividness: (scale of 1-15, 10 is waking life vividness) D1 = D1 = 8; D2 = 14
      Awareness: (1-10; or lucid) D1 = 8; D2 = 9 then Lucid
      Length: (how long it felt like! Because that matters) D1 = 15 min; D2 = 10 min
      Emotions: Excitement; Annoyance; Happiness; Anger; Extreme Joy (when lucid)
      Dream Signs: Strange amusement park, Dangerous ride, back in parentís house, Strange machines to rip out trees
      Notes: I am coming down with a bad cold. I am taking zinc and vitamin C. I took Alka-Seltzer Plus Night Cold & Flu Formula at 7:20 pm. I headed to bed at 8:15 and was asleep within 15 min. I didnít do any meditation, visualization, mantras, or any other LD techniques. I did wake up after 2 dreams and didnít even try to recall. My wife came in the room to get some cloths at around 6:30 am which woke me up. I dozed back off within a few minutes. Then I had my LD. I also remembered a previous dream in the dream that became the LD.
    11. Dj 4/10/2014

      by , 04-11-2014 at 02:48 PM
      Absolutely no recall.
    12. Dj 4/9/2014

      by , 04-09-2014 at 12:05 PM
      Date: 4/9/2014 (Tue)
      Total sleep: 6 hours
      Daytime Techniques: RCs, Visualization, Awareness, Mantras
      Lucid Techniques: Mantras, Meditative Visualization
      Recall Techniques: Meditative Visualization Mantras
      Fell Asleep: 10 pm
      Dream 1 Title: Strange trip to the Cape
      Dream 1: I know I am at the Cape. I am standing in, what appears to be someoneís backyard. It is a large area of grass with a few large maple trees. There is a large garden, with no fence, just evenly planted rows of flowers and vegetables. One row of flowers look like low growing (about a foot tall) sunflowers, but they are a bright orange color. I see a large, old farm house nearby. The paint is peeling. I walk across the yard to a dirt road and begin to follow it. I can see the ocean on the horizon to my left. I walk up a small hill, and over the crest I can see an ocean front town. It looks like a typical New England ocean front town. There are a lot of grey cedar clapboard covered buildings. I walk down the road, which is now paved. There are buildings on both sides of the street. This area is looking more like Wells Maine. I see a building to my right which I know is a restaurant. It is an open area with red topped tables and white chairs, like a courtyard. There is a serving bar with a large sign above it with a list of foods. I see pictures of hamburgers, hot dogs, and fish and chips. There is text, but I donít bother reading it. I am not going to eat anything on the menu. There are no people in the restaurant except a man behind the counter. He sees me and says, ďSorry we are all out of food.Ē I just shrug at him and walk out. I continue to walk down the street toward the ocean. I remember I left my car parked nearby and head towards it. I pass more buildings, one has many multicolored kites hanging out front. I find my car and get in. I begin to drive down the street. The ocean and town are gone. I am now on another dirt road in a rundown town in the woods. I can see tall pine tree covered hills on both sides of the road. I am passing an old auto shop (car/truck repair and gas) on my left. It has a dirt parking lot. Standing in the parking lot is a huge dog. I look closely at it. It looks to be about 5 feet tall (from front feet to top of its head). It is a dark brown color with a long tail that is tick with fur. It has a short snout, more like a bear than a dog. It must weight close to 250 pounds. It is watching my car as we drive by. My wife (who is suddenly in the passengerís seat) asks, ďWhat kind of dog is that?Ē I reply, ďItís a wolfdog.Ē I knew this was correct in my dream. I turn left onto a smaller dirt road. It is very dark. There are small one story houses on my left and right. None of the houses have any lights. My headlights are lighting up the road in front of us. This neighborhood looks abandoned and it is starting to feel like something out of a horror movie. I see a house cat lying in the road in front of me and have to swerve to my left to get around it. Then I see two more cats sitting in the road and have to swerve further to the left to avoid them. This road looks familiar. It looks very similar to a road Iíve near my childhood neighborhood. The road turns to the right. There is tall grass and cat oínine tails growing in a small swamp on the left hand side of the road. On the right side I can see several three story apartment buildings. The yards of the building are over grown and the buildings look abandoned. There are no lights on. My wife says, ďLook!Ē She is pointing to a mailbox next to the road. It is black and there is a number 13 painted on it in white (standard block letters). I see more mailboxes on the side of the road as well and they all look exactly the same, all have the number 13 on them. I move my headlights up (apparently I can control them like a flashlight) to the buildings and up at the peak of the building, where the wall meets the roof, is a number 13 painted in black. I move the lights to the other buildings and they are all number 13. My wife says, ďOh my God! They are all number 13!Ē She sounds very scared. I find the situation silly and am not scared. The dream fades and I wake up.
      Awake: 3:58 am
      Vividness: (scale of 1-15, 10 is waking life vividness) D1 = 8
      Awareness: (1-10; or lucid) D1 = 6
      Length: (how long it felt like! Because that matters) D1 = 12 min
      Emotions: General contentment, annoyance, slightly amused
      Dream Signs: Places similar to locations from my childhood, a dog that doesnít exist in real life, abandoned buildings
      Notes: Took magnesium last night. I read through some dreams from my journal before bed, did some meditation with visualization and mantras for waking after dreams, remembering dreams, and ďIím Dreaming!Ē. Applied positive emotions to all of these techniques. I slept pretty well but only woke up from one dream at 3:58 am. I spent a few minutes recalling my dream, wrote a few tags, and then rolled over and tried to go back to sleep. My hips were sore from working out yesterday (I am a side sleeper) and I was having trouble getting comfortable. Plus, I was excited because I knew this was a great opportunity for a micro WTWB which caused me to become lucid the night before. I repeated my mantra (Iím Dreaming) with positive emotion as I lay there trying to doze off. I kept a positive attitude about the situation. The discomfort of my hips and the excitement of a potential LD brought me too far out of my sleep state. I lay there quietly letting thoughts and images flash into my head until my light alarm went off at 4:50 am. I turned off the alarm and lay there until 5 am. Then I got up, worked out, showered and was off to work.
      non-lucid , side notes
    13. Dj 4/8/2014

      by , 04-08-2014 at 12:20 PM
      Date: 4/8/2014 (Mon)
      Total sleep: 6.75 hours
      Daytime Techniques: RCs, Visualization, Awareness, Mantras
      Lucid Techniques: Mantras, Meditative Visualization, Reading Dream Journal
      Recall Techniques: Meditative Visualization, Mantras
      Fell Asleep: 10:00 pm
      Dream 1 Title: (Fragment) Bike Ride
      Dream 1: I am riding my old BMX bike along the main street of my town. I am with a friend (but I don’t know him in real life). He is wearing a white t-shirt, blue jeans, and dark blue Converse sneakers. He is riding in front of me on a red BMX style bike (the rims have regular spokes). It is a warm summer day. The trees are covered in green leaves. We swerve off the road onto a dirt path which leads behind a chain link fence on our left. I can see tall green grass on both sides of the path, and taller grass around the fence. The fence is old, the galvanized steel has grown gray with spots of rust. We peddle up a slight incline and I can see a sharper incline (about 10 feet high) in front of us. We stop at the bottom. I know the incline leads to rail road tracks. I know we are trying to get to the high school and the tracks won’t take us there. I say, “I think we should go back and stay on the street.” The dream fades and I wake up at 4:15 am.
      Dream 2 Title: The Moon Makes Me Lucid (**Lucid**)
      Dream 2: I am in my old house, the first house where I lived with my wife and daughter. I am lying on a mattress, under a white comforter. The mattress is on the living room floor near the large front window. The room looks very similar to reality. I can see the yellow painted walls, the white painted steam heater in front of the window, the light colored wood of the hardwood floor, and the large white framed window. I can see the reflection of the moon on the shine of the hardwood floor. Something doesn’t feel right to me. I roll over onto my back and see my wife next to me, on my left (which is the wrong side of the bed for her). She is snuggled under the blanket so I can only see her wavy blond hair and her face from the nose up. Behind her I can see my daughter laying on the floor under a white blanket. Beyond her I can see the fireplace. I turn back to the window. Outside I can see the large maple tree and beneath it the low stone wall. I can see the neighboring houses beyond the tree. I look upward and see a brilliant moon between the bare branches of the tree. I still feel that something isn’t right. I stare at the moon. It is very bright and much larger than I have ever seen it. I can clearly see the craters on the surface. As I stair I start to wonder if I’m dreaming. Then the craters begin to shift and swirl. The bottom section of the moon begins to disappear. Then I remember that I was back at my real home, in bed, just a little while ago. I am lucid without a reality check. I throw the blankets off of me and stand up. I am no longer in the living room. I am now out in the front yard, but the mattress, my daughter, and the fireplace are all there as well. My wife and daughter are sitting up and looking at me. I say, “I’m Dreaming!” Neither respond. I remember my goal to fly into space, but I don’t remember to stabilize the dream. I also remember that last time I tried to jump to fly it wake me up. I levitate off the ground and float up into the tree branches. I’m annoyed as the branches poke me and I worry I will get tangled. I float away from the tree and begin to fly upward. I am feeling such joy at being lucid again. My eyes are on the night sky, which is now overcast. I will myself to go faster, I want to hit supersonic speed and leave the atmosphere as quickly as possible. I can feel the wind on my face and the g-force increase as it pushed the skin on my face back. I can still only see the clouds and darkness above me. I worry that the dream is going to collapse so I decided to look down at the ground so I have something more upon which to focus. I awaken. I am back in the front yard of my old house laying on some blankets. I am no longer lucid. I can clearly see the yellow vinyl siding, the white framed windows, the stone steps leading up to the white side door, the large front window, and the bushes. My wife and daughter are there and are picking up blankets and clothing off the ground. I get up and begin searching for my notebook so I can write down my lucid dream. I am looking under cloths and blanket, but just can’t find it. I’m very annoyed because I don’t want to forget the dream. My in-laws walk out of the door of the house and into the yard. I say to my mother in lay, “I just had a lucid dream.” I start to explain the dream to her, but the dream fades and I awake. It is 4:47 am.
      Awake: 4:47 am
      Vividness: (scale of 1-15, 10 is waking life vividness) D1 = 5; D2 = 12
      Awareness: (1-10; or lucid) D1 = 5; D2 = Lucid
      Length: (how long it felt like! Because that matters) D1 = 2 min; D2 = 10 min
      Emotions: Joy, Annoyance, Worry
      Dream Signs: Riding old BMX bike, Being a kid again, Back at old house, laying on a mattress in the living room/font yard
      Notes: I took magnesium before bed. I read my dream journal, meditated, visualized being lucid in a dream, stated my intent to wake up after each dream and remember my dreams, and repeated my mantra before I dozed off. I did wake up several times after 4 of my dreams, but couldn’t recall the first 2. I did not get frustrated by the lack of recall. I reminded myself that I am in the early stages of learning and I will continue to improve. I stated my mantra each time I awoke until I dozed back off. This LD happed exactly like my recent ones. I woke up after 4 am from a dream. I made some mental notes about the dream. I stated my mantras as I dozed off. Then, while I was dreaming, my awareness was much higher. I could “feel” that something wasn’t right. Then something trigged me to remember being back in my RL bed shortly before the dream. I do need to work on stabilizing the dream. This particular dream hasn’t left me with as much of a “high” as other recent LDs. I feel it is due to the false awakening. The lucid part of my dream doesn’t feel as vivid to me because I didn’t come straight from lucidity to being awake. I have to work on RCs after all awakenings.
      I am going to change my goals for LDs. My #1 priority is to get lucid as often as possible. The experience of being lucid is the best way for me to have more LDs. When I am having them more often then I can start setting goals for what I want to do in the dreams. For now I just want to stabilize the dream, explore and do what I feel like at the time. I just want to gain more experience.

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    14. Dj 4/7/2014

      by , 04-07-2014 at 11:40 AM
      Date: 4/7/2014 (Mon)
      Total sleep: 7 hours
      Daytime Techniques: RCs, Visualization, Text Search
      Lucid Techniques: Mantras, Meditative Visualization
      Recall Techniques: Meditative Visualization Mantras
      Fell Asleep: 10:00 pm
      Dream 1 Title: Car on the beach
      Dream 1: I am with Gwen and some other people. We have driven an old blue car (1970ís car) onto a beach and parked it right near the wave line. We are having some kind of beach party. She asks me to go and get something. I walk off the beach and end up on a very thin road (more like a bike path). There are many houses and stores along this path. I see a man grilling with his family. I go down one side path and end up in a place that looks like something from a theme park. It has a very ďmiddle agesĒ feel, like I am in the castle of a knight of old. The dream fades and I awake.
      Awake: 5:00 am
      Vividness: (scale of 1-15, 10 is waking life vividness) D1 = 3
      Awareness: (1-10; or lucid) D1 = 3
      Length: (how long it felt like! Because that matters) D1 = 10 min
      Emotions: General happiness
      Dream Signs: Car on the beach, strange situation, bike path with many houses, theme park area
      Notes: Took Melatonin and Magnesium before bed. I have struggled this past weekend with LDing. My dream recall on Friday & Saturday night was horrible. I can only attribute this to my weekend schedule being so different than my work week schedule (to bed much later). But, the horrible dream recall is frustrating me. Last night my dream recall was better. I woke up from the first dream at 3:45 am. I had clear memories of the dream. I jotted down a few tags in my note book, ran through the dream in my head one more time, and then dozed back off. I awoke to my alarm which startled me. This destroyed my recall of the dream I was having just before the alarm, and negatively impacted my dream recall of my previous dream. I forgot to set the light alarm for my clock (must be set separately). I had a rough weekend. I injured my knee (this is a knee I severely injured in the past, so I have reoccurring issues) this weekend which is now impacting my morning workouts. My wife is having some health issues which are a struggle. Work has also been a struggle lately (the end of each quarter is always very busy, plus some other issues). On top of all that I am having issues with dream recall (which could be partial impacted by all the other issues). Hopefully things will get better soon.
      non-lucid , side notes
    15. Dj 4/6/2014

      by , 04-06-2014 at 07:02 PM
      Date: 4/6/2014
      Total sleep: 7 hours
      Daytime Techniques: Awareness, RCs, Visualization
      Lucid Techniques: Awareness, RCs, Mantras, Medititation/Visualization
      Recall Techniques: Mantra/Intent, Remembering past hour of events during the day
      Fell Asleep: 12:00 am
      Dream 1 Title: None
      Dream 1: I woke up at 7 am from what I know was a long and interesting dream. Yet, I just couldnít seem to focus in on any single point so I could start recalling more. It was like looking through a thick fog. It was very frustrating that I couldnít recall a single detail.
      Vividness: (scale of 1-15, 10 is waking life vividness) D1 = ?
      Awareness: (1-10; or lucid) D1 = ?
      Length: (how long it felt like! Because that matters) D1 = ?
      Emotions: ?
      Dream Signs: ?
      Notes: I find it very frustrating when I know Iíve had a dream, I wake up right after, and yet just can get through the brain fog to recall any details.
      side notes
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