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    The Quest to get back from Russia

    by , 08-01-2011 at 11:47 AM (304 Views)
    01-08-11 I am in Russia or an eastern European country. I have been forgotten and have to find my way back home. It is cold and we are going to have to find some sort of cover if we are to get back.

    A rubber ring appears with quite the amount of plastic coverings over it. We remove them and find a child or some sort of sentient animal we know under it. It is barely conscious, but alive. It would seem the plastic coverings has been enough to insulate it.

    We start discussing how to best get back home. Aidin wants to go North and take the Bering straight, though I point out that the last time we got stuck in Russia we had the same discussion and decided to get back home via the rivers.

    We settle for that solution and take out on the rubber ring under the plastic coverings. There is a lot of ice flakes on the sides of the rivers we travel, which would indicate spring time.

    The travelling is a minor part, reduced to something like a montage.

    Back home I speak to Aidin and try and establish if it really was him I got stuck in Russia with back in the days. I am not entirely sure myself if it actually happened or was just something I dreamt.

    He says that he remembers an experience like that and that it could have been me he shared it with.

    I later speak with AD and she confirms that I indeed did get lost when I was younger, in fact that experience and the quest to get back happened when I was 6 years old. This doesn't make sense to me. I am pleased to get a clear confirmation that it took place, but when I was 6 years old Aidin wasn't even in Denmark and I certainly didn't know him at this time.

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