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    Vampire Chase, talks of Architecture

    by , 08-26-2011 at 12:35 PM (525 Views)
    15-08-11 I get teleported into a gorgeously decorated church. I am not alone, there is a vampire with me. The church is quite famous though I don't know which it is. I am amazed by this. And I start laughing in wonder, I look back and see if I am the only one experiencing this reaction.

    The vampire, who looks like Bill off true blood, does seem a bit impressed, however he isn't only happy and excited. His face is lighting up and he is in agony, didn't think of the whole vampire on sacred grounds thing.

    I rush to him kneel down and put my hand over his face and throat and keep chanting “your spirit is welcome here”. After a while he settles down relived of the holy pressure and a thought occurs to me. If he was feeling the effects, why wasn't I, being half vampire myself. I look back and see a bunch of sorcerers walking slowly towards us.

    One of them seems as surprised as I am at my freedom from the pressure. Then she looks a bit to her right and breaths out a bit of mist.

    “Thank you Jake/Jack” I whisper and think of the ghostly spirit that is accompanying us. I recall who they are and address the people walking towards us, being confident that I could annihilate them should a confrontation arise.

    “The Order of St. Giles right?” These people are vigilant vampire hunters, we are however not here to cause trouble and we don't wish unnecessary bloodshed. I explain that the man lying wounded on the floor is a good man, though he is a vampire.

    I manage to persuade them to listen out for a second and next we are sitting around a table in a booth towards the front of the church. This time Erik is there as well and it seems like we have earned the trust of the order (In the Dresden Files they are known as the Fellowship, but hey, my dream).

    I tell him that we will get his memory restored in no time. He sort of looks at me blandly, but looks grateful as well.

    The scenery starts moving about quickly and I think I switch character. I am moving away from the church and it is dark around me. The streetlights don't produce much surrounding light, but sticks to an unnatural cone straight down.

    I keep moving away from the church eventually going under ground, where I have to move under some metal fences for quite some time. On the other side the character I am, a little blond chubby boy is given a spell that for some reason is dangerous to vampires. I am not quite there to witness exactly what happens, but a big bad ass vampire in a black long leather jacket appears.

    I think he deals with the person who gave the information away as I retreat bellow surface the way I came. I wonder on the way back how illogical this is, as if he was chased by a vampire he would be dead soon enough, though I rationalize that maybe big baddie didn't know which direction I went.

    I am in a rather big city. Lasse F is there, though the chronicling of the dream is slightly off.

    I meet up with a woman I know in a shop, I don't know her name though. She has some markings on her lower left face, but I am left in doubt if these are permanent or just some recent light scaring. Her hair is shoulder short and approaching black in color.

    I dunno exactly what we are talking about, in general I think it is just some small talk to get to know each other. I think we are in the same school. We leave the shop rather quickly and continue the conversation on the street, where we depart soon after.

    I am at the same spot in the streets now I am talking to Lasse F. I ask him quickly what city in Europe he would consider the best architecturally. I am expecting something like Barcelona or Amsterdam, though he doesn't answer with any of these cities.

    I don't hear what he says at first, and when I ask him what he said he seems unwilling to repeat himself.

    The dream is working towards a big meet up of a line of characters, some I know and some I don't. I remember not if this actually takes place in the end or not.

    I am in a book shop of some description and all of a sudden a battle between a death eater and a harry-potter-like character takes place. I am not sure if there is an actual battle or it is just pretense. The Harry Potter character is a woman/girl with spiky hair of a dark color.

    I sit back silently knowing that I could take them both on and get out on top.

    I talk with a couple of friends about the way people have gone traveling and are unlikely to come back. One of these is Minka and her brother gets used as an example of a person that has left and isn't coming back.

    I mention Anders as a person that has come back, and Skovborg might be in the room, he himself as an example of a returner.

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