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    Scary Roller Coaster

    by , 05-31-2018 at 05:21 PM (98 Views)
    Matt and Alec were on a discord chat with me. Matt asked me a bunch of questions about alec. I was mad at him cause I said some things about alec's social skills while alec was on the channel the whole time. Then Alec and I had a talk about it afterward. He sent me a message saying he likes french toast and has other interestes besides programaming such as cooking.
    at an amusment park and the rides were ridiculously high. Some friends and I were all of the sudden climbing a really high roaller coaster can suddenly became scared one of the cars would run us over on the track. We slid down a beam of the coaster. klefstad was in some of the arcade games
    Then I was in a locker room where they demanded to shave every part of my body
    Was at a family party and had apparently just completed some sort of hunger games like task. people applauded me and my aunt ask if i wanted anything and i requested white tea. my cousins took a hit form a bong
    was in a restaurant and had an idea a restaurant where the waiter doesnt go to you but you go to the waiter. and thats why they call him a waiter becasuse he is waiting for customers to come to him. somehow we ended up getting thrown out of the restaurant

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