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    Sink lucidity

    by , 05-29-2018 at 05:01 PM (57 Views)
    Lucid dream where I was in the back room and I think Phoebe was at the door I let her inside. Strange thing was that it was super dark when I first entered the room and pheobe was a dark silloute of a cat. When I touched her she did her typical catlike move the sdie and curl around my hand.

    Then the lights were on without me noticing and Margaux was on the couch. I saw Tucker jump up onto the couch to get a drink of water. Thats when I noticed there was an extra sink on the counter. I realized I am probably dreaming. I looked at my hand and although I didn't have an extra finger my hands looked really disorted.

    By that point however it didnt matter as i knew it was a dream since I remembered that
    a) tucker is dead
    b) dont live at home anymore
    c) dont have two sinks next to eachother

    Soon after the dream sort of started to black out. then I wasnt sure if i was dreaming anymore or laying in my bed. i told myself to remain still and keep my eyes closed in hopes of reentering the lucid and i managed to reenter a dream but was this time
    not lucid.

    Also was skiiing with my dad at some point. It was really cold and windy and we were looking to rent skiis for him.
    There was also an indian girl who wanted to have sex with me in the ski lodge.

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