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    dragon egg

    by , 12-05-2019 at 06:34 AM (250 Views)
    Dreams were pretty long. I just wrote mexico and dragon egg. I do I think I got lucid 3 times. But the problem was I awoke right after each time I realized something was off about the dream. Near immediately. I awoke and noticed pain in my throat. Felt like I had a cold. I decided to go back to sleep and just continued the dream 1 or 2 plots. I think I tried too hard. Or rather I noticed my emotions were less calm before going to sleep compared to the previous night. That's probably the cause for the awakenings. I wasn't lucid once I was back inside the dream, but once I noticed something off, wake.

    Another thing to take note was that I didn't wbtb. I just headed back to bed right away because I wanted the cold-like thing to get better. Got better after though.

    Or need to ease the practice a bit. That middle point between relaxed and focused.

    -no wbtb
    - maybe relax a bit more

    mexico inn

    In the first dream I was in Mexico. In some inn or hotel. I suppose a hotel since it was large and had indoor halls and stuff. Headed outside. Went on a car. I was with someone, and older man who was with me. I believe he was a detective or something. We headed back after that. I do recall myself exploring the roads before heading back. Some stuff happens in the hotel. I don't remember.
    *dream likely sourced by conversation about mexico

    dragon egg

    In the second dream I was somewhere in the country side. There was an open farm field or something and some villagers gathered up. We were gathering to head up to the mountains. Our mission was to get the Dragon egg.
    *probably from a story
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      Feel better. *Hugs*
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      Thanks, better now!
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