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    Some weird ones

    by , 11-25-2017 at 05:02 AM (335 Views)
    I was lost in one of my memorable dreams. I kept going through wrong doors and everything was an absolute nightmare. Then, I saw a large man fall down. The thing he landed on went up his butt (or something rofl). He continued bouncing down a very long hill and everything he landed on went inside of him. He got fatter and more round which each addition. He finally wound back where he had started and everything came out (one of the things he landed on was the huge building I was cursing while being hopelessly lost).

    Then there was a Sherlock-esque scene where he was explaining that it wasn't "first thing in, first thing out" but rather, the first thing that had existed until the newest.

    **That dream was actually part of an EPIC dream which I lost. Either that, or they tied off each other. All I recall is a baby and a small child being separated and lost from their families.

    In another dream, I was under ground like in Starbound (video game). I was exploring caves. I had a lightning weapon and decided to try it out. I fired it, but the wall of the cave was too close so the lightning ricocheted and it blew me into a million pieces. For some reason, I thought that was the funniest thing in the world and I woke up laughing [I react in a similar way when playing my game and my character dies]

    In an earlier dream, I dream my hubby said he told me he could never love me or my kids. I was calling him to task on it... then I married his son, Lee... only, his name was Rick and he looked like my ex-husband

    As for the first dream, it was anxiety driven. I had to be social at a Thanksgiving office dinner.
    About the man "absorbing" everything, I can only guess it has to do with eating too much and feeling extra bloated. But the whole Sherlock thing throws that theory off somewhat.

    The lightning rod is simply me playing way too many video games IRL. I'm glad I woke in such a great mood

    As for the last dream, I think that's just my insecurities. I feel fat and bloated and unlovable to my hubby (who likes the Twiggy/anorexic look). I probably dreamed of marrying his son because hubby told he talked to him right before I went to sleep. I dreamed he looked like my ex, probably because I can't imagine hooking up with his son (who's only about 6-10 years younger than me). The whole name thing was probably due to a new show I'm watching (Tin Star).

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