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    Very angry, strange dream/s

    by , 02-19-2012 at 01:02 PM (548 Views)
    I crashed last night at around 9:30 and woke up feeling sick at 6AM (sick like a medicine hangover). I know I had a lot of dreams during that time, and some were even pleasant, but I've forgotten them thanks to the last dream/s I had.

    I don't recall where the dream began exactly, but I think I was at a table. Zee's friends Katie and Brittany were beside me. I told Katie I needed my iPad back and she said she didn't have it anymore and she would explain later. I told her she would explain NOW. She told me she sold it on eBay and I became infuriated. She kept trying to get me to keep my voice down (though I wasn't yelling), but I marched right over to her mother and told her that her daughter stole my iPad and I expected it back.
    Even though I was worried Katie would tell on me for teaching her about scratch tattoos and sharing smokes with her, I had to speak my mind. I was sick and tired of people stealing from me.
    My hubby was nearby and he told me he was disappointed in me. But then later in the dream he was proud for me sticking up for myself.

    Then the dream changed or merged into another one. I was sitting in theater style seating. I was close to the bottom with Katie. I confronted her on her purchases. I found where she had bought a book "Studies in the Scriptures" that was written in Spanish. I called her a fool (she spent $90.) because I could get one for free at the local Kingdom Hall. I told her I expected every single penny back and whatever else it took to replace my iPad.

    Then she made the mistake of mentioning Zee. I told her she would NEVER see or speak to Zee again. I further said I would sooner send my daughter into Foster Care then to have the two of them anywhere near each other. Which made Katie very upset. But then it wasn't Katie anymore but a random DC. She told me I didn't know what I was talking about- that the book was from HER religion and she showed me what the title actually translated to. I told her I apologized for my mistake, but it didn't change the fact I was going to the police and getting a warrant for her eBay account.

    At that point, a JW woman I love dearly- a woman who I've only heard raise her voice once IRL, she's that soft spoken- stood up and told me to get my ass out of there. It was only then that I realized I had been making a scene. I turned around and saw my p-doc in the audience.

    I was so upset[ furious], that he followed behind me to see me home. Of course, my house was thoroughly disgusting. My kids were little and I asked who last had bathroom duty, because odds and ends needed done. It wasn't that bad though. The bed was gross though and my p-doc said he wouldn't lay in it anytime soon if he were I- but he was commenting more on its stability than anything else.
    There was a strange container in the bathroom that interested both of us. It looked a little like a more flattened shaped genie lamp. He lost interest and stepped out of the room. I managed to get it open and there was silver creamy stuff in it. I smelled it and it got on my nose.
    He said he worries about me. I wiped it off my nose, but he wanted me to sit down so he could properly wash it off.

    My house was 2-storied and one of my kids (not a real kid) was exceptionally small. He was walking down the stairs with my doctor and I. The kid was near tears and I asked what was wrong. He wouldn't say. I asked if he would tell just me and he nodded his head. We disappeared into some other room and the little one said he felt like the Doctor was trying to get rid of him just like his dad and step-dad. He thought my p-doc was trying to spend time alone with me but I pointed out that the little one had never been asked to leave.

    At some point during all the iPad drama, Zee showed up. I briefly told her everything that had happened as well as my threat to send her to Foster Care. She wasn't angry at me, but gave me a hug intead and said something along the lines of "poor mommy".

    I know how all of the first part of the dream came about. While visiting Zee, she said we had to start family counseling soon and I would be very angry to learn half of the stuff she either didn't tell me or lied about. I told her I could guess some of it and that I was still angry about my iPod. She asked if I knew the truth and I said no, but I've guessed she sold it for drugs. She told me then that she was at a drug dealer's house taking care of his baby, who was crying. She had just gotten her cellphone from her friend so she was doubly distracted and forgot it there. Her friend then left state and she didn't know the apartment number of the dealers house. By the time she saw them again, they had already gotten rid of it

    When I got home, Katie, Brittany and Anthony showed up at my door. They all crowded into my bedroom. The make pretenses for a good 20 minutes then ask for a smoke. Unfortunately, I'm one of the neighborhood's "cool" moms. I told them I wouldn't be doing it much longer because I was quitting. Then we talked about e-cigs for a while. Then Brittany told me about a scratch tattoo she gave herself and I called her an idiot because she cut much too deeply and she only succeeded in giving herself an ugly scar. So then I felt compelled to educate her on how to properly do it.
    I usually hid from Zee's crew when they come over. I hate being the cool mom. At first, I only gave smokes to kids after I spoke to their parents to make sure it was okay. But then those kids would just give them to the other kids so I figure why try to keep up with what's what.

    In the first part of the dream, my hubby was disappointed in me because I had been stupid enough to let someone borrow my iPad to begin with. But then he was proud of me speaking my mind because I'm naturally passive.
    I'm not sure about the symbolism behind being in theater seating and having an "audience". The Witness was there because I've been thinking about returning and they've all been on my mind lately.

    As for the second dream... I really have no clue about any of it. My house has always been the bane of my existence, but I also fell asleep thinking of ways to rearrange and decorate my room.
    The cream I got on my nose represented Silver Nitrate.

    I've now been typing this for almost an hour. TIme to eat...
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