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    i made this account while i was still in high school, and now i am back as a senior in college. a lot has changed. hello again! please call me colette.

    i'm a history major at a university in a small town, i am allergic to most of the things i love, and i have a lot of dreams. nice to meet you.
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    i lurked for years after a google search led me here


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    this isn't a dream

    by sugarpeaches on 05-03-2018 at 03:23 AM
    apparently i haven't been on here since Before I Left For College
    oh boy have things changed

    a lot of my experiences since i started college have shaped my dream life into something far different than it used to be. more and more often i find myself both dwelling on the past and jumping far into the future. because of a rough first couple of years at university i had long periods of short, sharp nightmares that come back to me sometimes even now. because of a lot of soul-searching and self-reflection many of my dreams deal with fears i have only recently realized i have. because of an abusive relationship my dreams sometimes bring me back to a time and mindset i am still trying hard to overcome.

    i am so different now, and seeing my posts from so long ago i can't help smiling at who i was before. i'm like, twenty years old. i turn twenty one in two weeks, but sometimes i feel pretty ancient. my dream journey is beginning again, and this time it is with purpose. initially my interest was just that; an interest. now i think i would like to utilize my dreams in order to overcome my fears. i haven't been vigilant about reality checking, or about dream journals, or about anything non-academic, to be honest, but i think that this new dream goal is important and will help in my efforts to begin living a healthier life, mentally, emotionally, and physically. wish me luck.
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    school dreams and lucidity

    by sugarpeaches on 08-10-2015 at 04:09 PM
    it's been a while, goodness. i haven't even been all that busy. but onto some dream stuff!

    i'm going off to college for the first time this saturday so recently i've been having a lot of college dreams, as well as dreams about senior year events. as many as i've had it's been hard convincing my subconscious to take these situations as dream signs, so! lucidity hasn't happened in a school dream yet

    but i did become lucid last night in a dild fashion! it was a ridiculously simple dream. i was just sitting on my bed when i suddenly felt the need to look at my hands. without my glasses they looked normal, but with my glasses on they seemed to have only three fingers each (maybe because i wear my glasses nearly every moment of the day?). i wasn't able to change the dream scene, but i did change the time of day to night, which made it easier for me to think clearly! not very eventful, but definitely a valuable experience in trying to command my dreams.
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    last night's dreams

    by sugarpeaches on 06-23-2015 at 07:43 PM
    I had P.F Chang's chicken fried rice for dinner last night and had an especially vivid dream early this morning. I think the meal might have had something to do with it!

    Anyway--my dreams. The first I didn't record immediately so a majority of the details are lost to me.

    I go to college! But a few close friends are there (no one I know from high school is attending my college) and Iím just beside myself; Iím so glad Iím not alone. I asked them if they had roommates yet. One did, but the other did not. When I go home I tell my mom everything. Iím 200% sure more happened in this dream because I remember dorms and expanses of grass and sunlight but I have no idea how it fits together. Iím very sad about that. Ye thatís it for the first one!

    the second one was lovely and felt like it took place over the period of a couple/few days.

    They opened a new school right next to my old high school. Because the school is so close students go to both as necessary. It is larger inside than outside. On my first and second days my mom accidentally goes to drop us off in the wrong place so my brother and I have to correct her and go to the right place. Itís dark both mornings. I think one of the mornings we had a fight.
    The school is lovely. I lose my schedule the second day but before school there is a lounge of sorts to stay. On the first day I go through my schedule (I think) but on the second day after being in the lounge I have no schedule and forget where my classes are. I share a cookie with some friends in the lounge before going to find my first hour. I think I find it. Second hour not so much. I peek into a few rooms, one is a potions class. Then I decide to just explore.
    The school is a square/rectangle with hallways that are built so you can always look over the railing to see the main floor. Soft sunlight comes in windows of open classrooms and windows at the top of the building I never looked up to see. Rooms are built off this hallway. I look in a lot of them but I only remember the art room right nowóa smaller room with dark wood floors with a large piece of paper taking up the entire thing nearly. The walls are lined with paint. I end up looking into a large room with a boy in it, and he is suddenly very close. Other students are coming behind me and he tells me softly to just stay still, they wonít see me. He has brown hair with light curls and a thin face. He looks tired. In the dream I think he might be a ghost. The perspective switches to third person at this point and I turn away from the door, shutting it behind me. The boys behind me are surprised but I pay them no mind.
    I see that Iím not in my own body. Iím a curvier girl with black curly hair. But I turn to a mirror beside the room and my hair turns red and straight; going back to first person as well. Iím shocked. The mirror does not reflect me correctly, fragmenting me and appearing cloudy grey behind me rather than reflecting the actual background.
    There is a time lapse, I think. Iím now on the floor of the ground level beside a girl in a dress spread on the floor. There are a couple others. The girl's hair reminds me of Rapunzel but really looks a little more like me in my waking body. I donít know what weíre doing to her, but I suddenly feel the need to do a reality check as I feel myself waking up and do, only to have a false awakening. I lose lucidity at this point UnU
    I ďgo back to sleepĒ to a room in the school where Iím on a couch or a bed, watching two siblings sleep. Iím pretty sure Iím in my waking body again, just in a dream. Someone keeps coming in to put more blankets on them. They are both thin with black hair. The boyís has a slight turn and the girlís is a black bob. Sheís talking in her sleep about how hot it is and I wonder if the blankets are to blame. He wakes up and we get into a conversation about what he doesóironically, he is a dress designer. I ask where he needs to measure me (across my collarbone?) and try to find a tape measure in my drawer only to find he has his own. I sit in a room in the soft sunlight and he starts measuring me for a dress. We chat a little and the dream ends.

    I've never had such a long dream!! It was exciting! I'm pretty mad that my false awakening ruined my lucidity though. How rude.

    lucidity?? and my first dream journal entry!

    by sugarpeaches on 06-23-2015 at 07:22 PM
    It started in a strange town that I had to get away from, so I got in a car with a few friends (none of whom are people I've actually met in real life) and we went to a Wendy's outside the town.
    At this point I "woke up," an obvious false awakening now that I think about it. But I decided to go back to "sleep" into the same dream, and told myself that I would become lucid. I went back into the dream, to the Wendy's, but was now on a bus and wanted to get out, so I opened a window. But, suddenly realizing I was dreaming, I didn't climb out the window, I simply made the bus vanish. Then I played around with the gravity of the dream universe and made food levitate and stuff until having another false awakening and finally having a real awakening.

    This is an old dream; more are coming soon!