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    1. bird resurrection, page 1

      by , 10-18-2019 at 01:08 PM
      Friday, 18 October 2019

      Reading time: 3 min 20 sec.

      Here, I will explain the essential decoding of entries that will eventually include “bird resurrection” in the title. The original entries will remain in my online journal.

      Something coming to life, reviving, or waking from sleep in the last part of a dream is simply the subliminal, liminal, or supraliminal anticipatory autosymbolism of waking up, the preconscious precursor of gaining control of the physical body and the emergence of consciousness and valid personal identity. That is what most final dream segments include (more so with instinctual and lucid modulation), though with an infinite variety of content. Ultimately, the most common indicator of this process for me is a bird of any number of species from dream to dream.

      The foundation of this process has occurred every sleep cycle since early childhood, though I have only thus far included some of the more interesting dreaming experiences online.

      Qebehsenuef Canopic Jar (October 18, 2019). A mummified parrot in an Egyptian falcon canopic jar (Qebehsenuef) comes to life, and the bird vibrates in my hands with pleasing sensations.

      The most recent mental activity before this had been in slow-wave sleep (virtual mummification). I am lucidly modulating liminal space (anticipating the drop, but it does not occur). I had intestinal pain before (and during) sleep. (A Qebehsenuef canopic jar holds the intestines.) Note that any container typically represents how the dream self cannot arouse the physical body until consciousness emergence.

      Decayed Fence and Strange Weather (July 7, 2015). At the end of this dream, Ava Gardner is in a lacey black dress. She is on the floor near a couch on her elbows, with her knees up. As I grab her heels, she transforms into a Tweety Bird foil balloon of about three feet in length. I strike it against the floor while holding the bottom edge, but it remains as it is. (It was similar to “Unconvincing Resurrection” from October 18, 2016, when I tried to resurrect a dream character from his skull in a bucket of water, but out came a novelty balloon with a skeleton print.)

      That dream segment (the last part of a much longer dream) is probably more ridiculous than most other examples. Balloons and birds both correlate with drop anticipation, though balloons additionally relate to a subliminal, liminal, or supraliminal focus on breathing while sleeping.

      One Quail into Three (September 26, 2014). There is a tall thin paper sack with a rectangular bottom that contains a sickly quail on its side. There is a vivid vibration as I hold the paper bag. Eventually, there are inexplicably three quail in it, two healthy, one sickly. Zsuzsanna is about to sell the sack of quail to an unknown woman who arrives at our door (lesser wall mediation with doorway waking autosymbolism). I wake as she talks to her.

      That dream indicates the same process and with the same modulation as the first example, though instinctually rather than lucidly. However, enigmatic space (not a dreaming process) also became a factor here. Years later, in real life, our oldest daughter took an interest in raising quail (with Zsuzsanna helping her). When selling a few in town, the buyer complained about one of them being unhealthy, though it was not; it only had one feather out of place. Thus, my dream’s scenario was also literal, but years before real-life correlation. (One quail of a small hatching as here died in another instance.)

      Baby Bird (May 4, 2014). We have a baby bird (possibly a wild finch) that fell out of its nest and is living inside my makeshift terrarium outside. It is weak and sickly, seemingly injured. By feeding it small pieces of rubber cut from a bicycle inner tube, it grows and becomes healthier in a short time. Later, after feeding it potato chips, it ceases to exist.

      That dream might seem bizarre to people who do not understand the co-occurrence of dreaming and waking processes. Bicycles are a more grounded form of vestibular correlation anticipation than flight is (with less expectation of the drop), so this is instinctual modulation to correlate emerging physical preparedness as much dream content is. Next, come potato chips. As they crumble easily, I associate them with the dream state losing cohesion (and the bird and anticipatory factors dissipate as a result).

      The Hummingbird Power (January 2, 2007). In this dream, a hummingbird had gotten into our house, and I do not want it to become weak over time or injure itself. Holding it creates an extreme sense of compressed weight as well as pleasing powerful vibrations. Although it seems to have gotten squashed when I absentmindedly close our front door, it seems invulnerable and flies back into our house for a time.

      Ceramic Chicken (from 1963) is one of my oldest validated dreams from before I could write. A statue coming to life is the anticipation of waking (cortical arousal).

      Hopefully, this entry should serve as a partial foundation for idiot-proofing my online dream journal when it comes to this type of content.

    2. Ralph Waite Leaves on a Giant Sparrow

      by , 11-07-2018 at 12:08 PM
      Afternoon of November 7, 2018. Wednesday.

      Dream #: 18,951-07. Reading time: 40 sec. Readability score: 60.

      Ralph Waite as on the 1980s television series “The Mississippi” is the main speaker at a meeting in a business-like environment in a large office, though he sits at a desk while speaking. He is wearing a dark suit.

      I am semi-lucid, and in the back of my mind, I had been contemplating more precise terms for common induction, dreaming, and waking processes for statistical reasons. One of these was considering the statistical variation between male and female vestibular system simulacrums to see if there was a significant difference when part of the flight symbol subset.

      Ralph’s talk seems to be about the nature of dreams and laws regarding them, but I do not discern the content of what he is telling the other males. He has a hardcover book open and refers to it now and then.

      There is a slight change of mood, and Ralph sits atop a giant sparrow (suddenly outside the building) and flies off on it.

      male vestibular system simulacrum (in flight), (Ralph Waite)

      literal dream space thread

    3. The Dragonfly and the Robin

      by , 10-03-2018 at 06:51 AM
      Morning of October 3, 2018. Wednesday.

      Dream #: 18,916-01. Reading time (optimized): 2 min. Readability score: 71.

      My dream self is non-lucidly in my den in the Stadcor Street house in Brisbane, where we have not lived for years (since our two oldest were young children). There is clutter of which I am sorting. I pick up several winter sweaters from atop other items on the floor and hang them on a hook on the door. A few are like ones I have had in real life, including a gray one. I also pick up pieces of technology, such as a sound card.

      The west wall has a narrow gap under it. I notice that a big dragonfly is headfirst about halfway under it. It seems to be dead. I decide to show it to my youngest son. (My dream self has no recall that he never lived at this address.) When I turn around, the bedroom where Zsuzsanna and our youngest son is is the same room I had just been in, though my dream self does not notice this error. The head of the bed is against the west wall. Zsuzsanna is sitting up in bed. Our youngest son is standing on the opposite side of the room.

      I feel intense vibrations in my fingers as the dragonfly is alive and moving its wings. I go to the back door, incorrectly rendered as facing east into the yard rather than south onto the porch, and let it go. It still has trouble flying, so stays near the door.

      Looking out the window of the back door after closing the door, I see an American robin (juvenile based on its coloring) hopping out to the center of the backyard. It seems that the bird probably ate the dragonfly, though I did not see this occur. I awake around this time.

      Use of a door or doorway serves as one of two potentials, either triggering the waking process (as here) or triggering lucidity and vivification. A door is a transition from one mode of consciousness to another, in real time.

      Birds have been a common point of focus in the last moments of my dreams since early childhood. It is an emerging consciousness factor as an association with the dream self’s fictitious body (not viably understanding where one’s real physical body is, associating the essence of sleeping and dreaming with flight). The dragonfly was a potential for lucidity but did not serve as such. This type of focus, which has occurred in many dreams, is from subliminal awareness of my hands when my dream self’s attention focuses on picking up or moving something.

      No preconscious avatar is present. That is most often because of the presence of a dream state indicator, in this case, the bedroom and bed, a feature of at least one dream per sleep cycle since earliest memory and which serves as a precursory liminal awareness of being asleep, thus the preconscious is often not needed in RAS mediation of this type. (That depends on my dream self’s mode and progress of transition from the dream state.)

    4. Activating a Funny Toy (with study guide)

      by , 07-15-2018 at 02:26 PM
      Morning of July 15, 2018. Sunday.

      My dream’s setting is a fusion of the L-shaped room of the King Street mansion and the lounge room of our present home. I am sitting on my bed as it was on King Street and facing north towards the window. My youngest daughter is sitting on the floor.

      I have one of her plastic toys; Peppa Pig’s yellow spaceship. It is part of a big computerized game, though is only a trial model that requires an activation code before it can function. A bag on my right contains many similar toys.

      I think of activating all her toys so that they become the full versions by obtaining the codes from inside them without contacting the company.

      Looking through the window of Peppa Pig’s yellow spaceship, I see several lines of computer code printed on a paper strip that seems to be part of a scrolling mechanism that is at the back. There are lines printed on each side of the paper strip, but I am unable to see the print on its opposite side.

      One line ends with the value 9876543210. I doubt that this is the correct code, but I still attempt it. It does not work. There is another number with a random sequence of digits, but that one does not work either.

      The third code is hexadecimal, with “EE” in it, the rest being numbers. I try that one, and something happens. An oversized toy bird beak emerges from the window of the toy rocket, generating an odd chirping. As the codes are so easy to find and use, I consider activating all the other toys.

      Study guide:

      1) What are the two main autosymbolic factors of this dream?

      2) This dream has secondary autosymbolism based on ultradian rhythm. Identify it.

      3) What does yellow represent here?

      4) What is a factor that reveals the subliminal awareness of being in the dream state?

      5) Is there a possible interconsciousness factor here? If so, what?

      Study guide answers:

      1) Vestibular system correlation as flight-related autosymbolism (in two simultaneous forms, bird and rocket) and precursory thinking skills correlation as the need to read numbers and enter a code.

      2) The cuckoo clock association.

      3) Emergent consciousness factor, which is a result of increased awareness of the light spectrum.

      4) I am sitting on my bed.

      5) Transpersonal communication with our youngest daughter while in the dream state. Remember that dreams are in real time, not a result of memory processing as disinformation agents propagate.

      Readability score: 71. Correctness of writing: 100. Intellectual value: 76.

    5. Budgerigar on Zsuzsanna’s Left Shoulder

      by , 07-12-2018 at 01:44 PM
      Morning of July 12, 2018. Thursday.

      My dream is set in our present home, though it is rendered as somewhat larger. I am in the lounge room.

      A beautiful little parakeet, mainly an atypical mix of green, yellow, white, and blue, is hopping around from one of my hands to another, also up and down my arm.

      Zsuzsanna comes into our lounge room. The bird flies up and onto Zsuzsanna’s left shoulder.

      I have a vague expectation that the bird might fly off, but it continues to sit on her shoulder, watching me. I experience a sense of peace and joy. On one level, I realize that I am controlling the bird’s actions and behavior, though this is in the back of my mind. (This is similar to how, in apex lucidity, I manipulate vestibular system correlation autosymbolism when rendered as birds in flight so that they freeze in midair and become suspended silhouettes, though I am not lucid here.)

      This dream is NOT based on memory or memory processing as many so-called researchers or “experts” claim.

      This dream is NOT a result of events of the previous day as many people claim.

      The only traceable thread relevant to waking life is based on how our oldest daughter carries mice around, as they run up and down her arms, and I sometimes ask her if they might jump from her, but that has not happened.

      This dream is NOT symbolic in waking life context, which is typically not possible when not conscious and not lucid, despite the misguided claims of both “professionals” and random people in society.

      This dream is autosymbolic (simultaneously symbolic of sleeping, dreaming, transpersonal, biological, and waking processes) of transpersonal communication between Zsuzsanna and I (which occurs in waking life as a flash of “blue fire” in my left field of vision). Additionally; it partly stems from vestibular system correlation and the absence of the viable discernment of physicality when in REM sleep, which I have experienced in various forms in every sleep cycle since earliest memory. What, do people think the physical body flawlessly goes into the dream state and then back out when they wake? What do you think causes flying and falling dreams? In waking life, you have a real physical body. In dreams, you do not, as it is only a model; an ephemeral illusion. This is all moot, as my dream self’s focus is on exploring the nature of the dream state and waking process and its transition in anticipatory liminal focus, not waking life as a rule (other than when literalism and prescience are factors).


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    6. Superstition is for the Birds

      by , 12-07-2017 at 02:17 PM
      Morning December 7, 2017. Thursday.

      With water induction, I find myself walking over a walkway made up of boards of various lengths. It is also implied to be a road (or low-set bridge) for cars (though only one passes from the opposite direction at times to where I move out of the way a short distance), over water (either the ocean or a large lake), though I remain unsure of the location. Walking with me to my immediate left is an unknown male in his late twenties. He reminds me of an otherwise younger John Leguizamo (though I seem to be much younger as well).

      “Be careful, it’s a pigeon,” he tells me. A mostly black pigeon walks across the walkway, perpendicular to us, and from my left to my right. John’s spoken statement causes me to become a bit more aware, but I do not understand the relevance.

      Looking at him, his face seems to remain frozen, with an annoying grin. “Is it now?” I say, but he does not respond.

      I am trying to grasp the situation when I realize that it has something to do with “not letting a pigeon cross your path”, though this is otherwise distorted from the nonsensical “black cat” superstition.

      Looking at him again, his face is in a different annoying expression, also somewhat like a grin.

      I decide to “not let the pigeon cross my path” by turning right and following the pigeon, as it had apparently stopped and is walking slowly. Still, this will lead me off the side of the walkway if I continue. Instead, I find myself walking on my bed. There is a strange falling sensation as if my body was not fully perceived. I am concerned that I fell atop Zsuzsanna, but this is only a false awakening.

      Decoding template follows:

      • Dream type and explanation: This dream uses “return flight waking symbolism”, which is created when the physicality of the conscious self identity is ambiguously perceived prior to the RAS (reticular activating system) neural gating that regulates the sleep-wake transition. Consequently, the dream self identity subliminally anticipates falling, rising, sustained flight, or other illusory movement based on the misperception of the vestibular system’s equilibrium dynamics.
      • Dream state induction type: Water (most common, at least once per sleeping period).
      • Dream state indicators: The bed (in the false awakening).
      • Liminal space symbol: The walkway over the water and the false awakening setting.
      • Preconscious factor: John Leguizamo.
      • Liminal space cessation trigger: Contemplating illusory nonsense while in the dream state itself (yet not realizing it).
      • Flight symbol to dream exit point (symbolic waking transition): The pigeon as “returning” me to my bed, symbolized in my dream by the false awakening. (Typically, the preconscious points out this dream feature as such, which here, I become annoyed at, probably out of liminal dream state awareness in not wanting to wake yet.)
      • Liminal dream control seems to be a partial element, evidenced by my “freezing” (and sustaining) of the preconscious and implementing my own focus of choice, even though it otherwise manifests my false awakening into the offset dream.
      • “And they try to pigeon hole in you in hollywouldnt but dont u let them!” - John Leguizamo.

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    7. Five shorter dreams, including a snake in a cake

      by , 09-08-2017 at 09:46 AM
      Morning of September 8, 2017. Friday.

      Instead of making a separate entry for each of these five dreams of today, I will, at least for now, include only their summaries in one entry. (These are not all of today’s dreams as I sometimes remember fifteen or more, rarely ever less than five or six, not including the hundreds of short hypnagogic sequences, though those are usually of apex lucidity and too personal to post.) There were other dreams both before and after this sequence of five.

      Dream one: “Sighting a Red-winged Blackbird Near a Bus Stop”. I am in an unknown area in an unknown city, though I do not consider it as unfamiliar or how I got here. A kindergarten teacher is trying to get all of her students to gather together in one area, possibly near the bus stop. (She reminds me a little of my own kindergarten teacher from my childhood.) They may have been on a field trip. The streets have mostly commercial buildings. There is an open area which is mostly like a park on the opposite side of the street from where I am. I see one bird walking about on the short grass. It is a red-winged blackbird. As it slowly moves away from my view, sometimes hopping or flying a very short distance, I notice that the spot on its wing seems different at times, either more red or more yellow, but I consider that this relates to how its wing is positioned. It faces to the right at times. I point at it and cheerfully say that it is a red-winged blackbird. The teacher acknowledges me briefly but seems more interested in gathering her students together. (This is a typical combination of return flight waking symbolism mixed in with coalescence waking symbolism, with the bus stop analogy of returning to wakeful consciousness. The preconscious - the teacher - is passive here as it is not my last dream of the sleeping period.)

      Dream two: “Shaving with a Guinea Pig’s Shaving Cream”. I am with an unknown male in an unfamiliar bathroom, though I seem to be him at times. The other male is in the bathroom to shave, but he uses shaving cream which belongs to the guinea pig. The “guinea pig”, who actually seems mainly like an ordinary male human, stands off to my left and warns about a human being using it as it may be toxic to them or unsuitable at best. I shave slowly and carefully while looking in the mirror as I am seemingly now the other male. The detail is very clear and vivid. After this, with mostly smooth skin, guinea pig hair seems to grow out smoothly and cleanly from where my shaving occurred, mostly around my chin. I am not that concerned as this is apparently happening to the other male and not me even though I presently seem to be him. (This is partly related to removing most of my facial hair recently. Our guinea pigs are sometimes presently kept in the bathroom because of the cold weather, though in a fully-enclosed cage with a solid bottom.)

      Dream three: “Stolen Dimensional Gateway Emerald”. I am with a few unknown males. We enter a large room that has an unusual glass structure in the center which is higher than our height but only about two-thirds the height of the room. It would be cross-shaped if viewed from above. There is a glass room in the center, with four smaller rooms of slightly lesser height coming out from each direction. Each room’s walls are transparent. Here and there are multicolored rocks of the type found near some railroad tracks. I am aware that the emerald used to control the dimensional gateway is missing. In fact, I consider that I may have taken it. There is a vague sense of amusement as another male is annoyed that he cannot use the gateway. I look over a few of the interesting railroad track rocks and mention how the gateway emerald could be replaced, not to actually be usable, but so that other people do not know the real one was taken. “They don’t have anything like that at Walmart,” says the other male angrily. (This is some sort of distorted and failed reinduction - that is, dream reinitiation attempt, my dream self coalesced with the preconscious and my subliminal will projected as from another character.)

      Dream four: “Snake in a Cake”. There is some sort of party (possibly a birthday party) in a mostly featureless room that mostly only has a very large three-tiered pink cake that is about a foot higher than me. I get the impression that it may be taking place in the house on St. Cloud Street (where my older brother Earl lived for a time years ago). A lot of people are present, most unfamiliar, some relatives. After a time, a very large snake crawls across the floor. I relay what I see to the crowd, some people trying to leave, but there are too many people pushing about. I watch the snake smoothly crawl into the base of the cake and disappear. The imagery is mostly in pinks, oranges, and yellows. I relay how the snake has gone into the cake. Someone, an unknown male, says that he is not eating any of the cake. Later, the cake starts turning like a merry-go-round, which is caused by the snake’s actions. The cake eventually falls apart but there is seemingly not that much of a threat from the snake. (This probably relates to becoming dizzy in the past presumably from too much sugar, but I have not had problems with that lately, and I no longer drink cola at all. The snake was not rendered very realistically - more of the “War of the Serpents” mood and style from my childhood, so not serving as a vivid and more dominant waking prompt in itself as in other cases. Pink of a specific hue is often related to mild indigestion in sleep, based directly on taking Pepto-Bismol a number of times when I was young.)

      Dream five: “Earl’s Puppies”. This is fairly vivid. I walk into a room that is mostly featureless. Earl (older half-brother on my mother’s side who died in November of 2007) is standing in the room. There is not much light. He seems healthy and appears mostly as he was in the 1980s. I am aware that he has at least three puppies (perhaps four) inside his abdomen. I hear them whimper a few times and there is movement on his skin’s surface. (His shirt is up.) I am not sure if he had (either deliberately or accidentally) swallowed them whole or is willingly to be some sort of surrogate mother. I ask him if he is concerned about being bitten internally or if it might hurt. He seems cheerful and resolute. (This is likely a result of mild indigestion mixed with hearing the dog next door whining in real life through the veil of sleep.)

      There were a number of other dreams, a couple of which I may post separately at a later time or date. These dreams in order of vividness and clarity were five, two, one, three, four.

    8. Helping the Winchesters Fight the “Stork Witch”

      by , 06-11-2016 at 10:58 AM
      Morning of June 11, 2016. Saturday.

      In my dream, where I seem to somehow be a different person or character yet still feel like myself in most ways, I am an individual who has traveled around extensively and I am also seemingly a hunter in the manner of Sam and Dean Winchester from the “Supernatural” television series. I am aware that they have been called in to face the most difficult “monster” that they had ever dealt with. This creature is supposedly impossible to kill but can be subdued for a time until it rises again. It is kept in a cage on an isolated property (I assume in America, possibly Ohio) reachable by an old back road. Sam and Dean are on the scene.

      I meet with them to help them at the location where the creature is presently sleeping in a cage though supposedly about to rise and kill a number of people. They seem hesitant at first but then are totally okay with me being there and both are receptive of my authority and apparent advanced skills (though on one level I know that this is pretense and that I am “creating everything under my will” even though I am not at all lucid in any way, as this is a state of awareness that I have experienced thousands of times in dream states since earliest memory).

      I tell them that I know James (although I actually mean Bobby Singer), having gained much experience from him, and they seem to understand and are happy with it.

      We are preparing for the upcoming battle as we are told by the owner of the property that the monster is stirring. It is apparently some sort of anthropomorphic white stork (with fur as well as feathers) with deadly far-reaching supernatural powers. We are told to get some weapons. These “weapons” turn out to be large pillow-like hessian sandbags (obvious dream sign) filled with some sort of magical concoction to help put the beast back to sleep (another obvious situational concurrent dream sign). These “pillows” which are aligned along the fence (concurrent liminal space symbol), some slightly buried (implied to be at a deeper level of concurrent awareness within the dream state), are taken out by us. I also see a few barbells in the dirt but decide we may not need these.

      We go into the house and one side of a large room is like a jail. The monster is inside but starting to move around. At first it looks like a white-furred Bigfoot but it eventually becomes somewhat of an anthropomorphic stork. This stork creature is ready to attack (even though it is in the cage).

      The owner of the residence opens the cage door and we go in. Sam and Dean Winchester start hitting this creature with the “pillows” as hard as they can. Powder flies through the air but not enough to lower the visibility of the scene by that much. I join in and also whack this “stork-monster” (of human height) with my “pillow”. It seems to remain dazed and never fully stands up at any point. Sam, Dean, and I soon leave this “cage” and start talking in the other area of the room with the owner.

      Soon however, the creature is active again but now appears totally human; a dark-haired female of perhaps thirty. Her hands are raised up and out in mimicry of a spider or martial arts position and she is apparently a powerful destructive witch. As I stare her down, my dream becomes more and more vivid and intense. Orange lightning (conscious mind symbol) comes from her hands and her hair stands up, but I am also able to raise my own hands in defense. Simply by holding my gaze and moving my hands out and around a bit, she eventually falls back and is defeated for another cycle.

      “Awesome,” says Dean as Sam smiles and nods in my direction, both from my left (even though a “witch” like me would not be liked by them in the actual television series).

      After this, we all get in a car. Dean drives though Sam sits in the back seat (on my right) in Speedo swimwear. He is singing some sort of song and using words like “Speedo”, “Guido”, and “Buido” and Dean looks back at him as if greatly annoyed.

      To those who understand dreams and their nature (though there are various types), this is a surreal but typical sleeping, dreaming, and waking adventure all in metaphor. Nothing could be more obvious than that than slapping a white bird with a pillow to put it to sleep (especially when inside a cage or jail which represents restricting the energies of the preconscious state). The white bird is a moon (dream induction) sign, a typical concurrent consciousness displacement symbol, and this entire series of dream events is a metaphor for circadian rhythms and the waking transition as is often the case.

      The clever references in the song seem at least partly related to trolls on the Internet, unfortunately (which is something that in all honesty is pointless to dream about as nothing can really be done about them). “Guido” is a possible play on “Guido van Helten” which in turn is a play on VonHelton, the bizarre narcissistic YouTube troll, who is possibly one of the strangest personas and crazed individuals on the Internet. “Buido” apparently has various associations. However, in Spanish, it mostly seems to be a reference to something that is corrugated, fluted, or sharp. It is associated with “puntiagudo” (“pointed”) or “con punta aguda” (“with a sharp point”), which is obviously a play on my birthplace of “Punta Gorda” (or “Fat Point” in describing the shape of the region), which is a dream reference to returning to who I really am in whole consciousness, as a sort of “rebirth”.

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    9. Unusual Bird

      by , 05-18-2015 at 11:18 AM
      Morning of May 18, 2015. Monday.

      I am in an unknown area, seemingly in late morning, near a small wooden cattle fence but which does not seem very high. However, at times, it seems I am inside my present home on W Street and outside in this unfamiliar area at the same time though it does not seem like a bilocated setting, only ambiguous.

      I notice a very unusual bird walking around on the other side of the fence (and in conscious afterthought it looks much like a bittern but the coloring is wrong and it seems unnaturally “stretched” and thin). Upon seeing this unexpectedly unusual bird that I do not recall ever seeing before, I want to show it to members of my family. I start yelling the names of my two youngest sons and my wife Zsuzsanna but there is no response (and my voice sounds quite loud to me). I can see the feet of my second youngest son through a doorway as it seems he is lying on a bed reading (again, it seems as if I am outside and inside my house at the same time though looking through the other doorway of my “house”). I continue to yell their names, becoming a bit frustrated that no one is responding.

      Finally, they all come out but by this time the bird is farther from the fence though still visible. I get the impression (though not correct) that it is some kind of ibis and say this aloud, but pronounce it like “ee-bus”, so I start to think that maybe the bird is not that rare or unusual after all. The members of my family do not seem that impressed by the bird.

      Meanwhile, this extremely unusual-looking man in our “yard” and who is wearing what reminds me of a Canadian Mountie hat, remains motionless (and slightly leaning forward) and gazing at two extraordinarily odd-looking twin young girls on the other side of the fence (yet none of these people had been seen just moments before). They all seem unrealistically ugly, looking almost like troll dolls (though more naturally human-like). Either the man is making fun of their appearance by somehow making his face look like theirs (and I do not consider how this would not actually be possible), or the girls can manipulate how someone else’s face appears (equally impossible) as well as somehow “freezing” the person they are gazing at (though not necessarily turning them to stone). I am not quite certain which is the case even in conscious afterthought though I am somewhat wary of going near the fence to get a better look at the bird because I also vaguely remember something about Stheno and Euryale, the Gorgons. There seems to be an offset scene where the girls make their faces completely blank (with no eyes, nose, or mouth) and the man seems in distress as his face becomes blank. He pulls his hat down while also seeming to pull at his hair as he seems to be bending forward more, perhaps against his will. The mother of the girls is nearby but her appearance is seemingly normal. Nothing much happens after this, just an unexplainable sense of caution.

      Unusual-looking or unidentifiable large “exotic” birds, though often with heron, egret, stork, or bittern attributes, are a fairly common feature in some dream types since early childhood. They often consistently have the same unusual mood or essence that is not present in other dream types.

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    10. Baby Bird (see also "bird resurrection")

      by , 05-04-2014 at 11:04 AM
      Morning of May 4, 2014. Sunday.

      We end up with a baby bird that had fallen out of a nest in a nearby area of the yard of the house we live in presently. I think it is a wild finch. It is very small and cannot quite walk properly (and it seems injured at first, though turns out not to be - just being a bit weak). I have a large container with no top that is somewhat like a semitransparent plastic storage box, but which is about two-thirds the size of the top of my computer desk. The bottom of the container has about a one-inch (or more) layer of dirt.

      Over time, the bird begins to move a little more. For some reason, we decide the best thing to feed it to ensure its survival are very tiny pieces of rubber cut from a bicycle inner tube, as if that makes perfect sense. It also seems to be all we have regarding “bird food”. It seems to be “happy” about getting the tiny inner tube pieces and eats all that I give it.

      A little later, I decide that crackers will probably be better, though I am thinking about all the preservatives and wondering if they will be harmful to birds in general, yet somehow, it eventually seems okay, and does seem a better option than the rubber bits (and less troublesome and time-consuming to provide) - so I break up a few crackers into fine crumbs (to my left relative to the container) and it enthusiastically feeds.

      Finally, I crunch up a stack of Pringles potato chips and scatter them in a larger area to the right. However, there are still a lot of nearly whole pieces that go into the makeshift terrarium and the baby bird looks a bit bigger and more developed, even moving its recently feathered wings about as it hops a bit more energetically. (For some reason, its wings look like they are on “backwards” but I think this may be only because of the downy feathers curled back.) It is able to bite into the potato chips and easily feed without any help from me, reminding me of a person holding up and taking a bite out of a large sandwich. I figure about half a cylinder of the chips will keep him going for at least a day or two. It goes under a chip and out again, seeming to enjoy its access to its food and it is becoming stronger, reminding me a little of a guinea pig moving about in a large, cage-sized cluster of grass and getting “happily lost” in it.

      For a time, I worry about leaving it, because I am concerned it will get trapped under some sections of scattered clusters of the more complete chips, but the scene does not seem that problematic for it. It goes under a whole chip and does not come out for a time and that seems my cue to wake as it seems to no longer exist at that point.

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    11. Bird Cemetery

      by , 02-14-1982 at 08:10 PM
      Morning of February 14, 1982. Sunday.

      This is one of those “riding around in a car while relatives look for something” dreams, more common when I was much younger. I am with my brother-in-law Bob though at another point seem to be with someone else who is driving (possibly brother-in-law Mel and my sister Carol). I am in the back seat on the right side for the most part and my dream wavers between being alert and feeling a bit “off”.

      There is a strong focus on finding a “bird cemetery” that takes up exactly one city block, or so it seems. However, over time, I get a very eerie feeling that something is not quite right. Time does not seem to pass normally as if I am living within some sort of looped or repeating situation. It does not come to my awareness at all that there are no bird cemeteries as such, and such an idea does not even seem strange to me in-dream. In fact, I get the impression that most bird cemeteries are probably a little bigger than many human cemeteries. At one point, it seems we pass the same bird cemetery several times (even though we do not make any turns, it seems) but do not stop because, for some reason, it is not the right one (the one we apparently are actually going to stop and visit). I see more and more bird cemeteries that seem similar or are somehow the “same” one and begin to recognize that there are hardly any other landmarks or areas with normal buildings (so that perhaps the “same” one-block bird cemetery is to be seen for three blocks in a row, that is, three instances of it). My uncomfortable awareness that I am stuck in some sort of “loop” remains until I wake as well as some sort of other unnamed but eerie association I cannot quite put words to (though my dream is too emotionless otherwise to be nightmarish).

      This dream possibly came from (or was influenced by) the line “the mockingbird still singing o'er her grave”, as I get a vague impression that many of the birds are probably mockingbirds, shrikes, and starlings - this in turn possibly layered with the otherwise unrelated novel title “To Kill a Mockingbird”.

      Update (July 2, 2015): I should probably add in this online entry that when I was very young, I very much thought that the line “the mockingbird still singing o'er her grave” was about the ghost of a mockingbird singing over her own grave. This is probably important regarding this particular dream’s distortion, as it was also a song my father sang (and he died on the fourteenth of February in 1979).
    12. Hummingbird vs. Mockingbird

      by , 06-07-1981 at 08:46 PM
      Morning of June 7, 1981. Sunday.

      There is a great battle between a hummingbird and a mockingbird near a fence on the “edge of time” or near where nothing else exists, as if it means the fate of mankind. I hear a voice say “the hummingbird rivals the mockingbird”. It also appears in print like some sort of important adage.

      This dream combines a couple unusual associations related to the “song” of both birds. There is an old joke about the hummingbird “humming” - “because it doesn’t know the words” and a mockingbird “mocks” the songs of other birds, apparently.

      Additionally, there may be a play on “hummock” - a general geological term referring to a small knoll or mound above ground as a subtle link to a grave - or to human mortality.
    13. Pelican Skeleton

      by , 11-03-1979 at 05:03 PM
      Morning of November 3, 1979. Saturday.

      A living pelican skeleton walks about in my family’s living room in Cubitis (though I was living in Wisconsin by this time in real life). My dream is very intense and vivid, with an augmented sense of wonder, but not eerie despite the imagery. There is a vibrant positive energy present. The pelican skeleton eventually jumps up onto a dresser (along the west wall of the living room) and then spends time seemingly looking at itself in a mirror (perhaps in puzzlement of its “twin” in the mirror) and moving its wings of bone. I am also vaguely aware of other activity in the room, something like small balls rolling around and possibly small mammals of which I do not directly focus upon.

      It seems very alive and vibrant, as if I am viewing the scene through some sort of x-ray vision. There is a lot of energy in my dream, and other events are happening, but this is the main one and the focus of my dream at its most vivid level. (It reminds me, in conscious afterthought, of an image from the Time-Life book “The Birds”, which I had since I was very young.

      This dream is a unique version of the otherwise typical type of autosymbolism in the last segment of my dreams that relates to associations with vestibular system ambiguity and not knowing where my physical body is in unconsciousness. Although there is a lesser semi-lucidity here, my dream self typically does not have viable access to either my unconscious or viable memory or thinking skills, or viable awareness of my conscious self in waking life. This, in fact, is why the mirror is rendered, as a mirror is a type of autosymbolism that represents this division of liminal space. The skeleton form represents how my dream self is not my complete conscious self in waking life, combined with the flight symbol that is precursory to the actual waking transition (and of which is rendered in over one in five of my dreams, at least once per sleep cycle).

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    14. “The Roc” (I watch a giant bird fly over a cypress swamp)

      by , 11-15-1978 at 05:15 PM
      Morning of November 15, 1968. Friday.

      The location seems to be a very dense cypress swamp in Florida. The cypress trees are seemingly gigantic; as big as skyscrapers (though there is no hint of any people or man-made features in the region). It is beautiful. It is also eerie but without any sense of a threat. Although it is of a full view and three-dimensional, I do not seem fully in my dream body (though I am not certain if I am implied to be incorporeal).

      I watch what seems to be an enormous eagle, mostly in silhouette, flying from right to left. It is the most vivid when I view it through a wide clearing between two dense areas of impossibly tall cypress trees. It does not seem to be carrying any prey. Its wings are moving but almost as if in slow motion. I feel as if it is a roc (even though a roc is mythological). There is a sense of peace, love, and timelessness. The imagery is mostly in shades of gray (which is very rare in my dreams). The emotional state is also unusual, as other dreams I had during this time included the threat of buzzards, yet this bird seems much bigger, possibly as big as a jumbo jet.

      This dream was my last dream of the morning and is a unique and very enjoyable return flight waking transition.

      My dream seems to have three influences:

      • The swampy Fort Ogden area in Florida where I lived when I was very young
      • The Pogo Possum comic strip
      • A deck of educational cards that, when flicked through, display an animation of wild animal silhouettes with a bird silhouette flying above them

      In my earliest dream journal entry on notebook paper (at age seven) I had referred to this bird as an “elephant bird” (though I also referred to it as a “roc”), but I later learned that the extinct elephant bird was flightless (and of Madagascar) and certainly not like the bird in this dream.

      This entry was last checked and clarified on Saturday, 31 December 2016. A new photographic image (based on an original sketch) has been added.

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    15. The Heron’s Elongated Beak (Full Study Format)

      by , 09-08-1978 at 03:08 PM
      Morning of September 8, 1968. Sunday.

      I deliberately “step into” a chosen dream setting in my last dream of the morning, though I do not remain lucid. It is our Cubitis living room, but with different features. This setting is otherwise a rendering of the first area I see when leaving my bedroom in reality. The time seems to be early morning, around sunrise, the same time as when I “went in”. I sense that I am the only person present in our house (even though my parents are in the house in reality).

      It comes to my attention that a great blue heron is trapped in our wood stove in the northeast corner of our living room. It is visible from the lowest part of the neck and up, thus somehow protruding from the top of this implied cage from an apparent opening. I am somewhat wary of it being in our house. Its beak grows longer as I watch, remaining in a horizontal orientation and pointing southward, never moving from side to side. I hold concern that it will become so long as to reach through the hallway (though it would have to curve if it did), out the back door at the end of the hallway (to the south) and possibly even around the world and back to where no one would be fully safe from it. This does not happen but I still decide to attempt to escape through the hallway (rather than going out the front door or back into my bedroom).

      The bird does not make any sound. Its eyes seem very lifelike. I think that after going down the hallway that I could hide in the bathroom. The beak would have to turn at a ninety degree angle as well as go through the door but I am not focused on that line of reasoning other than very vaguely. As I walk through the bathroom’s doorway, I have a soft awakening (no noticeable physical hypnopompic event).

      Following is a detailed study in subliminal waking trepidation as sustained by the dream self in “The Heron’s Elongated Beak” (September 8, 1968) on Sunday, 16 July 2017:

      • This dream is based on subliminal expectancy of the lower back spasm, a common physical jolt that only occurs in certain levels of consciousness between sleeping and waking (similar to the hypnopompic leg kick or abdominal jolt but experienced through different symbolism). In this case, my dream self successfully avoided it, though not with lucid intent (and possibly by coincidence as the event horizon occurs with various levels of presence and intensity, sometimes fading in an identical manner as an expected sneeze sometimes does). Being jabbed in the lower back by a bird’s beak or a variety of other features (such as a dog’s nose, knife, or arrow) was more common in childhood dreams and is also linked to certain forms of apex lucidity. This is a real-time biological event and its in-dream premonitory symbolism has nothing to do with the conscious self’s day to day reality.
      • In other dreams such as “The Buzzard’s Beak (October 4, 1969), I did not "escape” the bird beak’s assault or lower back spasm as I did in this dream.
      • Precognitive thread: The exact appearance of the wood stove and its location and orientation did not exist in reality until years later when I was a teenager. My parents did not own a wood stove in Florida up until a few years before we moved back to Wisconsin. I could not have known about the appearance, location, or orientation, as my father did not even build the chimney for it until years later, so there was no reason for it to be placed here in my dream based on any likely expectation. (Additionally, my dream’s date was a specific marker to when we first got the wood stove.)
      • Going down the hallway into the bathroom relates the need to get up and use one in reality. Although the hallway can imply conduit symbolism (real-time consciousness shift) it may be incidental in this case. A doorway typically symbolizes (in real time) a dream’s exit point (though often serves as lucid induction).
      • Preconscious waking induction of the emergent consciousness as features related to flight (birds, airplanes, flying saucers, my dream self in flight, and so on) have occurred in over 18,000 of my known dreams (excluding microdreams and other types), but usually with unique dynamics.

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