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    1. 20 Nov: Escaping alien drones through secret passage

      by , 11-20-2019 at 08:45 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      At my mom's. In the living room I see through the window a kind of drone dropping half a dozen black cubes that seem to be surveying the building. I have a feeling they are probes and will try tog get in. Go meet my mom in the bathroom, who is gently picking up a tiny flying drone and dropping it out of the window. She saw the others too and thinks they are looking for this one. But I have a vision that they will come in looking for us and will be followed by actual aliens to pick us up. I tell mom to grab the essentials and leave. I am in pajama so I put on some clothes in a hurry. I realize the drones broke through but on the neighbor's house next door. I can see in visions what they are doing there. It's as if they don't understand exactly where they are and are still figuring it out. They break stuff and attract another neighbor with the noise. I pick up cellphones and chargers and my mom turns off anything electrical for safety. Then asks why are they taking so long and shouldn't we be gone? I tell her I am still grabbing a coat and then we must go.

      No time to escape but I have a secret passage in the bathroom. We lock ourselves up in the bathroom, I open a lid on the wall that supposedly hides pipes and electrical stuff but pressing the right combination of buttons, the entire corner of the wall turns around 360 degrees and reveals a secret tunnel. The drones come in the bathroom and suspect of something, they look through the vents but can't find the secret passage. The tunnel leads to the attic of the building. In the attic we find a homeless guy who broke in and been there living for some time. I explain I don't mind he sleeps there, as long as he doesn't steal people's stuff from their storages. I explain we need to stay for a while to escape some bad dudes who invaded our home. Later we go outside together to get food and we come back. He meets a friend who we also bring in.
      I focus on developing my powers. I climb a wall by sinking my fingers and feet on the wall as if it is jello. I notice near the ceiling a row of holes and I take a peak and see the floor of my living room. I check on my cats and I see a couple of them there eating at the table, some food I left on, having a good time.
    2. 27 Dec: Fighting demon and giant lioness

      by , 01-09-2011 at 08:23 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)


      Fake guru demon tries to recruit me
      My aunt Lisa and a friend were seeing some “guru” and insisting with me that I should meet him. One day they set me up and I found myself in one of his group sessions. I made an effort not to be judgmental, but soon I realized he had nothing really wise to say, but he was quite good at manipulating and controlling weaker minds. He realized I was different, but believed I could also be bent. He was trying to seduce me, touching me whenever he could, trying to put me under his control and for some tiny moments I felt myself letting go and playing along, but I would always break the spell. I wanted to stay long enough to be able to expose him as a fraud and a danger.
      Some day, after a lot of blah-blah about tolerance and love to all beings he gave us a task of going to meet and talk to some Nazi group. I almost found it a noble idea, but as we were talking to them, I felt my companions were actually dropping guard and becoming desensitized about these guys and their ideas. When they interrogated me to find out if I was a Jew and making absolutely disgusting comments about other people, I felt that there are limits to whom and in what situations you offer your friendly support. This was just being tolerant towards evil. So I left.
      My aunt and friends presented complaints to their “guru” about my “intolerant” behavior and he wanted to speak privately with me. Everybody left, except some older guy who simply wanted me out of the group and he had asked him to stay.
      He then told me he wanted me for his partner. He felt my power was great and he wanted me as his ally. He told me the others were just ants compared to us and together we could achieve so much.
      (I become semi-lucid) He then showed his real demonic self. To demonstrate his power and how he wouldn’t tolerate those who criticized me, he tried to crush the older man by throwing an heavy cabinet over him through telekinesis. I also used telekinesis to prevent it from crushing the man. He was terrified and disoriented. I put him in a safe corner and myself in front of him to protect him. The fake guru threatened to kill me if I wouldn’t join him, but I told him I wasn’t afraid of him and that he was worth nothing. The more I told him he was weak and unimportant and reducing my anger and fear towards him, the more he was becoming dust, until I could blow him apart. The sky outside become stormy and I felt that he wasn’t dead yet, just weaker, but that he would continue stalking me in dreams.
      Later I’m with my mother and I’m feeling very tired. She notices and asks me if I’m sick. I admit being tired but I tell her its only normal, because of my mission to fight the dark forces even in dreams, which leaves me sometimes temporarily exhausted, but I assure her, always stronger than before.


      With a group which is providing support to homeless people, but I feel they are in it for the publicity and not for the sake of it. I then encounter a very old man, so skinny and weak and I wonder how could they have left him reach that point. I offer him some comfort.


      Fighting a giant lioness
      I was at some room with two long benches and people sitting face to face, which transformed into a shuttle that was moving through some really thick forest. It then stopped when we saw some people outside, terrorized, asking for help. We allowed them in and they told us their village was being attacked by a giant creature and they wanted to go far away from there. Unfortunately the shuttle is on an automated route and won’t change course. We go through the village and as we cross it, I see half destroyed and deserted houses. We’re all silent, looking through the windows, trying to catch a glimpse of the monster, when I spot a giant lioness resting over what seems a bent down bridge. She jumps and runs after the shuttle. She rips it with her giant claws and everybody inside falls of. I am miraculously still inside it. It now looks like a tin ball and the lioness is playing with it. When it bounces in the air, I manage to escape to outside and try to fly away, but she knocks me down with a jump. We fight and she chases me as I take cover on a house. I manage to lock her up inside the house somehow and escape through a window.
      I come back later to find the villagers recovering. I ask for the lioness and they don’t know. A local shaman, dressed in animal skins and bones, goes inside the house where I left her trapped and with no words at all, shows me she like disappeared on air and never came back again.

    3. 10 Nov: painting, park and parkour

      by , 11-12-2010 at 02:49 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)

      23:00 GMT

      Painting in group
      With some people working on something, split in groups of 4 people. We’re preparing paints – each group prepares 2 colours but we’ll all share it. Each group has to make a painting, but for that first we need to agree on the subject and then somehow combine each individual style. I picture it won’t be easy. I notice a very interesting girl and also a guy, whose profiles are just amazing and I propose we paint their profile portraits. But my proposal is totally ignored and my 3 colleagues are already sketching something totally different for which they didn’t even ask my opinion. But they were the majority, so I let them. It wasn’t till I actually see the drawing that I got really disappointed. It was some drawing of a hill with trees and houses, but very badly drawn, like the guy who did it had no talent whatsoever to drawing. I decide to go to toilet.
      I then realise we’re on my late grandma’s house. I feel her presence very strongly and I say out loud that I miss her.
      For a brief moment I was lucid, but then I simply went to pee. I noticed in the end that there was no bathroom door and I felt surprised that this doesn’t disturb me at all although there are these people around in the house. Then a brief moment of lucidity again. One guy just passes by, tells me something all smiley and goes meet the other guys on the living room. I hear the others joking about a potential romance between us two and I feel they are totally deluded.

      Feeling insecure on a park
      After the previous events, I’m on the exterior and I sense it might be in London or in Brussels. I’m near a park and looking for a spot to plant some seeds. I walk over some brick wall, I step on some leaf covered ground, but don’t like any spot. Then I see a tall iron gate entrance for a more reserved area and decide to take a peek. It leads to some alley but then I see two guys approaching with a suspicious look, seeming interested that I’m walking that way, so I give up on my intent and just go around this area.
      Later at night I come back to this place, this time with company and also there are more people actually going across this alley, so I feel safer. Strangely, I conclude this alley is home of many homeless people, which gives it still a bit of sinister feeling. But then I stumble on my own wallet on the floor – I hadn’t even missed it! I check it and all documents and money are there. I am surprised that being so afraid of people’s intentions on this area, not one of them had taken my wallet – of course they could have not seen it, but I felt they simply didn’t want to pick it up.

      Brussels and parkour
      With my BF and it’s definitely in Brussels. We only have one day there so I ask him what he wishes to visit. I suggest taking a tram to the Africa Museum, because the tour to get there is already very nice, but then we can visit the beautiful park around it. But then he mentions he hasn’t even seen the city centre and I agree he should do that.
      Later I’m (we’re?) watching a parkour competition. The contesters have to climb and do their tricks up and down a very narrow and tall building, very art nouveau, with lots of structures on the façade. I am delighted watching the skilled people competing and say to a friend I would definitely love to learn to do this. Then a fat girl from the group I am with surprises me by also competing. I think “if she can do it, why shouldn’t I?”

      6:40 GMT

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